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A magazine to promote more independent and experimental comics in Japan and bridge the gap between Western and Japanese comics.
Created by

Adam Pasion

198 backers pledged $5,041 to help bring this project to life.

T minus 11hours

This is it folks, the window is quickly closing on this funding term and the results are incredible. For a minute there I was actually worried I might have to make-good on my promise of a pop-up book!! One backer even threatened to call me out on the Teddy Ruxpin promise!! Phew, I dodged a bullet there. How many of you even remember Teddy Ruxpin??

Anyway, keep up the good work - we have just a few hours left. By the time I wake-up it will all be wrapped-up! I will start sending out surveys tomorrow, so for those of you that will be getting original artwork, start thinking now about what you would like us to draw. Also, for all pledges of $40 and above there will be the option of a t-shirt instead of your personal 1/4 page ad. The Kickstarter surveys will have that option, but its good to think about it now. I will be in touch again in the morning (Japan time that is) but in the meantime keep up the hard work. Let's see if we can't take this all the way to 5K in the next few hours!


    1. Creator Matthew Cisneros on June 14, 2012

      Teddy Ruxpin was the bomb. Kind of disappoint that that stretch goal was a joke. =(