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This will be a full length studio album featuring my newest original songs. It will be beautifully produced by Richard Shindell.

You're reading this. And i thank you for it!  So this is a fundraiser to help me make my next studio album "New Siberia". I haven't made a studio record in three years and, while I've been saving up for this impending record for a long while, i've only been able to lay aside a fraction of what a studio record costs. I make my living as a touring musician so my overhead is high and i don't receive support from any record label which is good - as it allows artistic freedom - but very bad when it comes to funding a major project like this. So i am turning to my fans for fundraising help. Anything you can contribute is wonderful and will go a long way in helping me see another record to life. I hate to have to ask at all but i do. So i've designed special rewards as a token of my appreciation. Please have a look and many thanks in advance!

The project: Provided the fundraising is successful, i plan to go into the studio in august. I'm happy and excited about my new songs and can't wait to give them a musical home. Richard Shindell has signed on again to produce this record! He also produced my last one and his production sensibility is breathtakingly beautiful, not to mention that he will lend his voice and amazing guitar work to the songs. Beyond that, Richard and myself have a stable of incredible connections with studio musicians at the top of the scene such as Duke Levine, Lincoln Schleiffer, Victor Krauss, Ben Wittman, Mark Erelli and many others. Singer-songwriters John Gorka, Ellis Paul and Lucy Kaplansky are likely to make an appearance again too.

Thank you so much for considering supporting this!

Sincerely, Antje Duvekot  


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    gets you ALL OF THE ABOVE plus a HANDWRITTEN and framed, one-of-a-kind lyrics sheet of an Antje Duvekot song of your choice!

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    gets you ALL OF THE ABOVE and ALSO.... I will come to your house and perform a solo acoustic HOUSE CONCERT! (anywhere in the continental U.S.). You can invite whoever you want, help with the set list and even sing along if you want! it's your house...

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    gets you ALL OF THE ABOVE and what used to be my main guitar. i've played many a show and written many a song on this guitar. furthermore it is hand-painted (dragon designs) by none other than yours-truly. it's a top-of-the line michael kelly acoustic stage guitar (model MKLGD CENA) with state-of-the art electronics (prefix premium blend by fishman). for a picture of the hand-painted guitar visit: There is only one of this prize available!

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