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Introduce vibrant creative art into otherwise dull urban spaces by painting 100 dumpsters by the end of summer.

  Dumpsters, painted dull colors, are the epitome of urban ugliness.  The Urban Beautification Project aims to bring vibrant art to the streets by painting 100 dumpsters with creative designs and lively vibes in order to show the artistic potential these urban spaces hold.

  Last November I obtained permission from the city of St. Louis, with the help of Alderwoman Kacie Starr Triplett, to paint 2 dumpsters out back of my house. You can check out the final result at our Facebook page.  

 This current project is an extension of my pilot program, which will be used to introduce a variety of creative designs to larger portions of the St. Louis city area.  This time I have organized a group of volunteer artists each of whom will paint a few dumpsters.

  I have gotten support from both city officials and local organizations. I have been in conversation with Dick Blick and The Regional Arts Commission (RAC) in efforts to further the project.

  With the money we raise we will buy high quality Montana Gold spray paint and America’s Finest Exterior paint, specially mixed for extreme vibrancy, to paint the dumpsters.  We also will buy supplies necessary for making large-scale stencils,

Join us on Facebook and check out some of the proposed designs.


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