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$10,377 pledged of $30,000 goal
By The Thirst Amendment
$10,377 pledged of $30,000 goal

Limited Beer Advent Calendars and 12 Beers of Christmas available now!

Hi all,

We have been working hard on trying to make this happen this year for all our loyal backers. Without the large order that we were hoping to gain from our Kickstarter campaign, we were unable to secure manufacturing this year. 

However, we have a very limited number of working prototypes that we'll be selling this year on Etsy. These are the same style as the ones shown in the Kickstarter video. They are the same design as the product that we wanted to produce, but they were cut using a different (slower) technology and hand glued. We have priced them the same as the early bird rewards from our campaign. 

To purchase a Beer Advent Calendar or 12 Beers of Christmas product, click the link below. 

Cheers and Happy Brewing

Julian and Elaina


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