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Reprint an Epic Gamebook
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New Project launched!

Posted by wfincher (Creator)

Hello Backers,

If you backed Maelorum and Holdfast, we have an exciting collaboration to tell you about. Black Chicken studios and Living Lore studio have teamed up!

We're flexing our comedic muscles and finally bring forth a project we have been working on for several years:

This is a non-political card game of bad decisions, and revenge! You'll be able to nuke Godzilla, sacrifice Bruce Willis on an asteroid, and figure out how to defeat your own evil clone.

We have a very modest funding goal, and already have most of the game finished and ready to print. If you want to find out more, please visit us by clicking HERE and help support! Thank you!


LAST DAY for Maelorum!

Posted by wfincher (Creator)

For backers only. If you're a backer of this project, please log in to read this post.

Last Chance for Volume Two!

Posted by wfincher (Creator)

Volume Two needs you. 

Well it seems we are a bit behind, so if we fund, it will be by a slim margin. This series conclusion deserves a lot more than that! As you guys know, the end of the series represents nearly 15 years of work. I think we can blow this project up in the last few days and give it the send off it should have. It's one of the best Kickstarters ever, worthy of your support, and if you own Volume One, you know it is probably one of the highest quality books you'll ever own. 

And I am telling you, Volume Two will be even better. Here's my Late Bird special, available as of yesterday!

If you already own the Doorways to Darkness PDF, I will swap it out with the NEW Expansion Book:

We only need around ten more backers willing to spend $50 to tip the scales in our favor. 

If you have not read Volume One, and are not sure about Volume Two, just read the reviews and testimonials. In any case, these two books are really one story that has a beginning and an end.

The time is now. Let's do this!


Volume Two is LIVE!

Posted by wfincher (Creator)
Volume two has begun and will run until November 14! Fantastic offers and even a last minute price drop. I'll see you over there!

Volume Two Update

Posted by wfincher (Creator)

The campaign is nearly upon us!

If you have not seen the project page yet, seriously, check it out! It launches on OCT 10.