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Starfinder Masterclass Miniatures offers premium-quality miniatures for the Starfinder science-fantasy tabletop roleplaying game.
Starfinder Masterclass Miniatures offers premium-quality miniatures for the Starfinder science-fantasy tabletop roleplaying game.
2,294 backers pledged $457,539 to help bring this project to life.

Breaking Radio Silenc

Posted by Ninja Division Publishing (Creator)

February 18, 2019

Boise, ID.

Ninja Division Company Update


The purpose of this update is to provide both our fans and partners with an update on Ninja Division’s current company status, the status of our outstanding projects, and restate our commitment to the continuation of our popular brands.



It broke our hearts to let the majority of our incredible staff go at the end of 2018. Their determination in the face of company adversity and their passion for our products kept us going. We look forward to seeing what they do next. Ninja Division is currently staffed by its three owners (who are off salary) and a sales manager who continue to work towards the successful reorganization of Ninja Division and pursue Kickstarter fulfillment options. 


With staff layoffs, we are unable to individually respond to all email and social media posts we receive, and our time is best spent pursuing all available options for the continuance of the brands we all love. 

External Partnerships - Licensors

Ninja Division would like to request that backers from all of our outstanding projects direct your questions and inquiries to us. We understand we have not been able to maintain communications with the regularity or presence that communities and projects like this desire, and that we have limited availability while we work on solutions, but the ownership of these projects lies with us. Our outside partners are not able to service refunds, returns, or ship your product. 

Kickstarter Updates

Super Dungeon

As part of the ongoing development process for Super Dungeon and to satisfy both company and backer expectations of quality, the Super Dungeon Kickstarter project was restructured as below:

  1. The 2nd Edition product which was intended to be a single boxed game with only incremental changes would need to be broken out into three distinct products: Super Dungeon Explore, Super Dungeon Arcade, Super Dungeon Pet Parade.
  2. The Super Dungeon Legends expansion could not meet quality expectations as an expansion and was turned into a standalone product. Requiring significant additional development.
  3. The smaller single expansions would all require redevelopment to be useable with the new changes to the game for the above products.

This restructuring of the project increased development time, development costs, manufacturing costs, and future shipping costs. 

Super Dungeon then suffered an additional delay in March 2017 when the lead designer for Super Dungeon developed health problems which cut work availability for over six months. To soften the impact, Ninja Division hired a new lead designer in August of 2017 to help continue Super Dungeon’s development.

As of now, Super Dungeon is 95% complete and production ready, requiring only finalization and layout of the Legends core game. 

Relic Knights

The Relic Knights 2nd Edition core rules are completely developed. The 2nd Edition Starter Set has been manufactured. However, Ninja Division does not currently have the funds to finish assembly and purchase the finalized product from the manufacturer. 

The 2nd Edition Rulebook and Darkspace Calamity Upgrade deck are laid out and ready for production. The Void Break sourcebook has had unit profiles written in preparation of playtesting. Fiction and art were in advanced stages before the company’s status required development to be paused. All sculpts, including non-Kickstarter Void Break units, are sculpted and ready for production with the exception of Relic Knight Zineda.  

Starfinder Masterclass

The masterclass project is highly technical, using a proprietary manufacturing technology from our manufacturing partners. Difficulties and delays in getting a quality product and re-engineering of sculpting to meet these demands delayed the initial waves of releases. 

These difficulties and delays, in part with stretched company finances, led to us to pause manufacturing to find a solution to meet the financial obligation to release more miniatures. To date, Ninja Division has manufactured and delivered over 28,000 miniatures to backers but has a great many more to complete.  All sculpts are fully re-engineered and ready for production.

Way of the Fighter

All game specific products for Way of the Fighter have been fulfilled. Only models, which are not required for gameplay, are outstanding. Production of all non-Super Dungeon crossover miniatures is 50% complete. All remaining sculpts are complete and ready for production.

