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Kung Fu fantasy and epic Wuxia adventure come to life in Tianxia! Created for Fate Core!
Kung Fu fantasy and epic Wuxia adventure come to life in Tianxia! Created for Fate Core!
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Our Kung Fu just got Stronger!

Posted by Vigilance Press (Creator)

Summary: New Wallpapers, Deck of Fate Stretch Goal, International Shipping options may open up 

Hello pilgrims!

 I know a lot of you are eagerly awaiting news on some additional shipping options for overseas customers, but at the moment I’m still waiting to hear back from a couple of overseas distributors so please bear with us a little longer. I hope to have something to announce in the next few days, but I need to see all the options in front of me before I can make a final choice. I will say that with as many backers as we have now, I have a very strong motivation to make this happen so as many of you as possible can enjoy the book! Stay tuned on that front. 

One word of caution: In all likelihood, if we do come up with an international option it may not include a way for the author to sign the books personally, so those of you who have chosen a reward tier with a signature or personalized aspect should keep that in mind. We're looking at Bookplates to solve that problem, though.

Since I can’t quite announce an international shipping solution just yet, I’m going to go ahead and announce an upcoming stretch goal. I haven’t pinned down the exact numbers yet, but later this week expect to see a really special new stretch goal appear: The Tianxia Arcana for the Deck of Fate! I’ve made a deal with Fred Hicks of Evil Hat Productions to license the back of their Deck of Fate cards so we can make customized Tianxia-themed Arcana for the Deck of Fate! This may wind up being two stretch goals, based on scheduling and costs, so I can’t give you all the details yet. Suffice it to know that if we make Arcana happen, it will be offered as a free PDF for print-and-play to anyone backing at the $15.00 or higher level, and will eventually be available to purchase as a print-on-demand item at Drive Thru Cards just like the Deck of Fate. Haven’t heard of the Deck of Fate? Check it out here, at Drive Thru Cards! 

Finally, I’m going to link you to another free set of Wallpapers courtesy of Denise Jones and Marco Morte. Marco illustrated the map in Tianxia (we’re correcting an oversight on my part and will have his credit in the final draft of the book), and in doing so created a gorgeous overview of our setting. You can check out more of Marco’s illustrations on his flickr page, here.

Thanks again to all of you for backing! I will announce more about The Tianxia Arcana soon, once I have the numbers wrangled, but I wanted to give you guys something to look forward to as we head into our second week of this amazing journey! Until next update! 

-James Dawsey

Here's the link to the Wallpapers! Again, we will be updating this zip file with hi-res options later this week, once Denise has a chance to tweak the layout. :)


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    1. Jack Norris

      Jonathan btw, is the old friend and original playtester who made me promise to really try to keep the Kung Fu system from Four you all can thank/blame him as appropriate.:)

    2. Vigilance Press Creator on

      Jonathan- We have plans to do bookplates for books depending on the shipping situations. In my updated, I was trying to be overcautious and forgot to mention the bookplates in the initial draft. We should be able to send out bookplates to everyone, even international folks, though it will cost a bit extra.

    3. Jonathan Crum on

      I'd love to see a magic system that could properly encompass, among other things, Last Airbender style action.

      One idea for signatures, for international books, could be to leave a space on the inside cover for a postcard, which could be signed (on the colorful/colourful front) and sent to each recipient for gluing in. That would require printing postcards, of course....

    4. Vigilance Press Creator on

      Erich- A Mahjong style tie-in wouldn't be impossible, but it's outside of the scope of our current plans. I'd probably use cards instead of tiles, though, just because of the low investment overhead with print-on-demand cards these days.

    5. Vigilance Press Creator on

      The magic system we're hoping to reach is in a book that hasn't been announced just yet. If we can reach it, it will be written by Ryan Macklin! I had him on my podcast to talk about his game "Mythender" and we got along really well. If we can't have him work on this stretch goal, I still want to work with him on something... he's a super cool guy.

    6. Scott Acker on

      Did I hear somewhere there was a magic system stretch goal on the horizon?

    7. Scott Acker on

      I think the Deck of Fate addition sounds very nice. How many cards would that be total?

    8. Erich L. on

      Looking forward to seeing what you guys have come up with for international shipping, :). Also, it's a great pity we can't realistically make a Mahjong tile set of Fate, haha.

    9. Vigilance Press Creator on

      But yeah, I'm totally excited. I love decks of cards for RPGs. I've been a fan of 'em ever since TORG.

    10. Vigilance Press Creator on

      We don't plan to reinvent the whole deck, just the Arcana to start. Right now I'm doing the math to see if we can do both the Core and Accelerated Arcana as one stretch goal, or if we need to break 'em up over two goals.

    11. Mike Olson on

      I am REALLY into the idea of a Tianxia Deck of Fate.

    12. Vigilance Press Creator on

      Aaaand the Hi-Definition update has just been uploaded to the zip file. You should see it if you re-download the same link. If you don't get the hi-def file with the other wallpapers, give it a few minutes and try again. If it still doesn't work, comment here and I'll look into it.