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Reprint an Epic Gamebook
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Mystery Goal Unlocked!

Posted by wfincher (Creator)

We made it to the 12k stretch goal!

It was an epic climb to reach 12k. We got some new fans, little by little, and we lost some backers, but in the end we were able to surmount this obstacle. When the rest of kickstarter finds out about Maelorum, we'll see even more goals and more things coming. Thanks to everyone who add-on things or increased their pledge to get us here. The glory of the Stretch Goal Crown goes to Galvin The Wanderer, who stepped up late last night. Before I get into the 12k reveal, I do have some news.


The running production cost of printing the books, the maps, bookmarks, cards, and to purchase materials, shipping, all that running extremely high still. So, unless we get lots of new backers towards the end, it looks like we can afford only around 200 card decks with 30 cards in the complete deck. I was giving out a free deck of 15 cards, which I will honor up until yesterday. Now, due to the cost of the cards on my end, and the demand, they will have to be added on from this moment going forward. No tiers include the complete deck, so there are still probably 100 people with a free deck who can upgrade theirs for $15. I am restricting these to 5 decks per backer, in case someone wanted to monopolize them, this gives everyone a chance to get theirs. By the way, these are well worth it and more! Just consider how collectible they will be. Check out my recent work:

The Reveal

The Treasure chest tier and up gets new stuff! If you pledged for the treasure chest or higher, you will now receive:

  • One of the Metallic special Collector's cards. (Your choice of the Great Wraith or the Goblin King)

The Ebook tier gets:

  • Doorways to Darkness: The Prequel PDF.

Everyone gets:

  • A preview of Volume Two!

Again, if we get lots more backers I will be able to add things to more tiers. I am updating the Home page to reveal new add-ons and modify some stuff. Here's what's new:

  • Get hand painted dice, $5. each in either red blood on wooden dice or green blood on black resin dice.
  • The special Metallic Collector's Cards: The Great Wraith and The Goblin King! Get these as a pair for $8.00 or $5. individually.
  • The Laminated Character Sheets Return! $5. each
  • The Prequel PDF! $5.

Whats next:

  • The 15k Goal is to have the Prequel Booklet printed. It will feature new artwork, new challenges and adventures. You will be put into the perspective of the antagonist during the days leading up to the events of Volume One. It will be 20 pages  of awesomeness with a glossy color cover, in 5.5 x 8.5 format to match the printed books. I could possibly throw in a lot more though if we get here!

Disclaimer: If we do not reach 15k, please reduce your prequel add-on or trade it in for other merch. 

The Treasure Chest: We've had a lot of controversy about what is and what is not included in the TC. The TC was one of the original tiers, it was made before I even knew I would be making the cards, which is why it is priced the way it is, and why it does not include the cards. When it says "all the new merch" please understand that reflects the original merch in the $25.00 tier. I cannot change the wording due to how kickstarter restricts editing tiers once they are made. To clarify once and for all, the treasure chest now includes: a signed hardcover, an original cloth map, the new large map, both red and green dice, the enhanced large bookmark, and one of the special metallic collector's card plus USA shipping. Add $10. for INTL. If you pledged for the TC on or before 6/24 then you would ALSO receive the free core deck of 15 cards. Plus you get the optional black special cover, and a preview of Volume Two. That's a lot of stuff!


I need to know what you've add-on so far, to keep accurate track of inventory. Especially if you want the cards! Consider this a pre-survey, and please do this ASAP, or else I cannot guarantee you will receive your things if I run out of stock. Email: (please do not message me this info on kickstarter.)

P.S : The Special Black Cover is almost done. Here's a preview of the cover, and the special metallic cards!

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    1. wfincher 5-time creator on

      The metal ink color on both special cards will be green, in case anyone was wondering. Should look awesome. I should have these done and available to show you guys before the campaign ends.

    2. wfincher 5-time creator on

      The complete deck has 30 cards total. In essence, you are helping me pay for all 30 cards, and as a reward, I expand from 15 to 30 cards.

    3. Realm Master K

      Hi Will,
      I hope this email finds you well. I am a bit confused on the Card Deck. I have one of the original Treasure Chest tiers. I am the one who came from DarkRaven that emailed you with a private message. I understand that my Treasure Chest came with the Card Deck, and now those decks are limited. I see that the add on cost for the deck is currently $15.00 for the full 30 card deck. Please clarify for me what portion of the deck was included in my Treasure Chest pledge, and what amount if any I need to add to receive the complete deck? If the complete deck is now $15.00, I assume it must be less, right?

    4. wfincher 5-time creator on

      Forgot to mention, the Prequel PDF is now an add-on for $5. and you will be playing the ANTAGONIST not the Protagonist. Sorry for the mix-up, I am running on little sleep!