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Reprint an Epic Gamebook
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Card List

Posted by wfincher (Creator)

Hi Everyone,

We're starting the final month for the reprint campaign, and so far we have done incredible things. Could we possibly rise to new heights though, and force me to reveal even more stretch goals? I have some plans to enhance the printed book, and maybe even add some sweet enhancements to the reverse side of the card deck, if we keep on going like we are. 

Here's a list of the initial 15 cards I plan to create, which are given to everyone pledging towards a printed book:

New Items:

  • Dwarven Maul of Reaping
  • Grey staff of Havok
  • Ruby Blade of Vengeance
  • Chained Gauntlets of Chaos
  • Dwarven Great Shield

New Spells: (one per school of magic)

  • Regenerate Party (Alchemy)
  • Bloodletting (Chaos)
  • Tomb of Ice (Elemental)

New Death Ending (Usable on Page 202-B)

  • Left for dead (You'll roll for a chance to escape being buried alive.)

New Story Insert

  • Treacherous Path (A new challenge awaits your climb to the Black Cloister)

New Monsters:

  • Gorgon Worm
  • Great Wraith
  • Goblin Brute
  • Dark Glamour
  • Never-Sleeper


10K stretch goal cards: 

If you add-on $15.00 for the entire deck, this is when your pile of cards begins to grow! 

New Story Insert:

  • Goblin Relics 
  • The Wizard's Corpse

New Monster:

  • Goblin Executioner

Up next...12k Mystery Goal:

Many things for many tiers....

Special Collector's Cards (individual add-ons)

These will be Foil stamped, special cards featuring new illustrations of specific characters / monsters from Volume One that we have never seen until now! I will be revealing this soon!


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    1. Dan Starr

      Just wondering if the bookmark thats included with the hardcover edition is the same as the one on offer as an add on?