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A magazine to promote more independent and experimental comics in Japan and bridge the gap between Western and Japanese comics.
Created by

Adam Pasion

198 backers pledged $5,041 to help bring this project to life.

Drawing-up a storm

Congratulations everyone, we raised over $5,000! Now begins the busy long task of drawing all those kickstarter rewards. We got a healthy start today and I have to say some of these drawing look absolutely incredible. Brian and David locked themselves in for 12 hours today drawing and drawing, and the results are incredible. Tetsuya knocked a couple drawing out of the park too. These guys can draw!! We drew zombie-fighting princesses, a steam-punk crane (the bird, not the truck), a girl fencing a bear, and sherlock homes in Japan. All of you have such amazing ideas and these drawings look so good I am tempted to just throw them in the book anyway, even if they weren't at that pledge level. Really astounding stuff - we will post some of the finished sketches soon, but for now here is a look at our workspace.

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    1. Creator Adam Pasion on June 17, 2012

      The only concern we have is that people who pledged at the $100 level might feel cheated if everyone gets their stuff in without paying for the privilege...One way or another we will make sure everyone gets to see all the drawings. We are going to upload them to the blog if we don't print them. Or we might make a backer only supplementary book!! The possibilities are endless.

    2. Creator Daniel Amos on June 16, 2012

      Chuck them in the book!! The more pages the merrier ;)

    3. Creator William Gore on June 16, 2012

      Actually, that's not a bad idea. You could put all of the drawings (shrunk down for space maybe) in the magazine! Anyway, I'll let you guys do your thing. Keep it up!