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$51,605 pledged of $2,000,000 goal
By Melissa Joan Hart
$51,605 pledged of $2,000,000 goal

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Thank You For All Your Support


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Looking Foward

First we want to thank all of our backers they have been so supportive.

Second we want to let you know that we have been taking in all the advice you have given and have formed a new strategy to help us meet our goal.

So stay tuned we will be:  

  • Putting up our new video
  • Presenting the shirt and poster designs
  • Adding and restructuring of our awards and levels
  • Maybe announcing an new cast member
  • We might even try a publicity stunt. So watch for us on the news ( Who knows what Darci might do???) 

Lastly we can't do this without you. Your support is what will truly make this happen. 

We plan to have this all done by the May 13th so be ready to spread the word. 

If you have ideas email and comment we read each and every one. 

Thanks, Mel 

Happy Monday, Friends of Darci!

We hope you're ready for a great new week! We're about to reveal new awards and more cool stuff, starting right now!

Our newest awards are three advance screenings of "Darci's Walk of Shame" to be held on Long Island and in Toronto and London. Each screening will be held before the film is released to the public, and followed by a live, in-person, Q&A session with Melissa Joan Hart and director Tibor Takacs!

That's just the beginning. Keep checking back, as we have big plans in store for you, our dedicated backers!

Please remember to tell your friends so they can become our friends too! See you soon!

Darci’s Walk of Shame synopsis

Darci Baker is a thirty-something schoolteacher who’s really looking forward to traveling with her boyfriend to attend her sister’s wedding in Thailand. Except for the fact that she’s just been informed that budget cuts are likely to make her an ex-schoolteacher. And on her way to the airport, she happens to catch her boyfriend in bed with their travel agent, which instantly makes him her ex-boyfriend. 

So now Darci Baker is a thirty-something ex-schoolteacher, with an ex-boyfriend, who’s not really looking forward to traveling alone to attend her sister’s wedding in Thailand.

Once she gets there, Darci finds her instincts were right on the money. She receives the obligatory sympathies from her parents and siblings, and the usual lectures about not settling for the wrong guy. Not that Darci’s mom and sisters haven’t made their own mistakes. In fact, as they enjoy a pre-wedding massage, the subject of the girl talk has each of them recounting their most embarrassing walk of shame—that lonely walk taken by a woman “the morning after” an impromptu hook-up. While the others readily share their escapades, Darci proudly informs them she has never walked that particular walk, and has never indulged in a one-night stand. 

The wedding reception proves to be everything that Darci anticipated. Her bridesmaids’ dress couldn’t be any pinker or pouf-fier. When it comes time to catch the bridal bouquet, Darci doesn’t have any competition. Literally. They just hand it to her. Although, things could be worse. Those big fruity exotic drinks are pretty good, and go down smooth. And there is that waiter, who just gets cuter and cuter every time he hands Darci another drink. 

 And then, things were worse. 

Early the next morning, Darci wakes up in a strange hotel room, her dress hanging by the window, the bright tropical sun casting a hellish pink glare that cuts deep into her hung-over brain. 

Not only will Darci be taking her first walk of shame, but her entire family will have front row seating for the premiere event. 


 Checking her watch, Darci realizes it’s early enough for her to get back to the hotel, sneak into the room, shower and change, make it to the wedding brunch, and no one will be any the wiser. 

 And so begins the walk. 

Darci soon realizes it’s not going to be quite as easy as she hoped. To make it back in time, she faces an obstacle course of hurdles that would make a hardcore Marine fall to his knees and sob like a baby. But like the Marines, Darci has her reputation to uphold, and nothing is going to stop her from trying to erase what she considers to be the biggest mistake of her life.

If Darci has anything to do with it, this walk won’t be one of shame, but it is going to be a walk to remember…

Our 1st Backer only update.


For backers only. If you're a backer of this project, please log in to read this post.