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Reprint an Epic Gamebook
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The final week on Kickstarter!

Posted by wfincher (Creator)

We made it to 15k!

We hit the second to last stretch goal! Thanks to all the new backers and old! We made it just in time as we enter the final days on kickstarter. It's time to rally!

Treasure Chest 2

I said that if we hit 15k it would unlock the TC2. I also started a historic first, by launching the first ever live game on kickstarter to unlock rewards. The backers have worked so hard to get this far, let's give them a chance to unlock the TC2 completely. Meanwhile I have a teaser image below.

New Stretch Goal

Hey, we all need goals to strive for, right? Well after hearing some backers' ideas, I have come up with what to do for the final stretch goal.

  • A special red ribbon bookmark will be added to all the hardcovers. That makes your books very exclusive, including the new black cover!!!
  • A new hidden achievement will be put into Volume One.
  • I will give everyone with printed books the Prequel PDF free.
  • I will do a little dance.


I had asked everyone with add ons to email me and reserve your rewards, especially if you wanted the cards. Well the good news is, as long as we keep getting new backers, I will be able to keep up with demand and we shouldn't need t worry about inventory. I've been working hard on the cards, as you know, but due to so many things I have slowed down a bit. I wanted to have the special metallic cards done to show you by now, except the printer threw me a curve ball by asking for some extra steps to prepare my graphics for print. So they will take me a little longer to get done, but that's good and should give me time to make sure everything is perfect.

When the rewards will actually ship

100% honest, I think they will ship from my home to yours in late August. I need that extra little time to finish the cards and the folding map, as these are design challenges that need to be perfect before printing. The books will get to me quickly, and the final re-editing is going well, but everything has to ship together, thus that slight delay. I have lots of shipping experience from the last project, so I will be efficient once everything is printed and I can send it all out. You here in USA normally get packages via USPS in about a week after shipping. International always seems to be mixed bag, and that is due to customs. I do my best to avoid customs fees by marking the packages as a gift, but they do tend to hold onto packages and cause delays.

Let me know if you have any questions, comment here or PM

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    1. wfincher 5-time creator on

      @Matthew Thank you! I do promise to be as fast and expedient as possible!

      @Astral "Rectangle of Eternal Darkness" lol nicely put!

      We will get that chest revealed either tonight or in the morning!

    2. Mathew on

      i appreciate the little dance we will be getting :) lol plus take all the time you need, im sure wed all rather you take longer to give us something we all can enjoy

    3. wfincher 5-time creator on

      Steve, the booklet will not have a spine really, just a cover, so I personally don't see an issue to have both main books match, but have a different cover for the prequel. The cover as it is right now will match the original blue cover with some slight variation. I don't plan to change that unless there is an uproar over it.

    4. Duane Crago "Skyrek"

      I'm up for the Rectangle of Eternal Darkness! I actually moved up to it after joining on the quest. I figured if I was going to toss myself in to an adventure to reveal it the least I could do is move on up to it :)

    5. SE Weaver

      Sorry if you answered this before and I didn't see it, but now that we've unlocked the printed prequel, it's time to ask. The prequel seems to have a cover that matches the original (non-black) cover, but you said in an early update that the dark cover's spine will match volume 2. I take this to mean that my choice of covers means volume 1 with either match the prequel booklet or volume 2, but not both?

    6. Missing avatar

      AstralWanderer on

      "Meanwhile I have a teaser image below."
      And we currently have 10 TC2 backers who, as a result, will now feel entitled to receive "The Rectangle of Eternal Darkness". Hope USPS don't charge you too much for posting it, Will...