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Precise 2D action! Play solo or team up with other players! Craft and customize your weapons to your liking! Art by Paul Robertson!
Precise 2D action! Play solo or team up with other players! Craft and customize your weapons to your liking! Art by Paul Robertson!
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Mercenary Kings split screen progress

So close to our goal!

We won't ramble on this time. The video can speak for itself. We're always wary to show new footage but this was too awesome to keep to ourselves. We've been working on getting split screen co-op in Mercenary Kings! 

A couple of friends came to the office the other day to play with us and it was tons of fun!



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    1. Vince Vazquez

      split-screen? The old skool goodness just keeps on coming! Although I know it's early, and getting the feature in in any form is fantastic news, I'm just throwing this out there - you need some palette swaps on your Mercenary Kings. Ideally, different characters or customizable dudes. But I'll totally take palette swaps and not complain;) I hope the final implementation of split-screen has different colored dudes though.

    2. cupcat on

      This will be some good shit.

    3. Brandon Clark on

      cant wait for this, this looks like ur best game yet

    4. not-so-saint on

      was respawn room inspired by GBA Mega Man Zero series by any chance? =3

    5. Joel Forth on

      Cool, really looking forward to this!

    6. Tribute Games Creator on

      @Joel: You can, we might not have shot up in the video but I can confirm you can aim up and shoot.

    7. Joel Forth on

      In the video it looks like you can shoot down but not up.

    8. Tribute Games Creator on

      @Tom: The only way to get a hoodie is through the Kickstarter. Which makes them that much more awesome.
      @Adam: We haven't decided on how we plan on doing this. But yes we'll have a system to keep missions challenging when playing with friends.

    9. Adam Batchelor on

      Will there be a difficulty multiplier for the number of players playing at one time? 4 players playing at once would surely make boss fights way too easy.

    10. Tom Hill on

      Damn, I'm looking forward to this. Any idea how much one of those hoodies would cost on its own? Not that $500 is out of my price range...

    11. Tribute Games Creator on

      @Hyakutaro: yes it's possible to shoot upwards!

    12. Tribute Games Creator on

      @Kyle: Yes we plan on allowing players to change their color. This is very early split screen gameplay. We didn't take the time to implement this feature yet.
      @Alex: The main character currently has 54 animations. It would be too costly to animate a bunch of them.
      @Fletcher: We thought about something like that, but as you mentioned, it's not as simple in a four player game. Especially since our levels are not linear.
      @saikobee: There are side missions. So we want to allow the players to spread out and do missions as freely as they can.

    13. Missing avatar

      Hyakutaro on

      I also think that dynamic split-screen would be better.

      Anyway, the gameplay looks lovely.

      PS: The player can't shoot upward ???

    14. Matt on

      Looks cool, but I agree, need some different character models. Also here's hoping the funds come for online co-op I think the game will take off if that happens.

    15. Brian Mock on

      Have you considered having everyone on the same screen, Metal Slug-style? Unless it's truly critical that everyone can be in completely different areas at once, I think this would be nicer.

    16. DrDrew on

      Awesome! This would be great on Ouya!

    17. Fletcher on

      Personally I'd love to see dynamic split-screen similar to the HP Lego series, where in if two characters share an area, they are on the same screen, and if they move in different directions the screen splits to let the players see where they are going. Of course HP Lego series as two player only. It would be a non-trivial problem to figure out something like that for 4 players I imagine.

      That being said my only critique on this is that the screens need a defined edge. Perhaps a border with a player's particular color?

    18. Alex Valero "Danda" on

      It's confusing to have the same player model on screen four times.

      Why don't you change the $1500 reward to "BE A PLAYER CHARACTER" instead of just a hostage?

    19. Kyle Ferrin on

      I'm sure you're working on it, but it would sure be awesome if the different players had different colored headbands or something. Looking awesome though!