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Join Nelly Cootalot in this point & click adventure game, and rescue birds hypnotised by the villainous Baron Widebeard.
Join Nelly Cootalot in this point & click adventure game, and rescue birds hypnotised by the villainous Baron Widebeard.
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    1. Hideo Kuze on

      Unleash the kraken...
      *oops* I mean...
      Unleash the coots!

    2. Brian Levinsen

      @David, about the falling back. I have seen this with a few Kickstarter projects, especially when they reach the funding goal. People who have backed realize that they might not afford it, and pull out. This also tend to happen close to the deadline. Not sure why people do it, but I seen it before. One project was just above funding, and only hours before, they went below and missed the funding goal.

    3. David Bertalan on

      @Alasdair Now I'm even more excited! I can hardly wait to see it! :)

    4. Astrid (PolloDiablo) on

      @Alasdair: Sounds perfect, thanks!

    5. Alasdair Beckett-King Creator on

      @Astrid: At the moment the Add-Ons aren't available via PayPal. However, when I send out the backer survey after the campaign ends, it will give you the opportunity to let me know what you wanted, and we can arrange a PayPal transfer once the excitement is over. Sound good?

      @David: How much I squeeze into the first cutscene depends on some of the other stretch goals, but I can tell you that the comic will show Baron Widebeard experimenting with those most deadly of aerial weapons: Dart Birds.

    6. Astrid (PolloDiablo) on

      Quick question - I am already on a physical pledge level and want to buy some addons (say, a stuffed coot and beta access), but I do not want to stretch the credit card any further and would prefer to use Paypal. Would that be possible at all or does that complicate things too much at your end?

    7. David Bertalan on

      @Alasdair Cinematic intro, you say? Interesting, it sounds. Yes. Any particular plans for it, you have? Also to hear a bit about the comic, I would like. Hmm.

    8. Alasdair Beckett-King Creator on

      Good points, Brian. Yes, we'll make sure that PayPal backers get all the same updates and goodies are regular backers. I know PayPal's infamous, but (in the UK at least) so are Amazon and Google for not paying tax.

      You know the old saying: You have to make a deal with the devil, if you want to make a retro pirate adventure game. I think that's how it goes...

    9. David Bertalan on

      We did it! Again! We showed the world that Armikrog stealing backers can't stop other good things from happening!** Who's awesome? You are, backers! We are!

      Also we have a couple more days, so why stop now? There's so much more ahead! ;)

      ** For those who missed it: we had a setback of at least £200 this morning that caused falling back below the stretch goal for a short time. Of course I don't know what happened, and I don't blame Pencil Test Studios, Inc. or anyone really. Kickstarter is a dynamic medium. And now the explanation is longer than the original post. It totally wasn't worth it. :P

    10. Brian Levinsen

      Good idea with the Paypal option, this has given many projects an alternative income stream, even after a kickstarter project has ended.

      Some thoughts on it though.

      Make sure you provide any update you do on kickstarter also to the people who did not pledge via Kickstarter, as they will not get any notification of updates like those on kickstarter does.

      Concider other options, such as Amazon, Google, and other providers.
      The reason is that Paypal is infamous among many people, personally I do not buy from sellers who offer it as an only option due to Paypal's politics.