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A series of geeky, cheeky and strange art prints to be made on an old-school Risograph printer

Ever get bored with team-building mantras and posters that urge you to do responsible things? Or annoyed by that friend who always posts inspirational quotes as status updates? The Monstrous Motivational Print Project was born from the idea to create posters that can inspire the other side: you know, the crafty, subversive, slightly deranged side that WILL build an underwater bunker out of Pez dispensers someday.

So here they are, five A3 prints (that's 11'' x 17''), a nice size for framing, but not so big or expensive that you couldn't hang a few with clips or pins.

I want to make these prints with a stencil printer, also known as Risograph, a nifty retro printing process that fills the gap between screen printing and offset lithography. Like other commercially phased-out ways of printing, Risograph was resurrected and repurposed by graphic artists because it gives a unique character. Colours are more vibrant, and the method of printing (which involves forcing ink through a rotating drum, and adding new colours by running the paper through multiple times) allows for beautiful overprinting effects, and a lo-fi, handmade aesthetic: perfect for short-run posters!

There's the Reduce, Reuse, Re-animate print - taking recycling to its natural conclusion, mad scientist-style.

Or Think Outside the Box... - every time you look at it, a physicist saves a kitten. 

See the World With Fresh Eyes... reminds us to seize the moment, and the optic nerve. (It doesn't come out very well in the image below, but the text has blue and red inks superimposed to create a slightly out-of-focus effect).

Eat More Brain - because even the undead need to watch what they eat.

And I Will Grow Strong, guaranteed to make friends & colleagues worry about your after-hours activities:

If the project meets its goal, I hope to release more designs to the series for more Monstrous inspiration.

Thank you for taking the time to read this far. If you like what you see, please help support the project and spread the word!


I've made a new design for the last week of the campaign, hope you like it enough to PUT AN OCTOPUS ON IT (or a pledge!)...

**A few people have suggested that the octopus print would make a cute V-Day present and I couldn't agree more! So I've given him a lil' heart and a special reward all of his own. And if you back at any level, you'll have the option to send an ecard to let any recipients know that their gift will be winging, crawling or slithering towards them soon. <3

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The images above are a guide to what the finished product will look like. Risograph is at its best when two colours are used over white or coloured papers, and there's a certain amount of experimentation involved to get the best effect! If the project reaches a minimum threshold of £500, I'll begin producing prints and photographing/documenting the results so you can see how they are turning out. But for sure, they will look much more tactile and vibrant than the graphics alone can convey.


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    Special Reward on the Octopus Riso print! Select this or any other reward and you'll have the option to send an ecard to any recipients warning them of their monstrous print's imminent arrival in April.

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    One hand-signed, numbered A3 Risograph Monstrous Motivational print of your choice - to hang above your bed, in your office, or wherever you need a reminder that life is short, and very strange.

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    Two hand-signed, numbered A3 Risograph Monstrous Motivational prints of your choice. Good things come in pairs, except for evil twins.

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    ALL SIX DESIGNS! At an amazing value! Keep some, give some, eat some!

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