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This project was successfully funded on August 2, 2014.

I'm making potato salad.

Columbus, OH Food
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    1. Creator Matthias Eitschberger 4 days ago

      Naaah, I don't believe this... has there been a potato avalanche in Columbus?

    2. Creator James Gray on February 22

      So when is the recipe book going to be available?

    3. Creator megan massey on February 18

      stilllll waitin on the photo

    4. Creator Nico on February 17

      "Will post an update soon." - December 15

    5. Creator Matthias Eitschberger on February 9

      Hi, anybody home?

    6. Creator Devorah Brehony on February 7

      Also seeking status of the recipe book - Is this forthcoming?

    7. Creator Matthias Eitschberger on February 4

      Hey, Zack, this is bad communication - no replies, no book, no nothing??? Please update!

    8. Creator Lucas Beeley on January 27

      It is January 27, 2015 and I have not yet received my Homage T-shirt. Should I expect it soon?

    9. Creator David Beach on January 20

      I'm waiting for the photo as well. I'll probably frame it and hang it on the wall because I'm classy like that.

    10. Creator Joni Hukka on January 20

      I'm still waiting for that photo.

    11. Creator edraid jimenez on January 20

      I haven't gotten the post card yet

    12. Creator celeritas on January 19

      Update on the recipe book please!

    13. Creator Emily on January 16

      My name wasn't in the video and I never got a post card.

    14. Creator Anthony on January 10

      Haven't received my much anticipated bite of potato salad in the mail...

    15. Creator Shaun McManus on January 3

      Just received my hat! Cheers mate!!

    16. Creator Anton Wiberg on December 30

      The recipe book. What's the status?

    17. Creator celeritas on December 26

      Update please!

    18. Creator Johan Sandgren on December 20

      Never got my picture :(

    19. Creator Callum Young on December 19

      Where can I find a video of you making the salad saying the names? Would be epic to see :)

    20. Creator Callum Young on December 18

      I received my hat today! Thanks!

    21. Creator Zack Danger Brown on December 15

      Hey all! Will post an update soon. All hats and shirts for anyone who filled out a survey before the end of November have been shipped!

    22. Creator James Freeman on December 12


    23. Creator celeritas on December 11

      Update please!

    24. Creator Shontalla Battle on December 11

      Got my hat today but no picture :-(

    25. Creator Nico on December 1

      Long time no update. I am wondering, too, if I will ever receive this photo.

    26. Creator celeritas on November 30

      any updates?

    27. Creator Bradley Cotter on November 17

      Have the photos been sent yet?

    28. Creator Alkettory on November 13

      Homage has started shipping the T-shirts. I received one via USPS today.

    29. Creator Matthew Bigley on November 4

      Out of curiosity, has anyone who pledged to "The Hat" tier gotten their hat yet?

    30. Creator The Art Factory on October 14

      I Love Potato Salad... Especially here in this sitcom... Mr. Danger's Kickstarter... it does actually make me hungry every time I visit [or contemplate it], just looking for a bite of something Dangerously good. F'tang-F'tang.. Y'all are awesome : )

    31. Creator G. Brooks Arnold on October 10

      You go, Tarquin! Hey, did you happen to notice, during the reading of the names, that you and I were the only two people singled out for an additional comment? (Discounting when Zack said a personal "HI" to individuals whose name he recognized.) Whooda thunkit?

    32. Creator Tarquin F'tang-F'tang-Olé-Biscuitbarrel on October 9

      @Andrew Wilson - You just need to make your middle name more interesting, then nobody will skip over it again. How about this: Andrew Throat-Warbler Mangrove Wilson. Catchy, yes?

    33. Creator Alkettory on October 6

      @Andrew Wilson,

      LOL! Yes, everyone who was "wronged" gets a discount coupon for 5% off the price of half a bite of potato salad. :)

    34. Creator Andrew Wilson on October 5

      @Alkettory Sorry to hear that. I know I was looking to burn 0.5 seconds of my 15 minutes of fame. I can only imagine how much you are disappointed as well.