Financial Disclosure

The Cost Overrun chart below illustrates the revenue collected by Ninja Division through crowdsourced funding, the costs Ninja Division has spent to date, and the total costs required for completion of the entire project through to delivery.

Spend by Project

Below is break down of how funds were spent towards the creation of each project over the course of its current development lifecycle. 

Total Fees: Includes fees charged by Kickstarter and the merchant account processor.

Project Development: This includes staff and contractor costs for art, sculpting, writing, graphic design, etc.

Overhead Payroll: Includes payroll for management, marketing, sales, and operations staff.

Overhead Expenses:  Includes facilities leasing, marketing costs, office supplies, etc.

Royalties: Royalties paid to licensors and/or developers.

Production: Includes tooling and production costs for KS rewards.

Fulfillment:  Includes freight shipping and order handling.

Questions and Answers

Over the past months, we have received many questions and want to provide answers to the most common ones we hear that were not addressed above.

Q: What is the relationship between Soda Pop Miniatures and Ninja Division Publishing?

Soda Pop Miniatures is an IP Holding Company that owns the Super Dungeon, Relic Knights, and Takoashi University brands. Soda Pop granted Ninja Division Publishing license rights to develop and publish tabletop games for these brands and use its mark in relation to relevant marketing and social outreach.

Q: Why did you start new Kickstarters before completing outstanding projects?

As studio personnel became free they needed to be moved to new projects. At the time, while projects had been delayed development was still moving at a satisfactory pace and current budgets and projections showed that the new projects were achievable. 

Q: Why did you publish other games before completing outstanding projects?

Ninja Division’s portfolio is a mix of internally developed crowdsourced products, internally developed self-funded products, and published 3rd party products in order to have a robust catalog to keep the company moving forward and growing. Development on these products starts months or years ahead of release and by independent teams, thus they were in development prior to and alongside crowdsourced products. Games that had been in development were released as planned. 

Q: Is Ninja Division bankrupt/out of business?

No. Ninja Division continues to operate and pursue all available avenues to continue all our brands and provide backers with their rewards. 

Q: Will I receive my rewards? 

We have not given up. Every day we work towards the goal of delivering backers rewards and the revitalization of the brands and products we have spent a decade creating.

Q: Is there anything backers can do to help?

We respect and thank the fans and hopeful backers who have stepped into the gaps of communication, kept an open mind and worked with us to tamp out wild speculation and overly negative and inappropriate threats and hostility. We are all in the same place as you, eager to see a solution, and eager to find a way forward. 

Continue to play! We have provided access to PDF and digital content for players to play games using your existing collections from some of our key Kickstarters. A healthy understanding of our current rules, some in-house gaming, and a little time with your clubs and game stores goes a long way to foster interest and support while we work to get things moving.  

Looking Ahead

Despite our current difficulties, Ninja Division continues to doggedly pursue any and all avenues we can to get products to backers and bring new products to market featuring the brands our customers love. To that end, we are currently working under consultation to reorganize Ninja Division in order to better position it for success and secure investment. 

As we proceed with our reorganization we have had partners and fans with operational, business, and financial acumen help us tremendously. If you have a professional skill set and passion in those areas, we would encourage you to reach out as we are working across various stages of consultation to repair components of our operation. As a bicameral entity, our business has sometimes been separated from our creative skill sets, and this realization makes us not too proud to seek professional assistance to ensure a stable and positive growth into the future. 

Once we have concrete information regarding the company, new production, and fulfillment we will post another update. We thank you for taking the time to read through this lengthy announcement, as well as your continued patience.

Go Ninja Go!

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    1. Robert J. Guadagno on

      Let's see, if it's a choice between you rotting in jail for FRAUD or me never seeing anything from this project or my money? ROT IN JAIL YOU FUCKING CROOK!!!

