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Reprint an Epic Gamebook
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9k Reached! What it means for YOU.

Posted by wfincher (Creator)

Great news, everyone!  Our third stretch goal was reached today: 9k! This means a basic deck of 15 cards will go out to everyone who pledged for a printed book. The cards themselves expand the book after it's been beaten, to offer more challenges and surprises.

Where a monster is fought in the book, a new icon will now appear, telling you that it can be swapped-out for one of the new monster cards. It's such a simple, and easy to use concept. The same will happen to other parts of the book, there will be new traps, items, spells, and even new bits of story. But to continue getting all the cards I reveal as we hit stretch goals, you need to add the cards on for just 15.00. There are lots more cards planned, all really cool stuff. The full deck will grow to at least 30 cards or more. I will even be making special cards with foil highlights, that will be separate add-ons. I'm doing all the art myself, and the art is some of the best work I have ever done, and everyone is going to want them BUT TOO BAD because it's just for you, on kickstarter. Please take advantage of this offer, get more than one deck if you can, because for the price, this is original art being done just for you, and the card design is inspired, if you don"t mind me bragging. I have some works in progress to show you below!

Art for sale!

Well if you like what you see, buy the original card art! The Great Wraith, and the Gorgon worm combo is on sale for $250.00 the first person to add-on 250.00 wins the art!

Introducing Doug, the Stretch Goal Dragon.

Doug is here to help me explain how the cards work, and why you need them!

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    1. Missing avatar

      AstralWanderer on

      Thanks for the update and the artwork does look better than the previous ones. Will there be a way for existing book owners to make use of the cards? (such as a PDF with the labels to cut out and stick along with instructions on the paragraphs affected).
      Presumably, the cards will be sorted by difficulty level (don't want a Gorgon Worm at the very start do we?) so might they also offer a way to increase the challenge for those so inclined? (e.g. using a level 2 instead of a level 1 monster).

    2. wfincher 5-time creator on

      The art is 250.00 by itself, just to clarify, so you'd be adding additional.

    3. Bill Ruch HammerHand! on

      Ok, gotta go see where the kids hid their piggy banks