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Update #32

Mercenary Kings is OUT TODAY!


We've made it! Mercenary Kings in it's complete incarnation is out on Steam TODAY! The game is completed on PC, we have pulled the MAC version for the moment since a game-breaking bug has surfaced. We're very sorry about this but we're working on getting it fixed as soon as possible. If you've already bought the game, you'll have access to the MAC version as soon as we make it available on the Steam store again.

It's an absolute thrill for us and we'd like to thank everyone here on Kickstarter for having it made literally possible for us to get to this point. Your support not only got Mercenary Kings off the ground, but propped up Tribute Games as a studio as well!

Now that the game is launched on Steam we turn our efforts to what's next : the PS4 launch as well as our trip to PAX East in April.

Thanks again and go out and kick some CLAW!

Update #31



FINALLY! We at Tribute Games are extremely proud to announce that the full version of Mercenary Kings will be available to you within a few weeks!

Awesome! When and where do I get it???
Mercenary Kings will be available for Playstation 4 on the Playstation Store starting APRIL 1ST!

Retaining it’s Early Access price of $14.99 for a whole week from launch, Mercenary Kings will be deployed on Steam for PC AND MAC on MARCH 25TH!

I already got the Early Access version—do I have to buy this again?
Absolutely not! Your version will upgrade automatically to the completed version!

What’s different from the Early Access version?
The completed version of Mercenary Kings gives you to over a hundred missions, new weapons, brand new areas and bosses, the WHOLE Mercenary Kings package!

Will it be available for Vita/Wii/Other platforms?
It’s always a possibility but for the moment, we’re concentrating on launching Mercenary Kings on Playstation 4, PC and Mac. We’ll let you know if we get onto a new platform.

So it’s finally coming out? Yes ! We thank you for your patience with us but we advise you to get ready because in a matter of weeks, it’ll be time to CUT DOWN CLAW!

Update #30

Further Kickstarter Rewards Update!

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They are COMING!

Clothe your upper body!
Clothe your upper body!

Yes! The t-shirts and hoodies finally have made their way to Tribute HQ. We're happy to report the t-shirt's metallic ink printing looks GREAT! And the sweater is soft and comfy, it'll become your best friend against the mild elements! 

Also in-progress is our digital artbook:


DOZENS of concept art sketches are being scanned, levels exported/screen-captured to deliver a comprehensive look at all the behind the scenes artwork that's been done to create Mercenary Kings! Level art, sprite sheets and MORE, all in one handsome e-book!

Lots and lots of sketches.
Lots and lots of sketches.

The digital rewards will be made available through humblebundle, you will be sent a link from which you can download all of the wallpapers and the digital soundtrack when they're ready!

For the physical rewards, we'll be sending them out once they're all completed, towards the end of april. We'll be emailing everyone to make sure to have their updated addresses.

 Again, we thank you for your patience and your support of Mercenary Kings!

Update #29

Kickstarter Physical Rewards Updates!


Hey, what's up with the Kickstarter rewards?
Long-thought to be lost in the mists of time, kickstarter rewards for Mercenary Kings are coming! Production on the game is done and once the game has been released we can finally jump right into generating and sending out the promised rewards!

Oh cool! When is it coming out?
The game has been content-completed for a while but we're tweaking it and making sure it's completed version is in a robust shape, both on Playstation and PC! We're hoping to announce the release date soon.

What are the rewards you haven't sent yet?
-The game's digital soundtrack
-A digital artbook
-A physical copy of the game, in a box!
-Hoodies, with awesome Brian Lee O'Malley art on it!
-Art prints!
-Digital wallpapers

What kind of stuff will we see in the art book?
All sorts of concept art, like this:

Conceptart for Jungle level
Conceptart for Jungle level

What's next?
Next, we start thinking about what is our next game. We'll also figure out which platform next we're sending Mercenary Kings to!

Is that all?
We'll be updating you on our rewards-generating progress right here! Once again we'd like to thank you all for supporting Tribute, making Mercenary Kings a reality and your patience for the rewards!

Update #28

A Mercenary Kings comic strip and a BRAND NEW !!! blogpost!


A whole lotta new stuff is going on today at the Tribute offices! As the development of Mercenary Kings marches towards its end, we're ramping up the efforts to get the game in front of people and we're getting a lot of help from the great folks at iam8bit !

Mercenary Kings: The Comic!

Follow the adventures of King and Empress as they fight the fearsome forces of Commander Baron and CLAW!! Available ONLY at the BRAND-NEW! Written by Mercenary Kings game writer Yannick Belzil and drawn by Anais Maamar, the biweekly comic takes you into the world and backstory behind the colorful characters and frantic action found in the game! Visit each tuesday and friday for a new installment of CLAW smashing action!

Brand new site!

Now adorned by Corey Lewis's (SharkKnife!) AWESOME ART, our website is ready for the game's upcoming full release. Go there to read our new comic! Buy the steam version of the game if you have not already! Discover untold information about the game's band of mercenaries in the Character Profiles section!

We're also featured on the official playstation blog today!

An exciting time! Please share with all!

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    DESIGN YOUR OWN WEAPON! Work with us and design a set of 5 gun parts to be used in-game. You will be listed in the credits under “GUNSMITHS”! + All previous rewards.

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