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Weekend update: We're slowly climbing higher!

Posted by wfincher (Creator)

On Maelorum:

Well it looks like we will hit the 12k Mystery Stretch Goal sometime next week if trends keep up. I know a lot of you have been waiting to see what's there! There will be multiple things coming at you once that door is open!

Cross Promotions:

Welcome new backers from the DarkRaven Fantasy Soundscapes cross promotion, and welcome new backers from Holdfast!

The good people at Black Chicken Studios, the makers of Holdfast, are outlining the new Maelorum adventure they're penning for dual backers. Likewise, I am starting to dig into the world of Holdfast to see what module I can create for them. I have talked to them recently and the concept for their 25 section Maelorum adventure, illustrated by myself, is going to be very cool. There will even be some reference to what happens in this adventure in Maelorum Volume Two.

Meanwhile, in the realm of DarkRaven, things are really heating up, as they are now well past the funding goal! 


I have finally found a quote for the special collector's cards that seems possible to print with Metallic inks. It looks like there will be at least one special card that gets this treatment, so please stay tuned. Meanwhile, I'm plugging away at the deck of cards I mentioned in update 11, as well as more expansion cards for people who added them on for $15.00, here's another card preview. This should show the value of how these cards expand story, scenery, and create new challenges.

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