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Clash of the Battle Goats is a tactical card game of unstoppable monster goats. A stand-alone game that is compatible with "Gruff!"
Clash of the Battle Goats is a tactical card game of unstoppable monster goats. A stand-alone game that is compatible with "Gruff!"
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Decks of the Week: Turtle Killers

Posted by Studio Woe (Creator)

Have you ever played against a deck that had an answer to everything that you threw at it? Every attack gets met with a "Protect", "Block", or "Crust". How do you defeat an opponent that just wants to turtle? Allow me to introduce a couple decks that will crush through any wall your opponent puts up.

Doc and Brine are my go-to picks for my combo decks. Doc is especially nice because he lets you bring as many Ultimate cards as you could want while also giving you a second chance to get combo components in your opening hand. Brine is great for his recursion threshold ability (but this deck brings plenty of recursion already).

As the name implies, the secret of this deck is to play Scud Missiles, then, if your opponent is still standing, play it again by fetching it back from your discard pile. It is probably the most direct type of "Combo" deck. Remember to stock your deck with cards like Epiphany, that can make it easier to fetch your win condition out of your deck. As another line of defense consider bringing Adrenal Boosters to massively increase Grover's attack capacity. Keep them on the defensive with Adrenal-Boosted Grover, then finish them off with Scud Missiles.

If shooting a missile at your enemy's face feels like too direct of a solution consider this deck's trickery from beyond the grave.

  Again I like Doc in this deck, what you are looking for is an opening hand that has either "Absorb Pain" and "Zumberg's Hate" or "Braains!" with "Startle" (or some other card that can tell you what your opponent is holding).

 So this deck comes with 2 great defense evading tactics. The first is "Startle" plus "Braaaains!" try to have a "Deep Secrets" in your hand when you use these cards to ensure you can get a lot of mileage out of the combo! 

"Absorb Pain" cast offensively on an enemy with "Zumberg's Hate" on the board is a quick way to deal a ton of damage to the enemy shepherd. At first glance it looks like it might do infinite damage, but in reality it only deals damage equal to the difference between that Gruff's current Fat and it's Max Fat. Bring an "Evolve" or a "Gobble" to give your opponent that crucial first point of Fat. Throw "Woe" and "Bonefire" in the mix to work around the fact that you just gave your opponent a max-fat gruff :). 

While these decks are very powerful, they are very vulnerable to discard effects as well as pure "Blastov-style" aggression. See the decklist called "Agroats" for good counter ideas. 

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