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One Copy of the 12 " Vinyl + Digital tracks + One Digital Bonus track.
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I love music, especially techno. 

Running a small record label is expensive and doing it properly is time consuming.  

I am old with 2 kids. 


I LOVE PUTTING OUT UP AND COMING ARTISTS MUSIC - but I have to feed my 2 children and cannot risk losing stacks of cash on unsold records.


If i can get enough pre orders on here I can press the record. If we go over and get near to 300 pre orders I will print full colour sleeves. 


I am happy, my new artists are even happier, and my children can eat because I haven't spent a grand on a load of records that may or may not sell. If we don't make the 120 pre orders then we will cry, and release the music as digital only, whilst we cry, but then we will listen to the tracks and dance, feeling better but probably crying still, just a little bit.

Press release - 11/09/18

User Experience - UX 008

Corroid - Durch das Gitter deine Luft

User Experience welcomes young German and living meme, Nils Viktor Voss, or Corroid as the world will know him from now on. Corroid sent me a track a while back for mastering.. an absolute face melter. I asked him via the medium of dance if he had any more tracks. Now I cannot get rid of him, he sends stuff all the time, if it’s not music it’s memes. The only way I am able to deactivate the meme machine is to try and divert his attention elsewhere. So, find him on facebook, meme him until he is unable to function. Thank you.

Joining Corroid on this record are two fucking amazing artists who I admire a great deal; Myler and Jasmine Azarian who both execute their remixes with precise brutality.

This is an unusual record as the manufacturing won’t start until the kickstarter has reached 120 pre orders. If the world is truly evil and we don’t get enough pre orders the EP will come out as digital only.

As for the track names I considered translating for the ignorant English (myself included) then I heard Corroid’s flatmate say.. ‘YOU CANNOT TRANSLATE THEM, THIS IS TRUE ART’. Well thats bollocks but tbh I don’t have time for translations.

a1 - Durch das Gitter deine Luft 

a2 - Wenn eine Maschine 

b1 - Wenn eine Maschine (Jasmine Azarian Remix) 

b2 - Nach ihr der Bunker (Myler Remix) 

digital bonus - Eve im Datenrausch

Distribution - Triple Vision / Mastering - Joe Farr / Art - Lee Ellis 

Release Date (estimated) - 20/11/2018


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