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Balancing wooden totem, elegantly crafted to help you de-stress and reconnect with yourself.
Balancing wooden totem, that reminds you to take time for yourself
Balancing wooden totem, that reminds you to take time for yourself
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    1. Missing avatar

      Ryan on

      The latest update of a Mahogany zen egg looks more like a walnut one! Also the update includes a recommendation for forever spin tops. I've spent many hundreds on forever spin and the tops are nothing compared to the Janus Top. It's chalk and cheese comparison, Janus top spins 20x more easily and way way better top. Zen egg is great, I wish they make 6x or more different types and I will gladly purchase.

    2. Missing avatar

      Ryan on

      This is the best thing I've bought

    3. HappyRock on

      Gasper-I picked up my eggs from the Post Office today. I had given up on ever getting them - but I am very pleasantly surprised! They are really beautiful! Thanks for your persistence in getting them to me. I appreciate it.

    4. Missing avatar

      richardbamboo on

      Final got my egg today, thx Gasper!

    5. Sam Marcus on

      Just wanted to say I got my egg over the summer and love it. Just ordered more eggs!! :)

    6. Gašper Premože 2-time creator on

      Hello everyone! It has been a year since we have started the project, how time flies. I understand that there is a few of you that have problems with receiving the Eggs. We are doing our best to resolve any open questions but there are some factors that we don't have influence over. Anyhow, let me just list some facts:
      - we have resolve 99% of the orders (really sorry for the 1% but at this many orders some mistakes will occur)
      - a lot of shipments where send two or three times but because there are at least three services between you and us, the process can really take a while
      - for all of you who have waited we have tried to compensate in some way
      - collete b, bill o’dwyer, alex chua, sam byrne, david siegel, ander, jason caloras, wendy davis, anti kratts, nikolas katibak, Liaw Kuan Kiat - packages were re-send to you previous week
      - addison, franky, catherine claire, cameron cohen, richardbamboo, Angelika Kuhles - we are again looking into your orders, we keep getting them back
      We have learned a lot through this process and that is why we want to improve every aspect of it. In this manner we are adding express DHL shipping option and upgrading our CRM system. We are stepping in our second year full of eggspectaitons.
      Till soon, Gašper & Team

    7. Franky on


    8. Missing avatar

      Colette B on

      Hi Gasper - its been four months since you posted my egg. It is a gift, which is more disappointing. Can you please update your supporters?

    9. Missing avatar

      Bill o'Dwyer on

      Hi Gasper, the package arrived this morning thanks a million.


    10. Alex Chua on

      I still have not received any of the eggs I ordered!

    11. Sam Byrne on


    12. Missing avatar

      Colette B on

      Still no egg, still no update. Disappointed!

    13. Sam Byrne on

      Can someone tell me what the hell is going on with this project and Kickstarter in general - NOBODY is getting back to me........!!!!!!!!!!

    14. Missing avatar

      Bill o'Dwyer on

      Hi Gasper, Still waiting on my Aug egg. It is intended as a Christmas gift. Can you let me know if it will arrive in time please ?


    15. David Siegel on

      Hi! I still haven't received mine. Can you please get in touch to square things? Thanks!

    16. Sam Byrne on

      If I don't hear back by Monday I will need to lodge a complaint with Kickstarter. I really don't wish to do that, but I'll be left with no other choice at this stage. Cheers

    17. Sam Byrne on

      Gasper - I've left several messages with you now regarding the non-delivery of my eggs. Can you PLEEEASE get back to me ASAP. I'm quite concerned. Many thanks, Sam.

    18. Ander on

      after writing two email some time ago, i received my egg this week! great quality and i really like this little thing! thank you

    19. Jason Caloras on

      Hi, I never got my eggs. I have messaged several times. Apparently they were returned, and I provided a new address. I would very much like to get my eggs.


    20. Missing avatar

      Antti Krats on

      Hello, I got mine today here in Finland. Thankyou Gasper! The Egg is really a quality work. I complained here 1 month and 9 days ago and now I'm holding the egg. Don't give up on hope ;-)

    21. Missing avatar

      Wendy Davis on

      Hello, I have not received my initial order of the $75 - NEST of eggs II - pack of three (WENGE, OLIVE, PLUM). I have emailed the customer service several times, without any response. How long must we wait before we get our products that have allegedly shipped?

    22. Missing avatar

      Colette B on

      Still no egg here in Australia. Gasper - can you please provide your backers with an update?

