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The Foot Hammock is the most comfortable way to sit at your desk.
The Foot Hammock is the most comfortable way to sit at your desk.
The Foot Hammock is the most comfortable way to sit at your desk.
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    1. Alex on

      Hi Matt,

      Could you link or point us in the direction of the adhesive replacements, mine have failed as well.


    2. Missing avatar

      Philippe C. on

      Not that I don't trust the foot hammock, but... i'm just a little cautious, i never go higher than the lowest setting xD

      Anyway, I still like the product, but I hate when I forget to turn off the device. I should buy a timed wall plug =)

    3. Frankie Field on

      Love my foot hammock, as most found the adhesive hooks were useless but I have managed to loop it around the underneath of the cable management system of my desk at work

      I have the heated version and am running in the UK through a step up transformer and my feet are so toasty, I have had an issue with prolonged usage on the high setting having the product cut out and then not functioning for a hour or so but could be the transformer and this is probs three hrs plus!

      After my second desk move unfortunately one of the tensioners broke :(

      I managed to find some tenting tensioners which seems to be holding up for now but it's a bit wobbly as obviously they're no longer sewn in place, has anyone else had this issue?

      Overall I am very happy with the foot hammock and it was well worth the wait!

    4. Loujean Burton on

      I love my Foot Hammock. Matt was awesome to work with. The adhesive failed after two months, but I was able to loop the straps around the ports for cables and make the hammock work. I liked it better that way. I look forward to the next campaign!

    5. Matt 2-time creator on

      Anyone with an outstanding issue please DM us on here or email us at, we want to make sure you are taken care of.

    6. Missing avatar

      Osama Al-Ansari on

      I didn't get my item yet and no one answering my personal messages for weeks with any updates.

    7. Maxime AUBURTIN

      The adhesive is definitely a fail for me. After a few days it's not sticking to the desk anymore and no way to make holes to fix it. Besides, I can't use the heating function since it's made for 110V. Can you please contact me

    8. Matt 2-time creator on

      @Sam and Emily Stribling we just sent you a personal message!

    9. Missing avatar

      Sam and Emily Stribling on

      I finally was able to install mine at work and after I waited the time-frame given by the directions, the adhesive failed after an hour of me being very careful with not overloading it. Since I'm using it at work, I really don't feel comfortable drilling into their desk. My suggestion for the next iteration would be to build a frame for the hammock to sit in, so that it wouldn't need to hang from a desk, there wouldn't be worries about the adhesive failing, and you could easily move it around and use the hammock in different places. Most modern offices (at least in my field of work) have employees moving around as project teams change. I'm going to look online and see if I can find a frame to attach my hammock to. I am super disappointed I can't use it right now, as I'm 33 weeks pregnant and would LOVE to be able to put my feet up during the day!

    10. Matt 2-time creator on

      @Yossi we sent you a personal message

    11. Yossi Rubinstein on

      i didnt got mine yet its been way to long
      any news???

    12. Missing avatar

      Osama Al-Ansari on

      I didn't get my hammock yet. Can I get an update regarding my shipment.

    13. Matt 2-time creator on

      @Steven, shipping now

    14. Matt 2-time creator on

      @Lucas, we sent you a private message about your package.

    15. Missing avatar

      Mark on

      Hello, I still have not received my hammock? Any way to see where it is pending?

    16. steven corn on

      and where is mine?

    17. Phil Leese on

      £24 in customs charges!

    18. Dennis on

      any solution in the 220V problem so far? i can't use the heater, which hasn't been cheap!

    19. Missing avatar

      Lucas Bueno de Oliveira Leite on

      Hello, I haven't received my order yet as well - I'm from Brazil.
      Also, I'm moving this week, so I need to know if the hammock has already been shipped - or get a tracking id, if possible. Thanks!

    20. Pei-Hua Chu on


      Just as other people, I never received my hammock. (it's just the regular one, no heating pad)
      Has it been shipped?
      Any way of tracking what's happening with it?


    21. Missing avatar

      christopher evett

      Still haven't received mine in the us

    22. Missing avatar

      Bob Piscopo on

      I also have not received mine yet. Please advise. Thanks!

    23. Missing avatar

      Matthias Tan on

      I still have not received my Foot Hammock. Is this normal? Please advise on when it should arrive!!

    24. Urban_Gecko on

      Guys...I stay in south africa...and we also use 240 volts. After reading th else comments it seems you are borderline about to get a few law suites.

      I for one want a refund on my hammock...which I haven't received by the way...not a full refund, just a refund for the part you guys have completely stuffed up with what seems to be super dangerous (I wander how it's even legal, aren't there standards?) components. How will you be handling this refund of the difference between the heated version and a normal version?