    2. Missing avatar

      camozzi Olivier on

      In my opinion, This KS Will be have the same sad end than Robotech RPG tactics (same desastrous communication, no picture, no Delay, only the same Word "we understand you but de have no idea of how we can make the promised miniature )

    3. Ninja Division Publishing Creator on

      Greetings folks,
      We continue to work on solutions to carry the project forward. Thank you Mr Clark for expressing the core of the argument and justified anger towards our massively delayed project. It is HUGELY and HORRIDLY regrettable to be in our position, not one we place any blame externally for, and take firmly on our shoulders to fix.

      As stated in the doc, we are ACTIVELY working on solutions with manufacturers in question, and new tools to move the ball along. Things have grown warmer and more positive, and as it is said, I am firmly in the camp of "show you" not "tell you" We will provide updates at things get more concrete, until then, though extremely spread thin, I will be dropping in to check on things here and answer what questions I can.

    4. Missing avatar

      S. M. on

      Right on Shawn Clark! I think you said it exactly like it is.

    5. Thomas M Burke

      I am also a little disgruntled with Paizo over this affair as well. They have been "in talks" I guess with Ninja-Soda Pop about the current status of the kickstarter. They are also selling prepainted sets of Starfinder Miniatures from Ninja-Soda Pop on their website, so they know that Ninja D has a source of income that N.D. is not using to make it right with their backers.

    6. Harry Askins on

      I am still waiting on a response about the 3d files with a NDA. This might not be the path you want to go, but it would help alleviate some of the ill well that is being felt. I know that you are concerned that people will mass print the items, however you are so far behind on production, what would a few of the file hurt. You have some of the minis that were for KS only backers. Considering these will not hit the store, they would be a good set to send out.

    7. Missing avatar

      Shawn Clark on

      No, the calls for your execs to go to jail are completely founded. You don't go "radio silent" for 5+ months, deliver unfinished and uncured resin models (certainly not the "premium" we all expected), post charts -AFTER THE CAMPAIGN- that prove your own incompetence, and expect your backers to be understanding and amiable. You're playing the systems to leech funding for other failed projects, and you have no plan to actually push out anything.

      If I'm wrong, don't bother responding, but rather prove it with action and get the miniatures that are sculpted and supposedly ready for production shipped out to all backers.

      And you might want to get used to working for free. I actively avoid Ninja Division products and games at stores after this debacle, and have already given you much more money than you deserve through this project.

    8. Thomas M Burke

      I have tried since last year to get any sort of idea when my paid for items will arrive. $180 plus postage has gotten me about 10 figures which apparently is much better than most backers, including some of the $400 backers. My emails to you have gone ignored for nine months. You are now feeling the heat and defending yourself here in this public forum, while still ignoring direct contacts ( at least from me) You have presented all sorts of excuses for how this happened but if you had not stonewalled so many of us for months, the fury you feel would not be so extreme. And frankly, I have been a cop for most of my adult life and I have arrested and convicted people before for sales and production frauds much less extreme than this. Don't whine about people suggesting you are a less than honest when that is exactly how you have acted. If it sounds, looks, and acts like a duck: some folks are going to think it's a duck. I know that I will never see any sort of refund for my investment or postage. At this point I just find your air of injured innocence insulting, as if the people who put up close to half a million dollars should just be quiet and patiently wait for you to solve this temporary set back in your business plan

    9. Ninja Division Publishing Creator on

      We will continue to update as things progress, it will be slow, but nothing has stopped here. Our primary focus is on securing the removal of blocks on our production and securing the additional funding needed to move things along -
      Calling for us to go to jail seems... really out of sorts with a desire to see this product delivered. We are thankful for all the support and PMs from backers patiently waiting, we are very sorry for this horrid delay, and are working with all expediency to see a solution

    10. Red King on

      Should hopefully hear work on joining in a class action lawsuit soon. I imagine if able, let’s get things started.

    11. Missing avatar

      S. M. on

      Yea, so basically we don't give a sh*t about your excuses we just want what you are supposed to deliver; that our our money back. Really, you jerks should be in jail.

