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I'm making potato salad.
6,911 backers pledged $55,492 to help bring this project to life.

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Peace, Love and Potato Salad Shirts!


Hey everyone! PotatoStock was a success! I'll be typing a larger update later (I'm still SUPER worn out from the weekend) but I wanted to let you all know that our festival shirt is now for sale at Homage

This isn't the backer shirt! It is a shirt that Homage created specifically for PotatoStock. 

Hope you like them! Peace, Love and Potato Salad!

Making of the Potato Salad


PotatoStock is 1 day away!! Can you feel the excitement!!?! 

$10 and above backers are free to watch me go through the final steps of making the potato salad tomorrow morning at 8am at the Piada corporate headquarters at 1440 King Ave, Columbus, Ohio, 43212. Can't wait to see you there!

We have a lot of sponsors that have helped to make PotatoStock a reality. Our sponsors have contributed $18,000 directly to our fund at The Columbus Foundation. 

I'd like to talk specifically about Whence for a second.  The waiting list of all waiting lists is here, especially if you live in the founding city - Columbus! Whence allows you to get "almost anything, almost now" to your doorstep in same-day fashion. They have built a local commerce engine and they are at 800 and counting on their wait list. Want an invite when they launch? Go here!

 Thank you to everyone who has helped to make tomorrow a success. Looking forward to meeting as many of you as possible! Peace, love and potato salad!

South Park & Meet The Bands!


We got referenced in last night's South Park! The last item on the board is "Eggsalad".

 Here is a song from every band so that you can get a feel for each of them! 

The Shazzbots, "Do You Like Bears?"

Maza Blaska, "Midnight Walker"

Jordan O'Jordan, "By Balloon Or Sinking Ship" 

Counterfeit Madison, "A Mile Northeast" 

Damn The Witch Siren, "Pearls And Lace" 

Hope to see you all at PotatoStock! Peace, Love and Potato Salad!! 

The Reading of The Names & PotatoStock Headliner!


Hey Everyone! I am peeling some potatoes and reading the names today here beginning at 5pm. I will read the entire list of backers alphabetically in ascending order by first name. So if your name is Aaron and you gave any amount, you will be among the first read. If your name is Zzron, how do you even pronounce that? Also, you would be among the last names read.   

We confirmed our final act and headliner, Damn The Witch Siren! They will be playing at 7:30pm! 

I will be posting one song from each of our acts tomorrow. 

Hope to see you on the livestream tonight. And if it doesn't work, sorry, it's my first live-stream. 

Peace, Love and Potato Salad!!! 


PotatoStock 2014. GET. EXCITED.


Live stream is going down Wednesday night! 

I will be making the potato salad Saturday morning at the Piada corporate offices in Upper Arlington at 8am! If you pledged at the $10 level, you are invited. If you plan to be in attendance, please email me at zackdangerbrown [at] I want to make sure we have a plan in place if we expect a large crowd! 

Looking forward to seeing everyone this weekend! Peace, love and potato salad!!