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Reprint an Epic Gamebook
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Posted by wfincher (Creator)

A new Cross Promotion:

I hinted at a new cross promotion partner, and today I am extremely pleased to bring you yet another discounted offer here on kickstarter:

Welcome to the Darkraven Fantasy Soundscapes and Maelorum Gamebook cross-promotion! Do you like listening to music and environment sounds when you read? How about when you're gaming? Well, what if you could have it all? With this cross promotion, you can! Immerse yourself into the sounds of dungeons while you unravel a dark mystery within the mountains, battle dark creatures, listen to sounds of forests, villages, and more while you're reading and playing Maelorum, or any of your favorite games.

A message from Darkraven Fantasy Soundscapes:

Dear Maelorum backers: We are happy to announce that Darkraven Fantasy Soundscapes is offering a special deal to all $30+ Maelorum backers. $30+ Maelorum backers will receive a free copy of Darkraven’s “Forest of the Necromancer” soundscape (8 tracks) for FREE *and* through the end of the Darkraven Fantasy Soundscapes campaign, $30+ Maelorum backers can back the Darkraven Fantasy Soundscape project for $64 (normally a standard copy) and receive a GOLD copy ($84 value!). That is a savings of $20. When taking advantage of this offer, $30+ Maelorum backers should contribute at the $64 level and then send the Darkraven Fantasy Soundscapes creator, Alex Benzinger, a Kickstarter email indicating that they are doing this and want a gold copy. Stop by the Darkraven Fantasy Soundscapes project which is live now to take a listen to the FREE "Forest of the Necromancer" tracks which are part of this deal. -Alex


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    1. Missing avatar

      AstralWanderer on

      Interesting link-up, though I can't help wondering if the other two gamebook KS' might have made a closer match.

    2. Pete C on

      This info going to be added to the Maelorum homepage?

    3. wfincher 5-time creator on

      Yes Chris, you're right, all the rushing around today made me forget to add it:…

    4. Dra8er on

      Should include a link so we can easily check it out. (Or maybe I completely missed it)