      Paizo, you should step up to the plate and assist with getting this fulfilled as you were the ones that decided to use these scammers and recommended them to us.

    12. Andrew Christian on

      How do I get my money back?

    13. Captain Absinth on

      This is the first project I've backed where I truly and sincerely believe the creators should be in jail (and I've backed several epic failures). The fact that they knew they were in a dire financial situation and they lied to us through their teeth when launching Starfinderscam. The fact they knew even more that they are in trouble, but they still charged us shipping and encouraged to add more in the pledge manager.

      The fact that those "charts" make no f**king sense. Hundreds of thousands of dollars for rules development on Super Dungeon.. really, give me a fragging brake. The licensing fees from Soda Pop to Ninjas (Cadice and Deke can kiss my).. really?? The very same scampsters own both companies.. all the funds they received from late backers etc. are also graciously left from these charts/explanations.

      The 500€ which I spend on their projects was money down the drain.. I'd feel somewhat compensated if I see a photo of Cadice, Deke & sons behind bars. Maybe I'd even play a round of Super Dungeon for the ocasion.

    14. Missing avatar

      Fiona Murphy

      all the whispered rumors have become blaring trumpeting of factual short comings of the ninja division corrupt business practices.

      it disturbed me that you posted of sending miniatures out to backers, as I had not received a single item.

      I was alarmed to see miniatures available for retail sale, that I had not received as part of my pledge.

      I was disgusted to learn that miniatures WERE created but withheld by the manufacturers due to non payment.

      I regret that Paizo was also mislead by your company. Because their brand and game play has been tarnished by your inability to act as a legitimate business. I hope that they will have the ability to remove you from future licensing of any Paizo products.

      I doubt I will receive products, refund or ANY redress for the money pledged to you. Even providing 3D printing files would not be an equivalent value, as I would still bear the cost of producing my own miniatures.

      yes, kickstarter is no guarantee of delivery. yet you still strung us along with increasingly ludicrous statements. I have only had one project, out of 50 that I had backed not be delivered. They were a brand new company, not a supposedly experienced business.

      In closing, I must say that my voice will be added to those declaring your company unscrupulous and unlikely to deliver. A warning to future kickstarters.

    15. Missing avatar

      Jose Luis on

      Though I aplaud some communication, I have to say I have received zero miniatures so far. Not happy with Paizo for facilitating this.
      Hope of ever receiving something is very slim. $180, plus european shipping, down the drain.
      This robbed me the joy out of Starfinder.

    16. Jason Scott

      I received 13 miniatures of my all in $400 pledge. The quality is pretty low as they fall apart when you are trying to fix them too their base. Until I received my Deep Madness Kickstarter, these were the cheapest looking minis I had ever received. I was pretty disappointed then but figured they would still work for my Starfinder game. I assumed the huge pricetag of $400 and the cheap minis was the scam. I had no idea this was all coming. It is pretty disheartening to know that a company can get away with this kind of fraud and not go to jail. I will be suprized at this point to get the rest of my pledge. I guess I will choose to wait... Oh, yeah I don't have a choice... It would be nice to get the rest, even if the quality remains so pour. Because at least I will have something for the money. I was ready to back anything attached to the Pathfinder brand because I am a big fan. This is pretty bad ND. I don't get how people can do this to other people so I am not going to understand why this happened. I'll just nievely wait to find out one way or the other if you do what you said you would do like an adult would. Or if we will just continue to get silence and excuses like we are talking to children. And if the answer truly is that you are relying on other revinue sources to pay for this project, pleas just look around at the other Kickstarter that have successfully shipped better quality miniatures for less money. Cool Mini or Not (CMON) comes to mind, as well as Monolith games. You took so much money. There is no way the money you earned on this project wasn't enough. It should have payed for this Kickstarter and the higher quality color miniatures you put on store shelves already. It is time to put the big boy pants on and do what you said you would.

