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$51,605 pledged of $2,000,000 goal
By Melissa Joan Hart
$51,605 pledged of $2,000,000 goal

Looking Foward

First we want to thank all of our backers they have been so supportive.

Second we want to let you know that we have been taking in all the advice you have given and have formed a new strategy to help us meet our goal.

So stay tuned we will be:  

  • Putting up our new video
  • Presenting the shirt and poster designs
  • Adding and restructuring of our awards and levels
  • Maybe announcing an new cast member
  • We might even try a publicity stunt. So watch for us on the news ( Who knows what Darci might do???) 

Lastly we can't do this without you. Your support is what will truly make this happen. 

We plan to have this all done by the May 13th so be ready to spread the word. 

If you have ideas email and comment we read each and every one. 

Thanks, Mel 


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    1. Missing avatar

      Jessica Barnes on May 6, 2013

      Definitely more publicity is the answer. I only found out about this after reading a short interview with Melissa on Buzzfeed. Celebrity gossip blogs and TV/Movie entertainment blogs have the kind of readers who would be into supporting this project. Maybe Perez Hilton would be willing to do a post about it? I imagine he is a big Sabrina/Clarissa fan! There are lots of other smaller blogs that still have plenty of readers that I'm sure would be happy to ask Melissa a few questions and feature it on their site. The more sites that it is featured on the more people will have the chance to back the project. Good Luck guys!!!

    2. Patricia Pyron on May 5, 2013

      Hi Melissa! I have been a huge fan of yours since Clarissa Explains It All! So huge, in fact, that I wanted to legally change my name to Clarissa when I was 12! As you can see, that didn't happen ;)

      Anyway, I am very excited about this movie! It sounds funny, witty, clever, sexy and just downright fun and I know you have the talent, silliness, self-deprecation and verve needed to pull this role off and I am hoping it gets made!

      The improvements you plan on doing sound great! I think we all need to think of ways to get Darci's Walk of Shame more publicity!

      I have been brainstorming trying to come up with suggestions and ways to help.

      I think you should post the link to the Darci's Walk of Shame Youtube to your Kickstarter. I also think you should connect your Kickstarter to Darci's Facebook account.

      I haven't been on Twitter much but have you tried getting Darci's Walk of Shame to trend? With over 300k followers, if you asked people to help you trend it on a certain day and time maybe we could all get it to trend and get more exposure for your Kickstarter.

      You might also want to consider making a Darci's Walk of Shame Tumblr so you can reach out to your fans there and hopefully get them to back this project!

      I noticed that your Kickstarter hadn't yet been posted on ONTD (OhNoTheyDidnt), a very popular celeb gossip community on livejournal with over 50,000 members. I posted about your kickstarter with the Hollywood.com article and included a link here. Ontd is moderated, so I have to wait to see if they accept it.

      I was also trying to think of how you could come up with a video for Darci's Walk of Shame that could go viral, cause that's something I think we need to really make this kickstarter take off.

      I had two ideas. One, maybe Melissa could do sort of a "Ninja Warrior" type obstacle course in a ridiculous pink dress, tying back into the plot of how Darci has to overcome obstacles to avoid the walk of shame? Or maybe just have Melissa in a silly, over the top video with a "booty call" hook up type song like Adina Howard's "Freak Like Me" (or something similar) tying into Darci's hook up?

      Just some ideas. I really think we, as fans, need to come together and help Melissa brainstorm ways of giving her Kickstarter some more visibility so she can reach her goal and make this movie!

    3. Missing avatar

      Steven Lee on May 5, 2013

      Thanks for the update. You're doing all the right things! Hopefully this will lead to a huge increase in backers. You guys deserve it with how hard you're working on the project.

    4. Henrik K. Pedersen on May 5, 2013

      It's supposed to say 'can't do this without you' right? So glad I back this project :D