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Reprint an Epic Gamebook
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Brief Update

Posted by wfincher (Creator)
Thank you everyone for your support, this campaign is still going very strong. The merch upgrade will be here in no time once we hit 7k. I've sold out several reward tiers now, including all the treasure chests! I will be updating / streamlining the project page in a few days, with details and some images for the merch upgrade stretch goal and what comes later, and more about the card deck. What I can tell you now is the card deck won't be put into a stretch goal, it will be an add-on. I'm still pricing out production but it should be very affordable to add it on. This printing of the book will have a discrete new icon telling you when /where the cards can be put into play. More info to come! Last but not least, congrats to my cross promotion partner Holdfast for reaching funding! If you have not had a chance to learn about our awesome cross promotion deal, please check it out!


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    1. Bill Ruch HammerHand! on

      Same for me, but Maelorum will get here much sooner. And with kids I'm buying them for their friends birthday presents that will in the long run, be both better and cheaper than the stuff we usually give.

    2. Graham Hart on

      Although part of my motivation for supporting the Maelorum reprint is the general principle that there can never be too many gamebooks in the world, my main *interest* in the reprint is in any new content, and so I would be willing to pay a bit extra for the card deck, although, following immediately after Holdfast, my funding capacity is going to be rather limited for a while.

    3. Bill Ruch HammerHand! on

      Yes Holdfast is definitely going to be a Cool Game! Those Dwarves have taken much of my gold, but I have some stashed for more Maelorum goodies!