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Update #31

95ers behind-the-scenes on RED GIANT TV

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Greetings Time Travelers!

Check out this fun 10-minute mini doc on 95ers... filmed in my basement post production lair!  And guess what... you're mentioned in it!


Update #30

Come see 95ers in BOSTON!


Greetings Time Travelers,

95ers is playing at the awesome BOSTON SCI-FI FILM FEST on February 14th, 9pm!  Did you know, that in addition to being a time travelin' thriller, 95ers is also a love story?  Perfect for V-day!

If you're not already, please get fanned up on Facebook!  More news coming...

As always, thanks again for your fabulous support and fandom!

-The Chronos Protectorate

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Update #29

95ers movie coming your way



Good things are slowly but surely happening on the distribution front!  (We were fortunate to get an honest and hardworking distributor right off the bat... but this phase of the game really is, well, a game. Lots of middlemen who care mostly about the next middleman, and in the end, the filmmaker and the audience often lose out.  I'll do a big blog post about this sometime soon, but my next project will avoid this entirely...)

$50 and up donors WILL BE RECEIVING AN HD DOWNLOAD OF THE MOVIE THIS WEEK!!!  And have no fear, when the DVD is released, you will also be getting that, per the promised rewards.  We are negotiating some distribution offers and opportunities, and one way or another a DVD will be available first part of next year, and inexpensive VOD will also be available for everyone.  But I didn't want to make you want any more!

We are doing a big push to get on Netflix right now... and if you have a spare 26 seconds... you can help!

Literally, all you do is CALL THEM.  1-866-579-7115.  Just say: "I heard about a movie called 95ers: ECHOES, and I want you to carry it."  That's it.  The customer service person will give that request to their buyer, and my distributor will be talking with their buyers.  Netflix is one place where audience members and customers do seem to matter. :)

Other things you can do... that really do make a difference these days... and only take 2.9 seconds each...

LIKE the trailer on YouTube!

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RATE US (generously :) on IMDB!

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Update #28

More news on 95ers release and DVD reward...


Greetings Time Travelers,

I just got word (literally an hour ago) that the official DVD and VOD release in Japan is November 2nd...  SO for kickstarter donors of $50 and up, I'm going to see if I can get a batch of those discs--which are actually IN ENGLISH.  (I'm kind of bummed, actually... I wanted to hear my time travelers talking in Japanese!)  AND, 95ers is going to two major film markets (AFM and MIPCOM) this month.  We're hoping and praying for a US and European deal soon.  If nothing shakes loose forthwith, the KICKSTARTER SPECIAL EDITION DVD will be coming your way.

For donors under the $50, I'm hoping to find a cheap VOD (video on demand, or online viewing) or DVD solution soon.

Thanks again for your support and patience.  We'll get this out to you absolutely as soon as possible.


Update #27 - For backers only



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    The opportunity to make an awesome new sci-fi phenomenon a reality, and the deepest gratitude of all time travelers everywhere and everywhen. You also get lifetime membership in the Chronos Protectorate, which keeps the universe safe from timespace paradoxes (and provides you full behind-the-scenes access to videos and special posts at

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    ALL PRECEDING REWARDS PLUS: Exclusive MP3 download of 95ers:Echoes soundtrack album by composer James Durham when released AND limited edition, signed and personalized postcard from the Chronos Protectorate.

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    ALL PRECEDING REWARDS PLUS: Signed and personalized 95ers:Echoes complete movie screenplay AND a phone-in mini-interview with you posted at as part of our behind-the-scenes video blog AND two tickets to the theatrical cast and crew premiere. (Travel not included :)

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    ALL PRECEDING REWARDS PLUS: Producer credit in the movie! You will be credited as an Associate Producer on IMDB and in the movie credits roll AND you will receive the limited edition, signed and personalized "Producer's Notebook"--an exclusive full-color photo journal that takes you way behind-the-scenes and deep into the 95ers sci-fi universe.

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    ALL PRECEDING REWARDS PLUS: A one-of-a-kind production prop, set element, or wardrobe item used in actual filming of the movie, and created by Hollywood SFX pro Clark Schaffer (Batman Returns, Iron Man 2, etc.). A high-tech gadget, a futuristic uniform, a piece of a set? ...Either way, a piece of history.

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    ALL PRECEDING REWARDS PLUS: The Kennings Time Displacement Engine. This is the visual centerpiece of 95ers:Echoes. The galactically cool sci-fi fan or patron of the arts who donates $5000 will be the proud owner of the actual time machine miniature used in filming, and created by Hollywood SFX pro Clark Schaffer. (This is the same guy who built Gotham Cathedral.) You can see parts of it under construction in the "galleries" section of This ain't your grandaddy's time machine.

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