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A Bruise On Light will be my 3rd major book of poetry. Don't let the word poetry scare you... it'll be rad. I mention blobfish in it.
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      Jean Hobbs on

      So Excited To be part of this, eve if it's just a small one.

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      Adrian M. Kronberg on

      Your work is amazing and intense! Keep on writing from your heart and we will lovingly support you.

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      Matt on

      You're welcome. And thank you for being able to put into words the chaotic stream of ideas that jumble around in my head that I can never seem to put down in the right order to make any sense.

    4. Charles Dunlap on

      We do this because we are selfish, because we love what you do for us. Thanks, man. Don't ever stop.

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      Chris A. Larsen on

      Thank you, Shane. Thank you for doing what you do - and for loving it. I'm proud to be a small part of helping someone to do what they love and, consequently, make the world a better place in the process.

    6. Joachim Walewski on

      Just a thought: what about approaching the question of "you have no idea what this means to me" (or the like) by writing a chain poem reflecting on the process of writing and putting together the book.

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      Rachel Snee on

      this has given me faith in the world again, and in the belief that passion and creativity are the very engine of our lives.
      Enjoy every $ of this creating more of your incredible work :)


      YOU are such a treasure. Some people don't have the words to express to you what you mean to them; or the means to support you as much as they'd like… but I think now, more than ever, you understand that we need you just as you need us. You inspire us to believe in ourselves and you can't put a price tag on that Darling. <3

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      Charmaine Whitmore on

      I was thrilled to support you. My daughter has written her grade 8 speech about you and your work because of how much you inspire her. She writes herself and I want her to know she can pursue her passions, whatever they may be.

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      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    11. Carol Tomalty on

      Love your comment and appreciate your gratitude to people who are supporting you. It is a unique kind of experience to have so many people cheering you on as you pursue your passion...kind of like an olympian poet.

      Your words make me think and feel differently from before I heard them, so even if I cringe from a profanity, I think they are worth listening to. Thx.

    12. Rosemary Gudelj on

      Thank you for asking and giving me a way to support you. Supporting you gave me another way to claim beauty in my life.

    13. Paola Grenier on

      You put yourself out there, and its pretty clear you have something important to give the world. As they say, now the real work begins.....

    14. Eleonor Cristina Hernandez Villalobos on

      When you choose to live life with Love and courage the universe brings in everything we are receiving what the universe has for you, this is only a little of everything that is to come your way. I am privileged to be part of your journey. Thank you!

    15. Missing avatar

      Helen Colucci on

      Shane - So wish I could give you a great big 'ol hug. Reading your art and cheering you on and seeing what a magical response you got gives me faith in the human race! Rock on!

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      Kelsey Huyghebaert on

      I'm just selfish. Been using your work as emotional therapy since you walked into my first year college writing course, an undisclosed amount of time ago. ;)

      My 18th month old has your books on his bookshelf as an inspiration to grow up to be something great and anything he wants to be.

      So keep writing, Shane. No hairnet and spatula quite yet.

    17. Donna Ferguson on

      Welcome Shane, to the life you were born for... your words are beautiful, painful and provocative. We (speaking for all of us) Love You! Carry On! Donna

    18. Penny L. Arrowood on

      So, SO happy for the success of this venture; grateful to be a part of it all. Happy writing, Sir!

    19. Paul Pengelly on

      So proud to be a piece of this, however small. Thank you!

    20. Ruth McKenna on

      Shane, I discovered your work just in the last few months and every word I read or hear brings me to tears. It is so very beautiful, strong and brave. I am honoured to support your work and delighted that you get to do what you love, because enough of us made it happen. What a magical adventure to be part of. Thank you, you don't know what this means to me...x

    21. Shawna Huggins on

      Dear Shane, that feeling of utter gratitude and delight that you feel - that is how we all feel about you and the gift of belonging that you give us. Soak it in dear one. Revel in the joy and the wonder. So happy for you! Shawna