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The Cartoon Introduction to Climate Change will be a fun and accessible guide to global warming science and policy.
The Cartoon Introduction to Climate Change will be a fun and accessible guide to global warming science and policy.
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    1. Healthy Rainforest Ltd. on

      Well, I moved up a level. So Rob (or anyone else), if you want to slide on in there and claim that last book, it is all yours....

    2. Yoram Bauman Creator on

      Update: It turns out that an e-book version is not possible at the moment, so given the constraints identified below we are leaving the rewards as-is for now. The book will probably retail for about $20, so if $50 is too steep for you then I hope you'll consider leaving a $5 or $10 donation and then getting the book from Amazon on elsewhere after it's published. Thanks!

    3. Yoram Bauman Creator on

      Hi Rob, and thanks for your comment and your support. We're working on the idea of creating a lower level of support for an electronic copy of the book. Beyond that, the challenge with providing more books at $20 (beyond the limited quantity kindly provided by Island Press that have already been snapped up) is as follows: Of the $20, taxes and the cut for Kickstarter and Amazon Payments take up something like $4. The book itself costs something like $13 to produce and mail to you. That means that something like $3 is left to actually fund the book... and that's not much. So... we're looking at adding an electronic-copy backer level, but hopefully the info above helps explain where we're coming from. We're not trying to squeeze potential supporters, we're trying to do something that makes sense from our end as well as yours. Hope that makes sense, and if you've got other ideas please holler!

    4. Rob Jellinghaus on

      (I request a new level as I think you can't increase the size of the existing $20 level. But if you could, that would be even better ;-) )

    5. Rob Jellinghaus on

      This looks like a great project. My concern is with the backer levels. I have a personal policy of backing projects at the level that gets me the project deliverable, with nothing extra. This is both to mitigate the uncertainty inherent in all kickstarter projects, and to reflect my personal priorities. I would happily have backed this project at $20, or perhaps even $25. But $50 as the minimum funding level is too much -- I cannot justify that much on a paperback book, even for one as important as this.

      I request that you add a new $25 book-only, no-personal-signature backer level. I believe that doing so will materially increase your overall profits; such levels tend to be the most highly backed in most Kickstarters I have been involved with (all 37 of them...).

      Thanks for your consideration and good luck with your project!

    6. Yoram Bauman Creator on

      Will do! And BTW we hope to be able to post some drafts of early chapters so you can get a better sense of it. Feedback will be welcome!

    7. Missing avatar

      Robert Mohid on

      Thanks Yoram. I do hope you pay as much (or more) attention to the tone of the book as you do to the science.

      Belief in the reality of climate change threatens your worldview in a way no other subject can, short of religion. Not believing in fiscal stimulus does bupkiss to how I live my live or how I raise my kids. Believing in hell or climate change impacts both dramatically.

      Please don't handle this like it's just another subject matter., it's not.


    8. Yoram Bauman Creator on

      Robert, I've added an FAQ about the target audience. Beyond that, I think the best answer to the question about tone &etc. is to wait until drafts come out for the first few chapters... hopefully soon!

    9. Deb Rudnick on

      I am very excited about the potential of this project; I think an approachable, digestible treatment of this very politicized and very complex issue would be a welcome addition to the toolbox for educators and the general public. I definitely echo Robert's sentiments in his comment that the tone and target audience will be incredibly important, but given your track record in bringing both comedy and accuracy to your treatment of complex economic issues I am betting your efforts will be successful. I've blogged about this campaign on my site, Thanks!

    10. Missing avatar

      Melodie McBride on

      Both economics Cartoon Guides are remarkably agnostic and widely targeted. I shared and enjoyed those guides with
      1) my 94 year old dad in Kansas
      2) two of my employees, alumni of King's College Cambridge
      3) a world renown Professor of Labour Economics.

    11. Missing avatar

      Robert Mohid on

      Also, since it's impossible to depolticise this issue, what KIND of an audience is this aimed at?

      A high-school in Kansas won't respond in the same way as first year students at Oxford, obviously. Tone matters more than content. Are we preaching to the choir or is the intent to appeal to a specific demographic ?

      If we're aiming this at people who haven't yet formed an opinion and are willing to look at it with an open mind ... we might as well sell this to leprechauns and unicorns.

    12. Missing avatar

      Robert Mohid on

      What is the target age bracket for this book?

      I support this initiative 100%, but looking at the language used in the panels it's not clear to me who this is aimed at.