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A Bruise On Light will be my 3rd major book of poetry. Don't let the word poetry scare you... it'll be rad. I mention blobfish in it.
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      Helaina on

      There was a time I hated the English language. It felt so limiting. How could I possibly express how I felt, what I experienced. .. The depth the complexity. . With words. I thought it was impossible like trying to pour an ocean through the opening of a pop bottle. Then I realized I didn't understand language. The forest time I heard one of your poems I was floored. The way you weave words the depths you reach its magical you had oceans dropping from me eyes. Wordsmith. Thank you. I pledged when you first put your campaign up its been awesome watching obviously I'm not the only one touched by your gift with words . Can't wait to read your new book and I'll definitely be looking for the children's book you have coming out!

    2. John Heerens on

      I feel like I owe you so much more, but I am grateful that we can at least support this venture of yours. It makes me hopeful. Much love man!

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      lezlee bryan on

      Every so often someone comes along with something important to say and a unique way of saying it. Right now is your time.

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      Susanne Koch on

      I love your work and I can't wait for the new book. Your courage means a lot to me.

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      Corbin E. Waldron on

      it's an honor to be able to support great art. as much as we enable you to move forward, you empower us. thank you for that..

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      Willie Carmichael on

      You kill me--and and a lot of my friends Can't wait to read this book!!!
      Humility is a tough one; thanks for asking for help.

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      John Simpson on

      This is a great project to back. I love your work, the inspiration you offer and the enjoyment you bring.

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      Richard Dew on

      This is our very small way of saying, 'thanks'. You share yourself with us and in the process, you inspire us. You (along with a few others) keep poetry alive as a relevant art form and I (along with many others, I assume) am truly grateful. Thank you for allowing us the privilege of participating in the preservation of unadulterated art. It is an honour.

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      Barbara Swanston on

      Your work inspires so many people, moves so many people. And I agree with Gareth, if you do self-publish that is the pinnacle of 'credible'. Keep on speaking out. My son died by suicide and your voice is helping eliminate the stigma.

    10. Gareth Kyle Gaudin on

      Credibility? If you self-publish, then you're being published by Shane Freakin' Koyczan! That's more credible than credible.