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Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on May 13 2013
Melissa Joan HartBy Melissa Joan Hart
First created
Melissa Joan HartBy Melissa Joan Hart
First created
pledged of $2,000,000pledged of $2,000,000 goal
0seconds to go
Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on May 13 2013

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    1. tarasis on

      @James normally you also receive the rewards from lower tiers but yes the wording suggests only DVD & script, rather than script, t-shirt, digital download and DVD which it should be.

    2. Missing avatar

      Lena on

      Yay Dan!
      Lena xo

    3. Marcello Franciamore on

      I'm a big fan of Melissa Joan Heart! Very happy to back this project! I hope it gets the funding it needs so it can be made! Good luck!!!! :-)

    4. Missing avatar

      Thomas on

      I'm in, women don't get the sort of roles that they really ought to. I'm glad they had the sense to at least mention Clarissa, just because there's probably a fair number of folks that remember that show fondly. Not that Sabrina was a bad show.

    5. James Walsh on

      ok so I have a question because its not very clear on the rewards list. If I pledge $50 do I only get a hard copy of the DVD and not the digital version or do you get both?

    6. Friederike M. on

      I just found out about this project and love the idea of the film!

    7. tarasis on

      @James Certainly DVD/Blu-Ray is about protecting income from other markets & controlling when the release is (why might we go see X in Germany at the cinema, 4 months after the DVD release in the US, if we can simply buy it.

      With digital stuff part of it comes down to the fear it will be distributed all over the net (it will likely happen regardless, by simply ripping the disc), the bandwidth costs of downloading (if handling it themselves), the markets that their partner is in (if they are having someone else distribute it, other than iTunes most aren't in many markets) and then you have the question of what format to use (iTunes on Win & Mac uses m4v, independent releases often use MKV or mp4 as they are universally playable; likewise pirate sites use them)

    8. James Walsh on

      Night all see you in the morning when this thing hits $15k

    9. James Walsh on

      I am also a bit curious why a digital download can't be made to send anywhere. I'm im NY so it's no big for me but I think you'll do better with an extended reach.

    10. tarasis on

      I'm curious to learn more about this project (I'm hat tipping for a $1 ATM) and to ask that you try and work magic to include digital downloads for outside of the US of A. (VM managed it) Be it that you self host the videos yourself. Also you could make the DVDs region free (0) and then it could be shipped anywhere.

      Basically buck the normalcy of Hollywood: using digital rights management (many game KS are shipping DRM free) and region locking DVD/Blu-Ray. (Likewise other projects are doing this)

      Your known globally (where hasn't Sabrina been shown?) and will have people from all over willing to back this and want to see the finished movie.

    11. James Walsh on

      Hey all, I been a MJH fan for years (since her Clarrisa day's) and also as a fellow Veronica Mars fan I was happy to donate what I could to show support for this cause and a Thanks to MJH for mentioning mine which is now in our final hours and we are so hoping to break the all time Kickstarter record for most backers to a project. We are just a little less then 5,000 backers short of that record and have less then 22 hours to do it. I'm helping you guys since you helped us although we still need more help its nice to know word has spread even to Hollywood. Keep the good word and work spreading.

    12. Missing avatar

      Beth G on

      Happy to back this project! Best of luck!

    13. Marshal Knight on

      Hope this gets enough media attention, as that is what greatly helped out the Veronica Mars movie. The moment the news hit Ew.com, the money flowed in, and I think the same would happen for this film! Anyways, I donated, can't wait for this to get funded and for the film to be made, and maybe this will open up new doors (like a Sabrina movie! Though it is the complete opposite of this film...)

    14. Missing avatar

      Kerrie Garvey on

      Best of luck with this project!

    15. Missing avatar

      Jenna Cagney on

      I love MJH! Happy to help out :)
      -and she mentioned the Veronica Mars project! that was awesome. Also a backer of that project (- it's almost over, every dollar helps!)

    16. Linn Takacs on

      Melissa Joan Hart is adorable, and I happen to have the same last name as the director - how could I not back this? Best of luck to you on this project!