    17. Missing avatar

      Matthew Hayes on

      So... 28,000 miniatures sent out. 2,294 backers. That should be an average of 12 figures each. I (and many others) have not received any. So is there anyone here who can happily report that they have received 12+ figures??

    18. Missing avatar

      Matthew Hayes on

      While finally receiving an update is a good thing, as an all-in backer who has not received anything, it is a bit disheartening to have only a vague answer to your Q&A question "Will I receive my rewards? ".

      Where do you intend to get the funds ($200k?) to complete the project?

    19. Missing avatar

      Zaccheus on

      Jesus. It’s weird, you and Paulo convinced me your robotech fiasco wasn’t your fault yet and you would deliver on this project, but just like robotech you’ve ripped off your backers again and again. Reporting for fraud

    20. Crazy K on

      All I care about is when do I see my miniatures for the All-In Pledge. Would also suggest that you take a page out of creators like Heresy Girls. Small company, crappy things happening during process AND they still keep in total contact with those who pledged and bends over backwards to show what is occurring. Rather then an email essentially saying what everyone is accusing you of doing (being a ponzi scheme) every blue moon. Constant updates and give people reason to be confident in you. At this point I suspect no one in their right mind would pledge to a kickstarter for you, let alone work for you. There is just no trust ND. No trust. Give us backers REASONS to trust your words.

    21. Varit on

      In other words, you don’t have enough money, staff or expertise to get you out of this mess. And you ask us to wait or help you for free since you’re too broke to hire professionals to help you.

    22. Two ball cane

      Surprised to see an update! I do have 8 miniatures. I don’t want to do the math, but they are probably the most expensive miniatures I own. I suspect this may improve with time...but I wouldn’t do business with China anymore if I were you.

    23. Missing avatar

      Jerry Johnson on

      you're just making excuses for screwing everyone over

    24. Missing avatar

      Jerry Johnson on

      Right now I don't care, right now all I want is a full refund of my $400. and the shipping & handling fee that I paid on top of that. All-In pledge and did not receive a thing.

    25. Missing avatar

      Sascha Schewe

      As another all-in pledger who has yet to receive ANY. SINGLE. ITEM. I'd love for you fine folks to consider that the people who gave you a relative buttload of money (since you didn't react to my request for a refund about half a year ago) MIGHT want SOMETHING.

      Look, I appreciate the disclosure, but quite frankly all of this was just a confirmation of things we already pretty much knew at this point. From my perspective I gave you a pretty significant chunk of money and you failed to deliver ANY of the product it paid for, from my perspective you kept telling me about stuff I paid for that you sent other people (or "everyone", except "everyone" somehow never included me). On my personal loathing scale, you people take second place (Props to Mage Company for being legendarily scummy/scammy/holyshitthesepeopleshouldbeinjaily).

      And the thing is.... I GET IT. I GET that you didn't mean to fuck up, I GET that you did your best, I GET that this is how things happen. But you know what? I don't give a shit. I gave you a lot of money and you did NOTHING for me. I don't CARE about the state of your company, because the state of your company is none of my business beyond your duty to fulfill.

      It may not sound like it, but I truly can emphathize, but it doesn't MATTER, I've got my own finances to deal with, and honesty doesn't replace competence!

    26. Missing avatar

      NinetyNine on

      I too, went with the All-In pledge at $400 and haven't received a single thing.
      $40 bucks is a big deal for me. So to pledge, then get strung along, and then loose my hard earned money completely is devastating.
      My first Kickstarter and my last Kickstarter.

    27. Aurélien LENGRAND

      If needed, I went with the All-In pledge at $400 and haven't received a single thing.
      If this can push some legitimacy to my questions, it's here.
      You also basically KNEW your management was in big troubles already but still pushed through knowing the same issues would arise.

    28. Aurélien LENGRAND

      I appreciate the insight.

