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The only way to use your existing wired headphones/speakers to experience studio-quality 24bit sound WIRELESSLY!
The only way to use your existing wired headphones/speakers to experience studio-quality 24bit sound WIRELESSLY!
The only way to use your existing wired headphones/speakers to experience studio-quality 24bit sound WIRELESSLY!
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    1. Missing avatar

      Tobias Evers

      I'm unable to update to the latest firmware. Getting an error message that the file is not recognized as an operable file (something like that). Any workarounds? Never had trouble with previous updates

    2. Missing avatar

      구성흔 on

      다시한번더 확인해보니 3.5mm high performance mode 일때 노이즈가 있고 normal mode일때는 노이즈가 안생기네요 2.5mm 는 확인 못했고요 AS가능하나요? 그리고 전화로 연락드릴수 있는 방법은 없나요?

    3. Missing avatar

      구성흔 on

      구매해서 잘사용하다가 연결시 이어폰 왼쪽에서 소리는 안나오고 노이즈만 나오네요 당연히 다른이어폰을 사용해도 마찬가지고요 혹시 AS가 되나요? 되면 어떻게 보내면 되나요?

    4. Pocket Rocket on

      Can you please update the app so it can update the firmware via the app?

    5. Radsone Creator on

      Dear all, sincere apology on you inconvenience and thank you for you patience. please refer to the updates

      and please let us know by email ( on how you would like to proceed with your undelivered product. Thank you for understanding.

    6. Missing avatar

      Deborah Lally

      What’s happening...I haven’t seen a thing, is this another Superscreen scam?

    7. Lim Yean Shan

      HAven receive anything

    8. Roger Smith

      Fellas, the back piece separated from the center section, exposing the battery and Wires where they connect to the circuit board. It still works but requires tape to keep it together. I use it 4-5 days a week and love it and it stays in my shirt pocket exclusively. Just separated as it took it from my pocket. I can push the parts back together which works for a moment. I worry the constant motion of separating will wear on the wires to failure. Do you suggest super glue for a more permanent solution?

    9. Missing avatar

      Tristan Genevet on

      Same for me, the package never arrived as can be seen in the tracking information you sent, then again, my request or either a refund or another delivery hasn’t been answered. Very unprofessional.

    10. Missing avatar

      Lai Heng Tan on

      Any news of getting my refund back?

    11. Missing avatar

      Lai Heng Tan on

      Already May. Zero news zero emails.

    12. dKenGuru on

      I still not received my unit. Try to contact via pm, e-mail and problem still present.

    13. Missing avatar

      Peter Goh on

      Hi, I'm from Singapore, when will my Ear Studio Bluetooth Receiver finally ship? I need an indication soon. Thank You

    14. Andrew Kachaniwsky on

      Samsung S8 Oreo update is coming out and has confirmed they support AAC and LDAC but not AptX-HD.

      Any plans to add LDAC support via firmware update to EarStudio?

    15. Missing avatar

      Samsuddha Majumder on

      Still no response. Clearly not even the basic decency to respond or acknowledge the mails.
      After weeks of mailing then from my registered email id at the support email address provided, they sent me a two line msg stating they haven't received my response. After I resent them the entire trail AND restated my choice THRICE, still no response. This is my worst experience at kickstarter yet

    16. Missing avatar

      Selena Tan on

      Hi, I had sent two emails and no response from your team on when I will be receiving my item and when the refund of the cable will be done. Could you please let me know if my item has been shipped out?

    17. Missing avatar

      Samsuddha Majumder on

      Still not received. Its very frustrating and they do not even respond to mails..

    18. Missing avatar

      Ang Chun Yong on

      thanks , i finally got the earstudio.. man.. it a good little device.. im impress on the sound quality that this small little device can put out..

    19. SilverLeo on

      I have received my EarStudio without tracking info... I'm impress the sound quality of this device. Is great!