      Since it's not just me that Mr. Brown failed to complete his contract with, in this regard; it sounds like it's time to consider a class action lawsuit, for breach of contract. Do you want to initiate the lawsuit, or should I?

    35. Creator Alkettory on October 3

      @Andrew Wilson,

      Yeah, my name was also skipped.

    36. Creator Andrew Wilson on October 3

      Um. Not to want to sound like a douche… But you didn't say my name as promised. In your video at 17:31 You jumped from Andrew WC Brown to Andrew Yee. I listened all the way through the A(s), and you didn’t return to make up the difference. Not cool.

    37. Creator The Art Factory on September 30

      you who got the bites are so fortunate... the rest of us are just salivating... and smiling...
      RE: Mr. Danger's Potato Salad:
      oh please! can we please... just a single bite?...
      how far must we drive? with haste....
      for the moment... the taste...
      someday? yes... we can...

    38. Creator G. Brooks Arnold on September 28

      @studiotau - Thanks so much for this great report. I wasn't able to make it, as I had hoped, but you've provided a great sense of being there. Only 20 backers in the kitchen? That must have been GREAT! I was assuming there would be at least 100, and probably more, and would just be a big crowd scene. This sounds more like a family gathering. How cool!

      I'm happy for Homage that the T-shirts sold out, but sorry that there aren't any left over for purchase after the fact. Oh well...

      I found one article online that has a few pictures, but I really look forward to checking out your instagram account. Thank you for providing that.

      Following the whole Potato Salad event particularly the comments, has been a real hoot for me, and helped me get through a kind of stressful summer. I think we'll hear a bit more from ZDB before everything begins to fade, and we all move on with our lives.

      Thanks again for the great coverage. - P, L & PS!

    39. Creator studiotau on September 28

      You can see all the photos I took on my instagram account @tauwillow

    40. Creator studiotau on September 28

      My husband and I drove from Illinois to Ohio for the blessed event and arrived in time for the kitchen prep party held at Piada's corporate headquarters. Piada was *amazing* and did a fantastic job making everyone feel welcome. The Idaho Spud Team were in attendance and you couldn't meet a friendlier bunch - we had such terrific conversations with them over the whole course of the day. Even Zack's family was there, and they shared stories about Zack and the whole Potato unfolding.

      Zack himself was friendly, approachable and spent time talking personally with everyone who came. (about 20 of us there) He is as funny and gracious as he appears online. We got to watch as he personally mix up giant batches of the very potato salad we would be eating later in the day.

      We all headed over to the Columbus Commons and we all pitched in to help set up the area, and then waited for the main event to begin. The food trucks arrived, the carousel was engaged and big foam blocks were placed in the middle of a large field. The kids came early and the family friendly music performers began playing first.

      People started arriving and there was two different kinds of potato salad to sample. (both excellent) Homage came later and sold out of their green Peace, Love & Potato Salad shirts within an hour. (glad I got mine early!) The Idaho Potato team held spuddy buddy contests and offered potato sack races for the kids.

      The music kept on coming, right along with the people - there was a decent turn out for almost the entirety of the event. It made for some awesome people watching. Zack kept touching base with us personally over the course of the day, and it made us feel entirely special. He really went the extra mile.

      His event was almost entirely staffed by his crew of hilarious friends, and it was fun to watch them all interact. It really was a giant undertaking and they handled it with aplomb and good humor. It was a joy to watch them enjoy the task and one another.

      I was so glad we got to make the trip. I will never forget it and my thanks go out to Zack, his crew and all the other vendors that came to enrich our experience.

      Peace Love & Potato Salad Forever!

    41. Creator Daniel Furst on September 28

      Two months ago, Zack Brown was concerned that his dream potato salad "might not be that good." It was going to be, after all, his first potato salad.

      Having tasted the culmination of his efforts, I can confirm that, indeed, it was quite good. Thanks & congratulations, Mr. Danger!

    42. Creator Daria Roud on September 26

      damn. i want to go to Potato stock! too bad i'm in hawaii

    43. Creator Johan Sandgren on September 26

      Loved it.

