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Reprint an Epic Gamebook
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Final 3 days!

Posted by wfincher (Creator)

3 days left!

Ok everyone, this is it! We're closing in on the last few days here on kickstarter. We will need to seriously rally to get to the final stretch goal!

The home page just got a make-over! Check it out.

The Treasure Chest 2: I will swap the softcover for two laminated sheets and a large folding map. I'm also inserting the original cloth map, and removing one bookmark, and the dice except for the gold plated one and the red gem!

The live game: The backers did great, they unlocked the TC2 and found a little something for themselves! We should see the backers kill the end boss any day now!

Remember the cross promotions! Get some deals on these other projects! See the homepage to get the details.

  • Darkraven fantasy soundscapes
  • Holdfast!

Thanks again everyone, let's conquer the last stretch goal for Maelorum Volume One! 


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    1. Mr. C on

      Man, I'm really getting excited to play this! We'll see how many times I'm brutally killed...

    2. Midian on

      im officially moved. can i still enter into your game?
      i know that im way late but i did not have any time on my hands to play when moving.
      im completely available now & am very interested in playing.
      damn move kept me from playing right away.

    3. Duane Crago "Skyrek"

      Just trying to sort out my add-ons now that I know what comes in the TC2. If I keep the add-on cards I already planned then both sets would still get the bonus cards from the stretch goal or would just the one in the chest get those?

      Since I am picking up an extra book for my nephew I am debating what add-on options I'd still like to keep to give him to go with it :)


      Very cool the changes made to tc2 bud. Ill be keeping mine for sure now