    25. Missing avatar

      Michelle Rosenow on

      I live in Aust we have 240 volts we where never told we needed a step down transformer you got support from all over the world you think you should think about the diff rents in volt not happy what r u going to do about it

    26. Missing avatar

      Alfie Day on

      I went digging and sure enough what Gal.S says is correct, here's the comment in question:…

      And here's a screenshot in case they edit/remove the comment:

      I also notice that, printed on the heat pad itself, it states "2. NOT FOR USE ON HUMANS" which is a little unsettling considering they intend to use it on humans.

      Hopefully we can get refunds for the heat pads.

    27. Missing avatar

      Gal.S on

      @Matt, @Creator
      on January 8, 2015 you wrote:
      "HI all! Thank you for your support. We are having a fantastic day one!
      @Berke We will have world-wide 110 - 220 V support on the heated version"

      according to your latest "update" - the item supports only 110v !
      HOW COME ?!!??
      IF IT IS INDEED ONLY 110v -> I expect to get a refund !

      One should stand behind his words.
      If you had to deviate from your promises -> you need to take responsibility.

      Waiting your input on this.

    28. lucyferror

      That's a disappointment. I'm glad that I haven't tried it yet in UK. How are you going to sort it out? You should send step down transformer to each backer based outside US or give us refunds. I've mainly backed it due to heat option.

    29. LD on

      With all the comments about the heating pads I decided to give mine a go, even though I was apprehensive about the quality. Even in North America these heating pads cause a burning smell, even on a low setting. I turned it off only after a few minutes and removed it from my hammock. Not worth the risk. I believe the company should be offering refunds on the heating pads to everyone who ordered as they are dangerous.

    30. Chris Willerton on

      Same issue as everyone else - a US plug for a UK socket.

      Ultimately we have backed at a higher tier and received something that will not only work incorrectly but is also dangerous for us to use!

      Having paid more for this 'premium', I am a little annoyed. Surely it would not be too hard for the manufacturer in China to provide a heat pad with other plugs installed that will also work at 230/240V considering that they were bought in bulk? They likely sell to the UK/EU market anyway.

      There was certainly a lack of quality control here!

      Please sort this out; it is only fair to your backers...

    31. Michael Brand

      To reiterate:
      The heating pad is rated for 120 volt, DO NOT ATTEMPT TO USE THIS ON 240 VOLT POWER with normal travel adapters that merely change the plug, as it will attempt to draw FOUR TIMES ITS RATED POWER!

      You might have other electrical devices that can be used with just normal travel adapters, but that's because they're designed for use from 120-to-240 volt range, THAT IS NOT THE CASE HERE!

      To safely use this outside of the US and other countries using 120 volt, you MUST make sure to use a step-down transformer that actually converts your 240 volt outlet to 120 volt power.

    32. Missing avatar

      Alfie Day on

      Came here to warn people about the melting heating pads issue, guess I don't need to. RIP heating pad.

      Tempted to buy… and use it in place of the heating pad, might work well. If anyone does replace the heating pad, let me know.

    33. Missing avatar

      Andrew Peterson on

      To anyone with the heated hammocks outside of US.

      DO NOT USE THEM!!!

      I myself - like the person who commented below me "Bernhard Rabe" - used mine for about 10 - 15 minutes before I started smelling a burning of some sort which is when I unplugged it. I also noticed the heating pad got to the point of burning my feet even on a low temperature within 30 seconds, so I knew something was up.

      It seems most people have already realised this themselves, but just for other people who were planning on buying one down the track, if you live outside the US, don't bother with the heating one.

      Quite disappointed that they didn't say anything about the requirements. They should've just made the heated ones available to US shipping only. Other than that, the hammock itself is perfect.

    34. Missing avatar



      Be carefull when using the foot hamock. I installed it and used it. After 30 min. I noticed a smell. The heating bed startet melting.
      I am very glad that I was in the room. Otherwise my house may have burned to the grounds...

      I emailed them and asked for advise or a new heating bed over a week ago but got no replay..

      See pictures:

      P.S. I live in Germany and used a power adapter I have from another kickstarter project.

    35. Jason Millar on

      Same as most people in the UK - received a useless heating pad as it has the wrong plug...

    36. LD on

      My hammocks arrived last Tuesday (my order was complete and correct!) and have installed the one ordered for home use. It is attached to an IKEA table top (which is what I believe all the desks in the video are) and so far is working well! The adhesive is sticking, the cats have been in and out of the hammock and it is still attached to the desk.

      The quality of the hammocks themselves is good. The quality of the heating pad seems a bit lacking. The size is incorrect to fit into the fleece and the switch looks really cheap. My partner and I have agreed that I will not plug this in at home out of fear of it being a fire hazard, and as such, I haven't had a chance to test it out. I will install my heated foot hammock once we have moved office and received our new desks. The real test will be to see if it sticks to that desk surface.

      I cannot recommend this product, but I will say it works for my current home setup.