    20. Steve Smith on

      I have also emailed with no reply regarding my shipment. The post office says that the package was delivered, however it was not. It was either stolen or lost by them. I have emailed about a replacement with no reply. Please help!

    21. dKenGuru on

      And I don't reciece any tracking info to my e-mail about this redelivery.

    22. dKenGuru on

      Well, I ask resend undelivered december parcel to my new address vai support e-mail. And support confirm it.
      And today I receive parcel on my old address in another country.
      It cost to me $5 for parcel registration on USA mail forwarder warehouse and $10 for shipping to current address in another country. Wonderfull.
      Who refund to me this money?

    23. Missing avatar

      Dazdigo on

      So far I am really enjoying my receiver, though I would really like it to have support for 3.5 mm headphones with mics on them so I don't have to try to remember what buttons do what when I have the receiver in my pocket (and it would be easier to take calls without having to pull it out of my pocket to use the mic). Would also be nice if it had a dedicated phone button so it would be easy to activate the phone's voice assistant.

      On an unrelated note, I was looking for a new phone, I was pleasantly surprised to see it actually listed on the Aptx website:

    24. Pocket Rocket on

      Such a pity the device cannot be updated without running an emulator on a Mac. Surely it can be updated via the app in this day and age?

    25. Missing avatar

      Samsuddha Majumder on

      Hey, Any chance of at least replying to your backers. I have sent several mails and even written on the comment section here twice before without any reply. Are you guys even concerned about your backers??

    26. Missing avatar

      Rollie on

      Tobias, only happens to me if I forget to change my Output from the 3.5 to the 2.5mm or the other way around

    27. Missing avatar

      Tobias Evers

      I am experiencing connection issues on a setup. I activate Bluetooth on my phone and use the EarStudio app to connect, yet I the device frequently fails to play sound via EarStudio and instead I get sound via phone speakers.

      This forces me to redo the whole connection process. It's pretty annoying and I hesitate to use EarStudio because I know it usually requires fiddling to get working.

      I have two EarStudio devices and the issue persist on both and on different devices (phone/computer etc).

      Anyone else experiencing this?

    28. Missing avatar

      Samsuddha Majumder on

      Dear Radsone team,
      I am extremely disappointed in the non-communication at your end. I have sent you two emails over the last couple of weeks and also written a comment below to update about the status of my shipment (further to your last update of Feb 1) and if not, to confirm that you would be sending me a new one (along with balanced cable which I also paid for). However, I am yet to receive a reply or even a simple confirmation that you have received my mail and will get back in due time (which I would is a basic courtesy to a backer).
      This is extremely disappointing that you are not taking responsibility for your delivery failure. We are not backers of Floship but of Radsone, and regardless of who messed up, you have to take responsibility to deliver to the backers - it seems that you have passed the buck and not taking responsibility for the many backers who are yet to receive their long awaited EarStudios.

    29. Missing avatar

      신진철 on

      @Park Hanzin 정보 감사합니다. 킥스타터에서 산 가격에 비해 많이 비싸네요 ㅠ.ㅠ

    30. Missing avatar

      Samsuddha Majumder on

      Hi,I haven't received my earstudios yet and I have received no confirmation or reply to my email regarding status (I asked for information regarding my shipment or failing delivery another dispatch as promised). Some kind of update would be appreciated as we backers have been extremely patients with all the delays I think

    31. Vamsi Jammula on

      Can some backer post a video of un-boxing and review Thanks!!!

    32. nargalzius

      Oh and the rewind+volumedown combo could probably afford to be instantaneous instead of a press and hold (or a much shorter delay required)

    33. nargalzius

      Great job on the firmware update. A couple of things/suggestions:

      1. Instead of a long fwd button press (that’s both relatively hard to reach and can be used for track seeking), why not use a less common but accessible button combination like the rewind+volumedown (two buttons at the edge of each side)

      2. An option (software toggle) to keep the mic on during ambient mode regardless if there’s audio playing or not.

      3. Anything we can do to improve the latency on the mic?

    34. Missing avatar

      Hakee Cheung on

      I'm lucky to receive it before X'mas. And today is the second time to have firmware upgraded. More and more features are adding into it. It is good actually, I love it much.
      However, if the upgrade can proceed through the app itself instead of using a PC. That will be a definitely advantage to us. Hope it can be done in the near future. Keep up the good work !

