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The Biotar 75/f1.5 and Biotar 58/f2.0 available for pre-order now.
The Biotar 75/f1.5 and Biotar 58/f2.0 available for pre-order now.
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Sad news

Posted by Oprema (Creator)

Dear friends,

we have a rather sad message for you today. A few weeks ago, our founder, CEO and main investor Stefan Immes had a serious traffic accident, which he barely survived. Although we have been able to talk to him and although, for a very short time of the day he has become the astute, humorous and positive entrepreneur we know, it is now clear that due to the severity of the injuries he will not be able to continue running the company in the foreseeable future.

For a company of 15 employees only, this entails a large number of changes. Currently, we are in the process of reorganization and are trying to establish a working system as no successor regulation can yet be found for the Net SE Group. For this reason, we are currently undergoing a restructuring process with an as yet unknown outcome for the individual divisions.

Especially as far as Crowdfunding is concerned, we think that we will need until the end of October to be able to share our conclusions on how to proceed. One of the top priorities of the Oprema Crowdfunding team is, of course, to deliver the orders we receive as promised. However, we ask for your understanding that, for legal reasons alone, we cannot make any faster decisions without having reorganized the company. For technical questions, our support team is of course still available, but we can only make limited forecasts about the development progress of our projects.

We are honestly touched and the shock still sits deep. We are also extremely sorry that we are not able to spread better and more positive news at the moment, but we are working very hard to change this at short notice.

Yours sincerly, team at Oprema Optik


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    1. Missing avatar

      Daniel A Lovely on

      So what it the status of this?

    2. Missing avatar

      Kustiawan Kusumo on

      Don’t get it CEO accident then what is next ?

    3. Missing avatar

      D Photography on

      Kickstarter is guilty of negligence and/or fraud here.

    4. Missing avatar

      James Astor Margrave on

      Andreas Braukman - What does the insolvency letter state, as it pertains to the backers of this project?... Thanks!

    5. Missing avatar

      Andreas Braukmann on

      Net SE has filed for bankruptcy. I just received a respective letter from the insolvency administrator.

    6. Missing avatar

      James Astor Margrave on

      An update on the status of this project is sorely needed.

    7. Missing avatar

      dave raphael on

      kickstarter, are you not guaranteeing our pledge on this?

    8. Missing avatar

      Sundeep Sembi on

      kickstarter you have some responsibility here and can't wash your hands of this . Ultimately this will damage you as I certainly will never fund any other product on Kickstarter ever again . You know they were crooks for a long time and did nothing - not even a warning so we could at least try and get a refund. you have a responsibility and are complicit

    9. Missing avatar

      Sundeep Sembi on

      you are crooks and have ripped of so many people. Shame on you . Thieves

    10. Missing avatar

      LAM WANG IM on

      refund please!!!

    11. Teddy Duran on

      An update on where we stand would be great..

    12. Missing avatar on

      Quel sera le prochain problème pour encore retarder les livraisons! Veuillez me rembourser dans les plus brefs délais.
      G. Kellerhals

    13. Missing avatar

      Poyu Lee on

      I need my money back

    14. Missing avatar

      Robert on

      Dear Meyer-Optik-Team as all the bakers trusted into you and your company the minimum we could expect is a comment from your side explaining what we are the next steps and of course will we get something for the money we invested!

    15. Missing avatar

      Richard Tarczaly on

      This has been a fraud since day one. a Ponzi scheme on Kickstarter.

      Please check out:
      Globell B.V., net SE's main operational subsidiary (it's a software editor and distributor, net SE's original business), renamed ColorTec B.V. as of 24 October 2017, was declared insolvent as of 7 November 2017 and liquidated and dissolved as of 29 May 2018, some two months before Dr Immes's alleged 'traffic accident'.

      We should all reach out to Kickstarter and question how do they protect their (paying) customers (us) against such (somewhat) elaborate schemes.

    16. Missing avatar

      Leski on

      refund please

    17. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    18. Missing avatar

      Robert De Mattei on

      Is this a possible prelude to a total lose of our investment? Fraud?!

    19. Missing avatar

      Paul Mitchell on

      I too am concerned about all this. I think there should be some accounts prepared to show us where the kickstarter funds have gone: there was a lot of money there, and the company should be able to show us when delivery is now expected. Also we need some proper information about the state of the manufacturing process. I am sorry about Mr Immes' accident, but why has it taken "a few weeks" to inform us if the impact has been so great?

    20. Missing avatar

      Robert Ng on

      With the uncertainty of the future of the company and no delivery schedule after delay of more than 2 months, I think it is appropriate for the company to provide backers option for refund or at least offer some discount if backers are willing to wait. In any case, a firm delivery schedule should be given to backers at once to salvage the confidence of the backers.

    21. Missing avatar

      Seth Cohen on

      As Robert said - "A transparent, honest answer would be great to get! " Did Stefan really have a traffic accident? Or, does this link explain it -
      For those who do not read German, this says that Net Se, the company of which Stefan Immes is Managing Director, is in a Bankruptcy Procedure.
      What we all need to know is whether the money we paid is protected from this.

    22. Missing avatar

      Robert on

      Forget the first question, I found out. But still it looks like Meyer Optik and Oprema is more or less the same company. Thanks for a short clarification.

    23. Missing avatar

      Robert on

      Dear Oprema-Team, I wish your CEO the very best and hope he gets better soon! Still there is one thing that keeps me curious and irritated. Why is your CEO the same as the one of Meyer-Optik, why do you have the same team-size, the same challenges or short why are you using the same message when before you communicate that you are two different companies and make advertising for each other or at least Meyer Optik for you? A transparent, honest answer would be great to get! Thanks! And again best wishes for you CEO. Cheers Robert