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These are cards celebrating and promoting feminists I admire for a project designed to support feminist creators with a focus on women.
These are cards celebrating and promoting feminists I admire for a project designed to support feminist creators with a focus on women.
912 backers pledged $31,146 to help bring this project to life.

You May Have Noticed A Small Change


Well, we got written up in the Ralph Retort, so I know we must be doing something right.

But immediately I was filled with anger. I hate that feeling. It makes me so uncomfortable and unhappy. I struggled with the feeling, and how to best show them that I wasn't going to let them bully me.

The solution came to me immediately as I thought about how these people want us all to struggle in obscurity. It isn't something THEY want, so it must be something NOBODY can have.

Well, everyone is getting it anyway. And now 100% of the profits are going back to the models.

I want to expand the project to include more women artists and creators, and pay them as well.

No matter what you do, Gamergate, it won't matter. If you're angry about this project supporting people you don't like then this project will support them even more. I will pass along to them that if they want, they can make a donation to a worthy charity themselves, but here we go:

Every cent of this project will support people who you feel should go unsupported. The art in this project will support and promote their work. The voices in this project will be paid even more money. The voices will be expanded to include even more people that you want to silence.

All you have done is given me a fire. I could have devoted that fire to anger, but instead I will use it to add to the project, support more people, and spread more love, more kindness, and more goodness in the world.

Thank you to the people in this project for inspiring me.

And thank you to Gamergate for reminding me why it's so important to support them.

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    1. Steve Angel

      For what it's worth, I came to support this project via the Mary Sue...who brought it up in relation to the Gamergate nitwits.

      Even if nothing ever materializes from this Kickstarter, knowing that it spites those twits is money well spent. You have my unequivocal support.

    2. Jamie Jeans on

      And you can thank GG for my contribution as well! I saw the signal boost when they tried to, and I say this laughingly, 'recruit' and get Neil Gaiman on their side, and he absolutely schooled them.

      So happy to help this out and... upping my pledge!

    3. Teresa Jusino on

      HELL. YES. So proud of you for standing up for yourself. However, I agree with Brian below - make sure you're paying YOURSELF, too! :) You are also a female creator who deserves to be compensated for her amazing work.

    4. Missing avatar

      Megan D on

      You can thank GG for my pledge as well! They aren't entirely bad! . . . Well, OK, they are, but good always seems to find a way to spring from bad. :)

    5. Missing avatar

      KaraS on

      I totally uped my pledge from the other day before you hit the goal as my way to "stick it to them" hahahaha

      I would assume funds other than printing/postage etc.
      Cool decision!! Clearly you have supporters out there!

      Woot! Proud to be a part of it all!

    6. Michael Buchheim on

      I'm just proud to support this project and the voices behind it.

    7. A.K. Williams on

      I'm going to pull an Anne Wheaton and up my pledge again. Just 'cause.

      You're spot on--the angrier they get, the more we know that what you're doing is good and important. Thank you for existing! Excelsior!

    8. Missing avatar

      Brian Williams on

      Good for you! Just make sure you're paying yourself properly for the time you spend on this project. (I imagine you are, but that's always a concern I have when I hear "100% of the profits are going to x". I want the artists to be able to eat too.) :)

    9. angrynerdgirl on

      Hey, I found out about the project because of all the heat GG threw your way. Thank you for recognizing these amazing women, and for being one of them yourself!