    37. Laurie Lynn Berezin on

      Since I've received the Foot Hammock (which I totally love!), there have been times when I turn it off but the red light stays on. Eventually the light goes out and it stops heating, but it's odd that it will not always turn off when I switch it to "Off". Is it defective? Should it be replaced? Seems like it might be dangerous.

    38. Missing avatar

      Martyn Gowland

      What joke, i have no adhesive pads, and a 2 pin plug for 110V socket, I live in the UK this should have been obvious.

    39. Missing avatar

      Craig Johnston on

      Ever since I saw this kickstarter I was so hyped for a product I really wanted, so I backed for a electric heated foot hammock. I am a UK backer, I live in 'Upton' in the UK, my foot hammock was sent to someone in 'Upton' in Canada. Brilliant /s.

      I have emailed foot hammock support multiple times and got one response of

      I think this is going to the right place. In Great Britain.


      Also after reading through these latest comments it just seems that trying to get another one sent to me will end up with me being disappointed with the product anyway.

      Sort it out Matt.

      Yours sincerely,
      a pissed off backer.

    40. Baronello on

      Why would you send 120v device to europe? Ohgodwhy :p

    41. Missing avatar

      Carrie on

      Received my two hammocks (UK) today and didn't receive the heated element for either! I don't understand how to contact the supplier/get this corrected???

    42. Brent J L Lockert on

      Finally received mine here in canada, one of my 2 heated hammocks was missing a sticky pad and the other foot hammock had a black cradle and a grey top(minor) but within 20min the hook fell off my desk so off to the hardware store! time for some wood screws. will not recommend to others.

    43. Michael Brand

      @Derek Fearnley
      I tried it a bit after my previous post, and what I saw concurs with what you found.

      Length wise (left-to-right, relative to user) is fine, since gravity keeps it near centre even if the foot hammock stretches a bit in use. But in terms of width (front-to-back, relative to user), the heating pad is about an inch or roughly 2.5cm too big for the pocket, which causes those sides to fold inwards. The plastic itself is too soft to keep it stretched out, and the foot hammock doesn't really stretch that direction in use.

      Or to put it into illustration (rough not exactly to scale), the yellow box represents the heating pad, and the orange boxes are where it tends to fold inwards:

    44. Missing avatar

      Derek Fearnley on

      I received my heated foot hammock this week and I haven't been able to use it properly yet. The heating pad is not the correct dimensions for the internal cavity. One dimension is too short, which is fine and may be by design, but the other is about an inch too wide. The heating pad is plastic and does not bend well. In fact, I'm not sure I should be bending it since it has coils in it. Is this the way it's supposed to be?

    45. Michael Brand

      Another Australian backer, got my today (tracking for DHL still says "Dec 29, 2015 | Frankfurt, DE | En Route", lol). Can also report on getting a 120V electric blanket.

      @Everybody with 240V power sockets
      Never stick a 120V device into a 240V socket, it may draw out QUADRUPLE the rated wattage... Or in this case, 180 Watt out for something rated only 45 Watt.
      To safely use this, you'd need an actual step-down converter/transformer (common travel adaptor assume your device has a 100~240V switching adaptor, and DOES NOT convert the voltage), that takes your normal 240V power, and converts to 120V output.


      I have to say, I'm really quite disappointed. Of several crowdfunded projects I've backed with electronics, this is the *ONLY* one that didn't include either power adaptors appropriate to the backer's region, or has at least a 100~240V switching adaptor.

    46. Missing avatar

      Chris Melville on

      Also in UK and received 2 heated blankets that both have a 2pin 120v US version. Haven't tested or installed yet as waiting for an update given comments from everyone else

    47. Missing avatar

      Elke Koopman on

      I have also a question bout the power input.
      In europe (Belgium) we also use a different input. It is different then the UK one.
      So how do i solve the input problem. I don't want things to start overheating.

    48. Missing avatar

      Andrew Peterson on

      I received my Foot Hammock in Australia about a week and a half ago, but noticed the power input is 120v U.S.A. I got a power converter and started using it, but noticed that even using the Hammock on Low heat, it got extremely hot and could smell something burning. I turned it off by the controller, but the red light indicated it was still being heated, so I've been forced to turn it off from the input completely.

      I thought these were going to be shipped with the correct inputs for each country. Sounds like people over in the UK have the same issue too.

      In terms of the Hammock itself, it's great. Exactly what I expected. I haven't had any issued with the glue pads or anything else other than the heating itself. Looks like I need to buy a Surge protector of some sort now to make sure I don't burn the house down.

    49. Missing avatar

      Meredith Oxenholm on

      After my the adhesive failed the first time, I was sent a second set of adhesive pads. This time I left them to set for 2 weeks (over xmas) before using the hammock. It still didn't last 10 minutes of my feet resting on them. You guys really need to accept that these don't work on most desks and give us refunds.

    50. ThisIsPaulo on

      @Dragonbait Yes I have just received 2 blankets both with the wrong heat pads (120v 2pin). Contacted Matt but no response as of yet.

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