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A Bruise On Light will be my 3rd major book of poetry. Don't let the word poetry scare you... it'll be rad. I mention blobfish in it.
1,688 backers pledged CA$ 91,154 to help bring this project to life.


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      Kristen Kanes on

      I second lezlee bryan on supporting the audio book and wanting it for backers! There's nothing quite as amazing as listening to you perform your poems. You just add so much to them that the written word cannot convey. I mean, some months I listen to remembrance year on my iPod more than I listen to regular music.

      Could another stretch goal be another musical collaboration? I especially love your poems with musical accompaniment :)

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      Terresa Cook on

      I've been following you since the Canadian Olympics - you touched my heart then and continue to do so. As a middle school teacher I share your positive anti-bullying message with my students. It motivates them to write their feelings and thoughts. I especially love the TED project - it was AMAZING! So many contributions from so many talented people.

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      David Wilson on

      Huge congratulations Shane! Very well deserved. I am certainly excited to see what you produce for this project. I've found your work always makes me think and often moves me more than I realised words could.

      With regards to stretch goals - what about some poetry from other poets that you like? This could maybe be as an extra mini-ebook. You helped me get back into poetry and I find it difficult to find other new and exciting voices: I don't really know where to look (and living in a small city in the UK there isn't much of a poetry scene). I trust your opinion on who is worth checking out!

      Also, as many have stated on here, any videos or audio you can produce would be great!

    4. Martin Dowson on

      Congratulations Shane - as for what is next - I'd love to see a video - I first found out about you from a video of a poetry slam you were doing that made it onto upworthy - more like that please especially accompanied to music - love watching as well as hearing you...

    5. Jeff Singh on

      Success well deserved. For stretch goals, I'd love access to your previous books, even in a digital format. They are not easy to find. I'd gladly upgrade my pledge to get some versions of your previous works.

    6. Shaun Ledding on

      Keep up the great work Shane.

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      Kelly Anne McCabe on

      I'm so happy for you. You really do deserve it. I would love to see more videos from you but what I'm really hoping for is a book tour so I may get the chance to meet my favorite poet, :)

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      Valerie Sawyer on

      Your success in this venture doesn't surprise me. You are such an inspiration to so many. Congratulations and carry on, Shane. Agree with many others that, yes, we love your videos, too.

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      Martha Farley on

      Hi Shane, you so deserve every penny and I for one absolutely love your material. You are an inspiration and a beacon for all of us writers, artists and lovers of poetry! I hope to hear you live one day, I think it would give me chills to have that opportunity! Thank you again for never giving up on yourself…..because I am sure you have made a difference in a lot of people's lives!

    10. Andrew Colliver on

      So thrilled to see your success! It gives us other aspiring writers some ray of hope. Can't wait to read the collection.

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      Susanne Koch on

      I realize it's not very likely, but I would love to see you in Europe. Next best thing is video of you -- live. I don't know the theme of your new book, but anything you can do to raise attention about bullying will be money well spent. Or just keep doing what you do :) It's all excellent! I admire your courage.

    12. Katie Wenzler on

      I would love to see you live in NYC.

    13. Deb Ingebretsen on

      Could you tour the Pacific Northwest US, especially making a stop in Eugene, OR? There are so many possible venues here: the McDonald Theater, the WOW Hall, The Shedd, The Hult Center, University of Oregon ... Please come!

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      Charmaine Whitmore on

      An audio version of the book would be outstanding, my daughter particularly loves listening to your spoken word. We have seen you at Hillside in Guelph (live is even better). Looks like you are going to be the topic of her grade 8 speech.

    15. Keith Adsley on

      After meeting and seeing you at Edinburgh fringe 2012 I just had to back you.your words and delivery are so moving and positive even when looking at tough subjects.Hope to see you back in the uk soon and you will always have a place to stay should you need one

    16. Shannon Cason on

      You deserve it Shane! I hope it keeps doubling...because you have a lot to say. We did some things together last year. And it was my first time finding out about you, afterward I looked you up and since I've shared your stuff with my wife and family. Keep making us smile, laugh, feel and think, Shane. Peace.

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      Helen Colucci on

      Shane - I'd certainly attend!! Please come to Connecticut!! Your creativity and heart makes this world a better place...

    18. CFloden on

      Shane, I would love to see a big chunk of this spent on sending you touring.
      Maybe stretch goals could identify locations?
      I know I would love to see you perform in Edmonton. Come east young man... but not too far east. :)

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      James Bennett on

      Congratulations on getting your backing, your work is beautiful and deserves to be heard.

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      lezlee bryan on

      Yes, please! Do an audio version of your book! Your spoken word is powerful stuff and I would love to hear you read your poems. Can you make that a special reward for backers also?