    23. Missing avatar

      Bill o'Dwyer on

      Hi Gasper, I have not received my 2nd egg purchase due to be delivered / shipped in Aug.
      I know you mentioned it can take 30 days to ship , I am based in Ireland.

    24. Alex Chua on

      I still have not received the eggs I ordered since backing this project!!!

    25. Missing avatar

      Cameron Cohen on

      Hi paid for my Zen eggs back in January 2015. I have still not received my eggs and am wondering if I need to take action with my credit card company. Please let me know when and if I will be receiving my Zen eggs.

    26. Catherine Claire on

      Based in the USA. Moved to a new place in the same city at the end of August. No delivery at either location. :-(

    27. Catherine Claire on

      I ordered three eggs and have not received them. This was a splurge for me and I'm disappointed to feel like I threw money away. I hope some resolution is offered. This experience has made me reluctant to support other Kickstarters.

    28. Missing avatar

      Christina Wang on

      Still no delivery, based in Taiwan.

    29. Missing avatar

      Nikolas Katigbak on

      Hey! Same here, no egg still until now :( my address has changed too since I moved this week. What should I do?

    30. Missing avatar

      richardbamboo on

      Hi Gasper,
      after my post on July 15... still waiting my delivery, what happen?

    31. Missing avatar

      Antti Krats on

      Hello, no delivery of my Wallnut Egg to Finland either. Could you check this as you promised in your last post?

    32. Angelika Kuhles on

      Hi, I have not yet received my egg, it was supposed to be delivered in March according to an email I got? what is happening?

    33. Cameron Bowles on

      Still waiting for my Zen Eggs! Either all the orders haven't been shipped, or A LOT of orders were lost in the mail.
      Very disappointed.

    34. Missing avatar

      Colette B on

      No egg here in Australia. How much longer should I wait until you will decide it has been lost in the post??? When will you post another?

    35. Missing avatar

      Eric Yeh on

      Ordered couple additional zenegg from website,
      unfortunately No response from Gašper also the account seems down now.
      Any idea ?

    36. Addison Hollands on

      Would you suggest any oil for the upkeep and maintenance of the zen egg? I don't want it to dry out, and I don't want to ruin it. Any care instructions would be appreciated. Thank you.

    37. Liaw Kuan Kiat on

      I believed this is more than a month or even few months past by your delivery date. We hope to receive refund for this. It's August 2015 and getting to September soon.

    38. Gašper Premože 2-time creator on

      I know some of you are still waiting for your package to arrive. All of the packages have been dispatched as we noted in the previous update. Unfortunately standard shipping doesn't include tracking number however estimated time of delivery is about one month from Slovenia to some countries. We will try to resolve those cases individually so everybody will get their ZenEggs.

    39. Liaw Kuan Kiat on

      Any tracking code for us to track our eggs

    40. Liaw Kuan Kiat on

      until then i still not even receive my first egg, this is terrible.

    41. Missing avatar

      Matthew Buesing on

      Hi Gasper,

      When I first backed the project I chose a Pear egg, but when Plum became available I increased my pledge and changed my reward to that. I recently received a Pear egg, and while it is quite beautiful, I wanted to know what I can do to receive my Plum egg. Any help would be gratefully accepted. Thanks!

    42. Missing avatar

      Christian Beckers on

      Got mine today (Germany). Absolut fantastic and worth the wait! Thanks Gašper!

    43. Missing avatar

      Shawn Nixon on

      Got mine and they are crafted beautifully. Thanks.

    44. Cameron Bowles on

      Still waiting on my set of eggs! Any eta would be great :)

    45. Missing avatar

      richardbamboo on

      Hi Gasper,
      I came from Hong Kong, Can you please check status of my delivery...

    46. Derek K. on

      @S. Taylor - Thanks for the information. Mine still have not arrived, but I hope that they will soon. We do have some issues with late postal deliveries where I am. Staying optimistic.

    47. Frank Marx on

      My nest of 3 eggs arrived yesterday, and I'm so happy and satisfied with these marvel little things, thank you so much Gašper!

    48. Missing avatar

      S.Taylor on

      Derek - Mine arrived USPS and was well worth the wait. I liked them so much I ordered more with the 10% discount link in one of the updates.

    49. Missing avatar

      Erwin Dragan on

      Hey Gasper, still missing my pair of eggs. Can you please check status of my delivery!

    50. Missing avatar

      Adrian Comben on

      My nests of 6 eggs arrived yesterday in Canberra Australia. They are absolutely gorgeous and I love them. Thankyou for an excellent project.

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