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Reprint an Epic Gamebook
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Welcome to Maelorum!

Posted by wfincher (Creator)

Welcome new and returning backers! I'm humbled by the outpouring of support from everyone. On the first day, we reached just over 80% funding! I set the funding goal to $3000.00 because with that amount I can at least retain the original price of the book and keep it affordable. This is a pay-for-perk type of campaign and the more books that get ordered in this batch will bring production cost down. Then if there are savings from a large bulk order, I can start to throw in things like the original cloth map, etc. For now, I have posted the first stretch goal as we near the funding mark, and it is something I am excited to offer.

Stretch Goal Reward: $5000.00 A special Black Edition cover will be unlocked! Those that want the Black Cover can opt to change the cover of their book into this one time alternate version. The dark color spine will also nicely match the cover of volume Two when you have them side by side!

Holdfast and Maelorum have joined forces.

I'm excited to announce a partnership with HOLDFAST on Kickstarter that will unlock an all new Maelorum mini-quest written by the team at Black Chicken Studio (BCS), featuring a new illustration by myself. Pledge towards a Holdfast hardcover ($50.00) to get this unique PDF addition to the Maelorum Gamebook. Vice versa, if you pledge $50.00 towards a Maelorum hardcover, you will receive an original Outpost module written by me for use in the world of HOLDFAST, featuring art by BCS. Support both Gamebooks and help us keep the genre alive!

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