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5 years ago I gathered a couple of friends at my loft to brainstorm and exchange ideas...and The Collaboration Project was born.
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Kevin Flint

69 backers pledged $7,730 to help bring this project to life.

Thank you so much...from me and Tango

I want to thank everyone who has donated so far. All of us involved in Collab - the people who have dedicated countless hours and time to this endeavor - would love to see it continue. But we also had to face reality, and let Collab fade away if the community who benefited from it and all supporters of the arts were not able to sustain it financially. You have all made an enormous effort to help us realize that goal.

So in thanks, I wanted to introduce you to a very special guest that we had scheduled for the September 13 Collab:  Tango the Cheetah. I snapped this shot of Tango during a recent visit to his home, Cat Haven near Fresno (open to the public and a wonderful place to visit for a tour. ..  He is a wonderful and friendly animal, and especially likes a little scratching behind the ears.

Cat Haven's creator, Dale Anderson says this:

"I think a lot of people have that same desire but most do not act on it. I was told once, 5% of the people make things happen, 15% watch it happen and the other 80% say what happened! When I built the Project Survival's Cat Haven I put myself in the 5% group."

We want to have Dale and Tango join us, and help in our effort to empower all the people that come to Collab to be part of that 5%. And in return, we plan to mobilize a small army of Collabers to head on a road trip to Cat Haven, and help Dale and Tango save big cats all over the world. 

Your donation, and the increasing possibility we will still have Collab come September, has put us one step closer to realizing that goal.

Thank you,


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