      However, I really wonder how you managed to end up with actual costs being about 60% higher than the funds gathered for this project.
      I didn't know about your other projects but Relic Knights is about 3 times more expensive than what you collected.


      Didn't you get the actual costs before launching production ?
      I don't understand how such a thing could happen as someone working in aeronautics. I'd understand unstable costs for "prototypes" but for the production series ? How ? How come you had to re-engineer anything at all as well (small issues here and there, ok, but you seem to be talking about re-engineering whole series) ? Didn't you consult the production line and ask for their methods to work with your designers beforehand ?

      While I don't mind "that" much waiting because of delays, you're saying you're not going bankrupt... to me, you already are ? Your expected expenses are WAY beyond income from said projects, how can you not become bankrupt if you keep at it this way ?
      We're not talking about small amounts here, your projects totals in the millions according to your graphics.

      You're telling we can expect our products to arrive. Ok, sure, waiting is easy.
      But I'd rather know more about how do you plan on achieving anything at this point ?
      How do you plan on raising funds to complete your projects ?

    29. UncleDredd on

      I'm reminded of all of the warnings we were given by folks while this campaign was in-flight... that ND was not to be trusted... that they were scamming us out of our money... that Paizo had made a terrible mistake trusting these charlatans...

      Looks like there are now some folks who can smugly say, "I told you so".

      Maybe we should go back and look at the comment history to find those folks so that they can be issued apologies from the ND fanbois that tried to shut them down early on.

    30. Jay Barber on

      While it's nice that you're finally talking to us, I don't really see anything here that we didn't already know (that you mismanaged the funds we gave you and are screwed financially speaking) or that actually means anything. There's no apology. There's no mention of when we'll actually see the products we backed. There's nothing really of any substance here. Even the colorful little charts you posted have been shown to be full of holes. You need to give us what we were promised (the miniatures or the 3D files) or refund us our money. Anything else is bullshit.

    31. Casidhe

      As another UK backer, I'm disappointed to hear that even the few models that have been sent to other backers aren't likely to be reaching us any time soon. As with several of the posters above, I'd be happy to sign an NDA in exchange for getting files that I could get 3D printed locally, preferably before the Starfinder game I'm running actually ends...

    32. Harry Askins on

      I agree with Tim. Email an NDA to the backers and then once you receive that, email the models for 3D printing for the items that was ordered.

    33. Dean Gardiner on

      Nice to hear you are trying to get your act together and learn the business. Too bad it's happening on our dime. I want my $400 back.

    34. Missing avatar

      Scott Milligan on

      I got a handful of miniatures from my All-in pledge of $400. Never again. Ninjas indeed.

    35. Missing avatar

      Ken Marable on

      Also when trying to find out more about what happened I saw on Facebook you state "Soda Pop Miniatures is our in-house creative design studio" but above you claim it's a separate company that licensed you the rights?

      I know it's not relevant to THIS Kickstarter, and I imagine it's a sucky situation and you would otherwise have my sympathy, but this smells of a lot of historical revisionism, which is NOT a good look when you are in this sort of situation. Just be honest and straightforward rather than dodgy. It can go a long way.

    36. Missing avatar

      Ken Marable on

      Your cost overruns chart is inaccurate. I just checked my Game On Tabletop account to try to remember what I pledged, and it states that you collected an additional $190,000 there to put you just shy of $640,000 collected for the Starfinder Masterclass project, not the less than $500,000 shown in the chart, and which would put you at more revenue than costs to date for at least this project, but obviously deeply in debt considering other projects.

    37. Missing avatar

      S. M. on

      I agree with Raakams comments, you obviously can't be trusted to do anything so why not release the files to the backers you scammed and let us print them? Anything that comes from Ninja should not be trusted they are shady AF.

    38. Raakam on

      Where are the .stl files?
      Where are the proofs of production?
      What were those previous communications of first waves about, if you knew the quality of the products was bad?

