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Reprint an Epic Gamebook
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Cards Now Available!

Posted by wfincher (Creator)

Whats new:

I have done some major updates on the project page:

  • A new and adjusted stretch goal roadmap.
  • Added Cards. 
  • Added an Ebook tier.
  • Added more treasure chest tiers (These have a very high demand).

The cards will come in a core expansion deck of 15 cards.

  • 5 new creatures
  • 5 new spells
  • 5 new items

The core deck will go out to people who pledged for printed books when we hit the 9k stretch goal. When you Add the deck on for just $15.00 though, it immediately expands into an even larger deck which has 20 cards to start with, and will begin accumulating more and more cards as we go along, including special foil cards and much more! Only people who add-on the cards will continue getting the additional cards I have planned.I feel this is a really cool way to expand the Maelorum re-print campaign, and expand the book with things I couldn't fit into it before. The design I am previewing is not the finished design, and these cards are for mockup purposes, this is what I am capable of doing in one productive afternoon, so just imagine what will develop when I really get going!

The new Map

I've been working day and night on the expanded map which I promised would be upgraded at the 7k stretch goal, and it's looking good! I'll have a preview soon. I'm still not settled on which exact paper this will be printed on but I am trying to get the best for our dollars.

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    1. wfincher 5-time creator on

      Just add 10.00 and be sure to remind me when I send out the surveys.

    2. Missing avatar

      afbeer on

      Hoiw do i pledge for eBook and book?

    3. wfincher 5-time creator on

      oops. Moving on, there are more cards getting added into the basic deck as we hit stretch goals, that are given to people who paid for cards, which I think is fair. The only tier with exclusive cards is the 350 level. E I'll have a list of cards soon.

    4. wfincher 5-time creator on

      All the cards can be added on, right now we're just starting with a basic selection. WI will put up cards that will be

    5. Missing avatar

      AstralWanderer on

      "5 New Spells"
      This suggests one of the three magic schools is going to get short-changed with a single extra spell. Which one?
      While I think the core idea is good, I'm not so keen on exclusive cards (either backer- or tier-specific). If extra cards are going to be added, please consider making them available outside of KS too. Hopefully, some other colours than red/brown will feature too. :)
      Good to see a digital tier also - that should encourage overseas backers put off by postage/customs costs.

    6. Kahuna Kevin on

      Also I like the general layout of the cards, and as its early work you may already have this planned, but the backs of the cards with the M symbol need identifying symbols that either correspond to the card type (Item, monster, spell) or relate to the symbol in the book that tells you which card to draw.

    7. wfincher 5-time creator on

      I would never say never, but for right now I don't have a plan for that BUT I have some ideas.

    8. Kahuna Kevin on

      Awesome! Any chance the Treasure Chest +higher backers get additional cards on top of everything else?