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Join Nelly Cootalot in this point & click adventure game, and rescue birds hypnotised by the villainous Baron Widebeard.
Join Nelly Cootalot in this point & click adventure game, and rescue birds hypnotised by the villainous Baron Widebeard.
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    1. LordCrash on

      @ Alasdair
      I really enjoyed the demo but imo the simulation of the swell was a bit too intense. The constant movement of the screen made it quite hard from time to time to click on smaller items precisely. So I would suggest to lower the intensity of the swell to improve the point-and-click gameplay. :)

    2. Irfon-Kim Ahmad on

      Oh, and I was playing it on a Mac. From a technical perspective, everything seemed to work fine. Some of the music/audio seemed very quiet, but other than that...

    3. Irfon-Kim Ahmad on

      Nice! I enjoyed it. :) A few comments:

      ****SPOILER WARNING****

      1. I find the outline fonts very uncomfortable to read. I think a solid font with a good contrast with the speech bubbles would be a lot better.

      2. How about some kind of sound cue when dialogue comes up? I know that it's not to be voiced, but as an example, if you look up YouTube videos for Final Fantasy Tactics (and skip forward until you get to a place where there's in-game dialogue), there's this sort of patter sound effect that they use when dialogue comes up. I find that really effective.

      3. When you take the tag from the crate and then the tag from the envelope, then apply the envelope tag to the crate, it's weird that the tag you originally got from the crate suddenly disappears from your inventory without any mention of it happening or why. Maybe some offhand remark about how she doesn't need the other tag anymore or something would help with that. I actually for a little while thought that the inventory drawer was broken.

      4. When you mouse over the mail talky thing, you get a prompt for whatever it was called in the game, and then also a prompt for "voice". They seem to do the same thing. That's kind of weird and distracting.

      That's about it! I enjoyed it. :)

    4. Missing avatar

      lowcut on

      Good evening!

      As the link above seems to be dead at the moment, please enjoy this alternative download location:

      Kind regards, raeff.

    5. WeiMi - Nellies pirated Bard from Oz on

      No problem, Alasdair.
      Just the usual kind of rebellious thing to do something
      exactly opposed to advice.
      Won't be particularly promising telling me to not get the
      £500 pledge anyway, I'm afraid ;)

    6. Nina - Order of the Goat on

      Lovely little demo! Look forward to the finished game. The only thing that stood out as not quite fitting with the game were the text bubbles/font. So I'm with Rafa on this one. Although it looked more like a rendering thing... rather than a font style issue to me.

    7. Alasdair Beckett-King Creator on

      Thanks for the comments! Some techy remarks:

      WeiMie: On the windows version you can run winsetup.exe and adjust a few settings. But as I say, the windowed version is most compatible at the moment. That's why I didn't draw attention to it!

      S.D. Yes, I spotted the AA issue, that's why I recommended Wine on Linux. I assumed DirectX was disabled, and software rendering was being used rather than OpenGL.

    8. WeiMi - Nellies pirated Bard from Oz on

      Small but mighty ;)
      Nice sample of how things will work.

      "Note: I recommend playing the demo in a window for now."
      I've had to play it in a window. Of course I've tried it against advice
      but no option to do so (Alt-Enter, F11 didn't work either) using Win7

    9. S.D. on

      Interesting. It seems that "antialias=1" is not doing it's job in the Linux engine port. To my knowledge, that's not been reported in the forums nor issue tracker, as of yet. I guess we've been only working with pixel art games recently! I'll take that up with the other devs and see what we can do about that problem :-)

    10. GeekJen (OotG Knight Commander) on

      Mac tip regarding right click : make sure that you have set the alternative click correctly in the system settings. New or freshly reinstalled system might not be properly configured in this regard. Just a guess. Cheers from a fellow MacHead.

    11. Rafa González Del Castillo Sancho on

      I played! Graphics are awesome.
      From my point of view, only two things to IMPROVE:
      1.- MUSIC. It is a little bit slow
      2.- TEXT TYPOGRAPHY. For Nelly 1 was really nice, but now graphics are better, typography would have to go paralell to it.
      GREAT JOB.

    12. Serena Nelson - Hero of the AGRM

      Loved the demo and shared it on Facebook, Twitter, and the KickstartVentures blog. Hopefully it'll bring people on the fence over here to pledge.

    13. Markus on

      Just finished the demo and it looks and feels great – what a wonderful atmosphere on the harbour at the end.
      Both the exe and the sh worked like a charm under Linux.

    14. Alasdair Beckett-King Creator on

      Thanks guys. A longer demo is possible in future, but thought it would be best to release something shorter sooner to give people a flavour of the game.

      Leonard: Thanks for spotting that issue, have you tried ctrl-click to create a mac flavoured right-click?

    15. Leonard Challis - OotG on

      No - I can't get right-click working for the life of me. Restarted and was careful - played it through. All seems fine apart from that - ignoring small things like Nelly continuing to "walk" when she reached the crate. But overall, as for the look and feel of the game, I love it. Really love the graphics, looking forward to more :)

    16. Leonard Challis - OotG on

      Ah my apologies - just saw the little notice. I had tried right-clicking but it doesn't seem to work on my MacBook (even proper clicking and not the two-finger tap). I'll keep looking...

    17. Leonard Challis - OotG on

      I'm probably being stupid... but how do you unselect an item? Like if I want to just have my pointer instead of the crate label?

      On MacBook Air too - works really well. Only qualm is you have to physically click the touchpad - the native tap that I use throughout the OS doesn't seem to work.

    18. Stew OotG Knight/Captain Bloodcoffee on

      Enjoyed the demo, short and sweet. :)
      Look forward to the full game and any further demo before then. :D

    19. Missing avatar

      AstralTraveller on

      I rechecked, and Nelly does say 'not now', which is a clear hint that later it will be possible. So you're right, it wasn't a good example - however, it did get a very reassuring response. Thanks for that! :)

    20. Alasdair Beckett-King Creator on

      Whoops! Thanks for the correction!

    21. Thomas Schwarz

      The correct link to GhostControl Inc. is this one:

    22. Alasdair Beckett-King Creator on

      Hi Gabor. That sort of thing annoys me too - and I'm avoiding it as much as possible in the puzzle design. In the case of the crate label: Nelly refuses to interact with *anything* before using the mop, because she's supposed to be cleaning up. So I didn't see this as an example of the problem of unrelated triggers. Rest assured, fair and fun puzzles will be the order of the day!

    23. Iurii Mielkov on

      Thanks for a demo! Very small one though, but everything looks and plays just wonderful. I had it run in full screen with no errors.

    24. Missing avatar

      AstralTraveller on

      It was a really good idea to release this demo. The visuals looks fine, the controls are convenient, and the ending of the demo is very appropriate :)

      I have one comment on the puzzle design. A pet peeve of mine is actions that are not possible at one moment, and then, after an unrelated event, they suddenly become possible - I'm pointing my finger at picking up the crate label here. Do you think it's possible to avoid such restrictions in the final game?

    25. Alasdair Beckett-King Creator on

      Hooray for the MacBook Air!

    26. Sumoslap on

      Just played through--very cute! And worked just fine on a MacBook Air.