    44. Creator The Art Factory on September 26

      that was a joke, by the way, and this project has been nothing except hilarious, and thanks to all the backers and to Zack for not shredding his knuckles whilst reading from the teleprompter... that was a dexterous feat of chopping... no blood, only treasure, in this project.. kudos, touche, and thanks especially to the 6,911 backers and to Kickstarter for a salivating bite of gourmet comedy... F'tang F'tang!!!

    45. Creator The Art Factory on September 25

      Dear G.Brooks Arnold: Omg, during Operations you take SHOWERS? really? wtf? leaving Zack alone during dangerous ops? omg... i just hope you cleaned behind your ears... just saying!!!

    46. Creator G. Brooks Arnold on September 25

      Yo Joseph. (Do I remember right? I somehow previously found your name, but couldn't do so this time)

      I was wondering about the M name also. I think I was showering for work during that time and must have missed it. I'm gonna take a look and see if I can find it. It seemed to me, as I heard it, that ZDB pronounced Tarquin's name with an L, as in TarquLin, although Mr. F'tang-F'tang-Olé-Bisquitbarrel appears pleased, (thank goodness...). I was thinking about cut knuckles during the whole thing. Very impressive on Zack's part. I was so happy to make it through the entire reading in time to get to my gig. It's about a 45 minute drive, and I was worried. Anyway, it was great fun. I was laughing over and over. The surprising thing was the low turnout of viewers. I'm thinking perhaps it had to do with the relatively late announcement. I don't think there was ever more than 140 at any one time, and it began dropping pretty quickly as the alphabet progressed. At least people kept the comments cummin'. Thank goodness anyone who wants can still access it on YouTube. I'm very bummed I can't get to Ohio, but timing and finances just wouldn't allow it. (Mostly timing. That's why God made plastic...) Oh well. I'm sure the next couple of days are gonna be wild. I really do hope they've been documenting the whole shebang from the get-go. That will make quite a souvenir, something I'd be happy to pay for. Time will tell. Should we not communicate again, It's been fun! I intend to follow The Art Factory a bit to learn a little more about what you do. I have good friends in Brookings, OR. Perhaps the next time I'm passing through, we can share a meal. - - Peace, (you know the rest...)

    47. Creator The Art Factory on September 25

      @G.Brooks Arnold: I still want to find and hear that super long M name... i dare not try to replicate it here, but it's way below in the comments... He... is ... he that owns that name... I dare say Zack either shredded it, whilst chopping, or held his sharp tongue with promises to pronounce it later... and btw, I think He, Zack, messed up F'tangs gender... so.. shredded anyway, despite the Herculean Marathon... still shredded up a couple names... the miracle is he peeled all those potatoes whilst not looking at them, and reading names, and didn't cut himself... can anyone really duplicate that? those peelers are sharp... teleprompters don't protect fingers from potato peelers.. that takes real talent.... it's dangerous.. but Zack obviously know Danger, prodigiously..

    48. Creator Joni Hukka on September 25

      2:00:19 Jay! :D Money well spent

    49. Creator G. Brooks Arnold on September 25

      WOW! Whatta day!! I got to watch & listen for the whole time and then had to rush off to work. (Work being singing at a Rosh Hashanah, Jewish New Year, service.)

      In addition to being singled out upon hearing my name, which actually gave me chills,
      I also caught, among others, Tarquin, Art , and even Tarquin's chum Raymond Luxury Yacht, (who Zack especially liked). The streaming comments were great!

      I REALLY wish I could make it to PotatoStock, but it's just not in the cards. I'll be looking for everything I can find online, and hope for a documentary down the road.

      At least I still have my picture of Zack to look forward to. Is it just me, or does anyone else think he'd make a great Howdy Doody for Halloween,,,?

      With that, I have to crash. More Temple in the a.m. (I'm not really Jewish, not that there's anything wrong with that, but I've gotten paid to provide choral service music for the High Holidays for the past 25+ years.) Shana Tove, y'all!! Peace, Love and Potato Salad!

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