      Those folks who did receive some miniatures can attest that the quality that you are taking credit for in your update ("To date, Ninja Division has manufactured and delivered over 28,000 miniatures to backers but has a great many more to complete.") they are completely terrible, so why are you trying to pawn that off as a success?

      In essence: "guys, we scammed a bunch of money off you and thought our terrible management strategies would never come to light. Also, if we kept this up, maybe our cashflow would not cease via shady Kickstarter projects".

      It's entirely setup like a ponzi scheme for older projects to be funded by new projects. Where in this situation did you not realize you had to cut staff if they had "nothing to do"? How do they have nothing to do if you're still restructuring on initial projects? None of this makes sense.

      It beggars belief that you would think this would pass muster with any of your backers. It bewilders the mind that you would somehow hope this would assuage anyone who has spent money on your vaporware.

      If your production is ready to go, then presumably you have stl files. Where are they?

    39. Alice Granger a.k.a. "ArcticBanana"

      I'm going to continue to hope for the best, but this is what Archon has to say about the subject:

      "In the spirit of the article below, as a manufacturer of miniatures for Ninja Division, I can officially state that Starfinder and Relick Knights 2 will NOT be delivered. Ninja Division owns Archon money for entire! Starfinder manufacturing (delivered and what's in the warehouse) Relics Knights (entirely manufactured and stored in our warehouse) and a few more delivered projects like Humble Bundle (entirely delivered). At this stage, we are searching for legal advice in the USA to help us out in recovering at least a fraction of costs we accommodated with manufacturing for Ninja Division. We are also, speaking with Paizo about finding some solution for backers but I would not count on it as Ninja Divisions stated to us that their bank account is dry as a desert. Anyway, an official Archon statement will be out within a few days. Sorry for the bad news."

    40. Missing avatar


      I think out of all 3 projects this one is the least likely to have a result.
      I've yet to see any Starfinder miniatures and to be honest I doubt I ever will.

      oh well ... Kickstarters are risky.

    41. Missing avatar

      Myles Hilliard on

      I know it can be difficult to deal with new projects. Thank you for breaking the silence and letting us know what is happening. I am happy with the product I HAVE recieved and look forward to seeing the rest of the product. Keep on keeping on!! 4 months of no news was a bit rough, especially after seeing product on store shelves, but i am happy to hear things are still progressing, even with delays. Go ninja go!!

    42. Missing avatar

      Scott Gustafson on

      Five and a half months between updates is excessive. I don't hold any hope of ever getting anything from this company again. I wonder what Paizo is going to do about it, they were behind this too.

    43. Missing avatar


      Money dedicated for post-launch sales and marketing shouldn't have been committed from backer funds. Very shady business practices on display here. Of course the license fees for the projects were paid so Paizo and Soda Pop(who are the same poor unsalaried owners of ND) got theirs.

    44. Missing avatar

      Gerard van Konijnenburg on

      I see you spend everything you got for this Kickstarter without delivering a single miniature to my doorstep... The least you can do is to send me the STL files for my pledge level (the all-in level including the blue dragon...).

    45. Missing avatar

      S. M. on

      So, in short this is what I took away from this. You took our money even though you knew you were in financial trouble; then went broke due to mismanagement of your capitol. You're not giving us any refunds, don't know when or IF we will get our products and still want us to be patient after your firm is easily a year+ overdue. Did I pretty much get that right?

      Oh, and lets not forget the months and months of silence from you...

      Really, you guys should just go bankrupt and sell off your IP to someone else so that they can fulfill your failed promises. I doubt you're going to get much sympathy from this group.

    46. Billy

      Damn. Best of luck to keep afloat and with getting everything out. But, damn again, with a surname beginning with a Y i may as well start praying for my stuff. Shame i late pledged an extra 300notes of stuff!

    47. Missing avatar

      Tim Bedford on

      I did the all in, $180 pledge, and have received nothing so far. I'm from the UK. If all else fails please release all 3D models for all sculpts so we at least have the option to 3D print our own.