    35. Albert See

      Hi Radsone,
      I like give a feedback.Your firmware update is not user friendly.Why the need to download a zip file n install?
      There are just too many steps to follow.
      I hope you can make it simpler just update thru the app itself or providing using a direct link your website and just click update and auto install.

    36. KC Lim on

      Hi Creators,
      I am opting for delivery in February since we are already in the month of February and we have been waiting so long waiting another 2 weeks would not make any difference assuming there are no more hiccups. No more excuses, your updates stated new delivery will start in February.

    37. Missing avatar

      신진철 on

      밑에 질문했는데 답변이 없으셔서 다시 올려봅니다..

      이미 킥스타터 참여로 제품을 받았고 저의 청음 역사상 역대급 만족으로 음감 생활 하고 있습니다.

      추가로 구매할 방법이 있는지 아니면 정식 출시일이 언제인지 궁금합니다.

    38. Missing avatar

      Alastair Dodd on

      So please to receive my ear studio - was great with my normal cheap headphones but incredible when my Shure 215's arrived and I could use the short 2.5mm jack cable & output. Well done for a superb item of technology.

    39. Missing avatar

      Anthony Kiong on

      Hey, there is an update today.

      They say they have a second shipment. So that means it will reach their fulfillment company by march, have the address sort out by April, Shipped out by May and We will get our EarStudio by end of June. (I am being optimistic here, that's if the fulfillment company don't screw up the whole thing again).

      Hey Radsone, maybe you can proof me wrong.

    40. Missing avatar

      Rollie on

      New firmware out:
      Version 1.1.4 (January 30, 2018)

      - Added Ambient Sound On/Off Key
      - Added DAC Oversample Rate Option (1x/2x/4x)
      - Changed vol +/- short-key step to 0.5dB

    41. Missing avatar

      Max Yeo on

      still no sound no picture and no earstudios ......... how long more do we have to wait ........ after CNY ???

    42. Missing avatar


      Btw, guys, your website isn't working.

    43. Missing avatar

      James Thorley on

      Posted on the 11th January and no reply - can someone get back to me please?

      My EarStudios were not delivered as there was a fee to pay and I was away at the time. They have now been sent back to the sender. What do I need to do to get them redelivered? or do I just wait?

    44. KC Lim on

      HI Creator,

      Since you are taking responsibility why are you waiting for FLOSHIP, Can you really take responsibility and send us the EARSTUDIO from your stocks and not wait for the supposed;y shipped product from FLOSHIP.

    45. Pocket Rocket on

      My ear studio is making a housing sound when charged (one out of the two units I have). Is this normal?

    46. Missing avatar

      Jonathan Ritter on

      Is there a possibility to buy an other EarStudio?

    47. khyree on

      @Jaka your local post must be awesome wow

    48. Jaka Aldila on

      just got my earstudio today, it should be delivered by my local post in januari 4th.
      when i check there is some missing part of my address.
      but its OK earstudio in my hand now.

    49. Radsone Creator on

      @Zee DeDerp, @borez, and those backers in Singapore - Sincere apology that we cannot give you any better news at the moment. We are sending claims to FLOSHIP on returned items' status, however, we are only getting responses that it is on its way to the warehouse. We do understand your disappointment, and we take responsibility that we chose this agency, resulting in postponed delivery process. We are sending claims to FLOSHIP everyday, to find out about your parcels location, and to process with re-delivery. Hopefully we can give you good news very soon. Again, sincere apology on the whole process and thank you for understanding.

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