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What happens when you lock Shakespeare in a room with 20 angsty teens? A tragedy...OR a fresh & poignant production of a familiar play!

What happens when you lock Shakespeare in a room with 20 angsty teens? A tragedy...OR a fresh & poignant production of a familiar play! Read More
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About this project

Sometimes, the love of it is enough.  At least, that’s how those of us at Sonny Productions feel.  It’s not that we’re being paid large sums (or really any sums, for that matter) of money, or being forced into this by our parents or teachers; for once, the teens have a say in what they’re doing. 


After last summer, when we launched Sonny Productions’ first-ever show to an unprecedentedly supportive community, we have all reconvened and decided that it’s once again time to put on a play.  We have been reading scripts for months so that we could pick the perfect one, a comedy called The Devil is an Ass by Ben Jonson, one of Shakespeare’s contemporaries.  The play follows Pug, the devil’s silly servant, who goes to Earth to spread mischief—but ends up in a series of hilarious situations instead!  We feel this play is important because it reminds the audience that even in situations that seem sure to be dark or hopeless, there is always levity and humor to be found.  We aim to bring a freshness and a vibrancy to our production of a play that has been done for centuries.  But we need your help.


We feel that this play is timelier now than ever.  Times are hard, and everyone needs a laugh, but more than that, this is a reminder from the past that certain human experiences are and always have been universal.  The fact that we can laugh at the same line written centuries ago is in itself a magical experience.

Last summer, through a combination of determination and small miracles, we managed to raise the money we needed to put on the kind of quality show we could be proud of.  We pooled every resource we had, from stores in the community who bought ads in our program, to teaching improvisational workshops to children, to putting on a few benefit shows to make a profit that could go towards our larger production goal.  This summer, however, we simply do not have the time to devote to scrounging for money the way we could last summer. Due to the heightened nature of the language and the broad physical necessities of the humor, we need all the time we can possibly have to devote to rehearsals.  This play provides a challenge to the artists involved, and will hopefully also provide a theatrical experience that the community needs— but we need the help of people like you for it to truly come to fruition.

EVEN A DOLLAR CAN HELP!!! Every little bit counts, and we are not exaggerating when we say that we will be completely grateful for even the smallest amount of money you can pledge.  Your money will go towards props, lights, costumes, theater rental, and other costs our production incurs!


So, where did Sonny Productions come from, anyway?  Well, after reading the play Dog Sees God and deciding it was a timely and important work, a group of about 20 teenagers banded together last summer to raise the money, find the theater, obtain the rights, rehearse, and finally put up the play. 

The shock came a few weeks after the play was over, when Sonny, the director, received about 20 text messages asking him what the next play would be, and when everyone should get to work.  “I figured it would be a one-time thing,” was his first, bewildered reaction, “I didn’t think everyone would be willing to do it again.”  But he had not realized that everyone else was as passionate about the project, and as proud of the outcome, as he himself had been.  So when the others began sorting out the details for the next play, as though this had been the plan all along, it was only solidifying what had already been formed: A dedicated and capable theatre troupe had been created. 


Through last summer, we all gained experience and skills that we had not had before, and were able to touch the community in ways that their general fare of theatrical experiences had not managed to do in far too long.  This summer, we plan to do it again, and have already begun finding the theatre, planning our budget, making a schedule (complete with our tentative set of show dates in August), and contacting those who are so eager to once again participate in this incredible experience.  It is almost impossible to put into words the true gifts that we both as a group of individuals and as members of a community have received from being in this group that is able to give affordable and quality theater to the public. 

So, what do you think?  Will the love of the theater be enough?


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    Our eternal gratitude!

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    15 backers

    Get listed in our program as a thank-you for your contribution!

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    Pledge $25 or more
    About $25 USD

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    All of the above + a hand-written thank you note with production stills, created by some of the more artistically inclined members of our troupe.

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    All of the above + a poster from the production (designed by some renowned graphic designer)

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    All of the above + two free tickets to the show on the night of your choice and complimentary goods from our concessions stand.

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    All of the above + a gift basket assembled by the cast and crew.

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    All of the above + one FULL page of recognition as an executive producer in the program to express our undying gratitude.

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    Pledge $1,000 or more
    About $1,000 USD

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    All of the above + one free, all-inclusive imaginary dinner with SHAKESPEARE himself!!! Also a personalized thank you video filmed and edited by the cast and crew!

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