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This project was successfully funded on December 6, 2012.

Sprinkling Happiness all over the world, one city at a time.

About this project

The Happiness Sprinkling Project is crazy simple. And crazy powerful.

A group of people get together, wearing bright yellow shirts. They gather at a busy spot in the town where they live. They hold up Signs. Happiness Signs. Signs that say stuff like It's Going to be All Right and Breathe and You are Loved ... 

They do this for an hour and as they do so, magic happens. People being Sprinkled on their way home from work are a little shocked ... a little puzzled ... and a lot moved. They smile, they wave, they honk or they do nothing but the messages stay in their minds and hearts, most likely answering exactly what they had been thinking about, worrying about.

The people doing the Sprinkling? Well, they're high. They're high on the joy of broadcasting such simple, universal, life bettering messages. And feeling them inside themselves, too.

Sprinkling events ... to date:

  • May 22 - Anacortes, WA - (the one that started it all)
  • Sept 21 - Seattle Fremont (in conjunction with National Parking Day)
  • Oct 7 - Anacortes, WA
  • Oct 25 - Washington DC
  • Nov 16th - Chicago
  • Dec 6 & 8 - Roseville, CA
  • Dec 13 - Kaiser, OR
  • Dec 15 - Salem, OR
  • Jan 19 2013 - Victoria, BC -
  • Feb 14 2013 - Kamloops, BC
  • TBA - Portland, OR 
  • TBA - Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Often times, people walking by join in and even though they're not wearing bright yellow shirts, we let them. And when that happens... whew! Magic happens. Listen to "Jimmy," who was just walking by, tell you about it.

An hour later, every one goes home. Altered. The Signs and they get shipped to their next assignment.

A delightful Happiness Sprinkler speaks - and blogs.

We have already held Happiness Sprinklings in Washington State AND in Washington, DC (before election week!). You can see many photos on our Facebook page.

See? Like we said, it is crazy simple. And huge.

And now, it wants to grow.

People who have  hosted Happiness Sprinklings want to hold regular Sprinklings in their home towns. Some want to have sets to permanently display outside of their home. As will more and more people. This past week, we were told that a little town in Oregon "was sad" and needed some Happiness before Thanksgiving. Having several sets of Signs will allow us to be more places at the same time and to light up more people's lives.

With your help we will:

- Create more sets of Signs so that more Happiness Ambassadors may lead their teams to light up more people in more cities

- Create Signs in different languages. One of our goals is to host Sprinklings on the Gaza strip.

- Create the strong packaging necessary to ship the sets from city to city

- Continue to print cards to hand out during our Sprinklings. These cards are miniature versions of our Signs to remind people of the messages we share.

- Bring people a burst of light so that they may tap into their own hope, strength and joy.

Risks and challenges

We have been testing this project over the past six months, in several cities across the United States and with great success. The process is simple, it asks just enough of our "Ambassadors" that they feel a sense of belonging and leadership without adversely impacting their schedule. The results are right in front of us: it wants to keep growing, to keep Sprinkling Happiness.

Being Happiness Specialists, we know this has all the elements of a successful project.

This being said, there are always risks:

- People could lose interest and we could be stuck with a whole bunch of Signs with no where to go

- The expenses of shipping could become too heavy

To avoid these risks, we will continue to build momentum through our Facebook page and ongoing communication with our Ambassadors. Friends tell friends about "this awesome thing they did" and next thing you know, the friends want to host their own Sprinkling.

We will also continue to hand out cards, during the Happiness Sprinklings. These cards look like miniature versions of the Signs as well as our contact information so that people may connect with us and continue the ball rolling.

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    Your very own set of tiny, toonsy, miniature Happiness Sprinkling Signs. Leave one with a tip, at the gas pump or on someone's windshield.
    Also, a warm invitation to join us and create your own Happiness Sprinkling event in your community.

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    A signed copy of Laura Lavigne (Happiness Sprinkling Project creator)'s book "Pink Hair & Chocolate Cookies."

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    An 8X10 signed giclée print of Laura Lavigne's watercolor "YES"
    (see it here PLUS your very own set of tiny Happiness Sprinkling Signs
    PLUS a signed copy of Laura's book "Pink Hair & Chocolate Cookies"

    And of course, a warm invitation to join us and create your own Happiness Sprinkling event in your community.

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