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A Dark Fantasy Gamebook Novel
A Dark Fantasy Gamebook Novel
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    1. Jonathan Green on

      Interactive fiction fans, a solo-RPG gamebook is funding on Kickstarter right now and has only a couple of days to go. Please pledge your support and spread word of NEVERLAND - Here Be Monsters!

    2. wfincher 5-time creator on

      Help Wanted: Alright guys and gals, we need to get the word out and crank up the old marketing machine! You can help a TON just by taking to facebook or twitter! There's lots of geeky blogs, facebook gaming groups, and kickstarter groups that you can help post the preview link, so everyone possible can have a chance to join us on OCT 10! Thanks for anything you can do!…

    3. wfincher 5-time creator on

      update posted

    4. wfincher 5-time creator on

      There will be a new kickstarter that bridges the Volume One and Two campaigns, primarily to get more vol 1 books printed for new backers, however returning backers will get some new stuff, even if you just refer someone. I have taken some feedback and this is the project as it stand so far:…

    5. wfincher 5-time creator on

      With all books shipped, and virtually sold out, I'm offering a chance for more people to discover Maelorum via IndieGoGo. I'm doing a very basic two month campaign to pool funds for more first editions.

    6. wfincher 5-time creator on

      Ok good! Let me know if I missed anything, I'm getting ready to ship out any add-ons that I overlooked.

    7. gandalf.nho

      Just received my package too, only had time for a quick look, but is looking very impressive.

    8. wfincher 5-time creator on

      I'm set up on Amazon now, more or less. I still need more books to warehouse with Amazon to utilize them for order fulfillment, to get international hopefully cheaper.

    9. Missing avatar

      AstralWanderer on

      @wfincher: "...all I have to do is order books, no other work is involved. I'm open to advice on this as well from you guys. I feel that Volume One has to succeed..."
      Quick recommendation - set up on Amazon and sell Maelorum from there. As one of the world's biggest booksellers (and with several gamebooks listed, like Fabled Lands and DestinyQuest) not using them would be a missed opportunity.

    10. wfincher 5-time creator on

      Thanks again for all the feedback! As far as Kickstarter goes, I am seriously considering either kickstarter or some other crowdsource site to raise funds for more books. I am very close to being sold out and once they are gone, well, I don't exactly have another 5k for more. The good news is whatever I decide, all I have to do is order books, no other work is involved. I'm open to advice on this as well from you guys. I feel that Volume One has to succeed and reach out to a lot more people before we start on Volume Two.

    11. Missing avatar

      AstralWanderer on

      Received my book yesterday - was impressed with all the packaging (made me feel like a trauma surgeon with an accident victim trying to remove it all...) and the printing quality was far better than I expected (the pictures being especially good with bright, vivid colours). The die in its bag did almost get overlooked but did spot it before binning the envelope.
      Not had time to give it more than a quick look - but it seems impressive so far. Hope the second volume isn't too far away (and if available on KS, would allow me to make up the postage shortfall on this one).

    12. Martin O

      I received the book and wow, it's looking amazing! I hope I will find time to play it soon!

    13. wfincher 5-time creator on

      Awesome, it's good to hear positive feedback!

    14. Nekator

      Hi, got mine too. Impressed with the complex system (for a Gamebook) and different angles. Nicely done :)

    15. Gemi on

      Got my book a week ago or so. To be honest I was really surprised (positively) about the amount of content in it! It'll take me a while to actually have enough time to complete it with my current work load, but I'm really happy already with it. Thanks for a great product Will!

    16. wfincher 5-time creator on

      Thanks James! Also, the web site is up now.

    17. James_B on

      Wanted to let you know I got my book last week and it looks really good! Haven't had chance to play yet but it's a handsome product.

    18. wfincher 5-time creator on

      I changed domain hosting, hopefully it won't be down much longer.

    19. Missing avatar

      Steven Nelson on

      What happened to your website? Tried going their today to visit the forum, but it just takes me to a ad for the site.

    20. wfincher 5-time creator on

      Most reward tiers with two books have not shipped yet, I am waiting for the USPS bubble envelopes to show up still. That is the only package type that will fit two books, protect them, and also cost an affordable rate to ship domestic. The post office is just really slow shipping their supplies.

    21. Sam Gem

      Book didn't arrive yet... :(

    22. wfincher 5-time creator on

      I packaged the books as best I could, glad to hear it showed up in good condition. Enjoy!

    23. DracorianAmanda on

      I received my book and it's in beautiful condition! I'm looking forward to reading through and playing it! Thanks a lot! :D

    24. S.D. on

      So... do not reply to the e-mail to International Backers if we happen to be located domestically, and are not publicly listing our location?

      Not sure why this was difficult to search, since my location is in my survey...

    25. DracorianAmanda on

      Hello, I completed the survey, but it only gave me options for the three extra items that I didn't buy. I clicked on "Character Sheet, Laminated" Just because it wouldn't let me submit it any other way. I did not purchase an extra thing, so please disregard that on the survey :) Thank you! Looking forward to seeing the awesome book!

    26. Michael Waldhier on

      Survey completed - getting really excited as this gets closer and closer to the deadline!

      Regarding comments, I also noticed that there wasn't any way to add comments to the survey, so I did what others suggested and added my comment to the Name section. Sorry if that causes extra work when it comes time to add them.

    27. gandalf.nho

      I used the name in the credits option to put my comment

    28. wfincher 5-time creator on

      Ok that works fine, Josh. I did send an update a while ago, I'll wing it. Thanks again!

    29. Missing avatar

      Joshua Buergel

      OK, I just turned in my survey - maybe take a look, and if it works, perhaps an update might make sense?

    30. wfincher 5-time creator on

      No I cannot recall the surveys, good thing I stopped at the 30.00 pledge level for tonight. I'll add the NONE option for the rest of them. Go ahead and add comments wherever you can, sorry about that!

    31. Missing avatar

      Joshua Buergel

      The only place I could put a comment would be with my name. I can do that, if that will work for you.

      Kickstarter won't let you complete a survey without filling in something for all areas, including a "None" option in the add-on would fix it. I don't know if you can recall the surveys or not.

    32. wfincher 5-time creator on

      Hey Joshua, that is strange. Well, for you and anyone else with this issue, see if you can leave a comment on the survey instead. I will have to cross-check the answers anyways. Thanks for letting me know!

    33. Missing avatar

      Joshua Buergel

      I just got the survey, but I can't complete it - I don't have any extras, but it won't let me leave that radio button empty.

    34. wfincher 5-time creator on

      My website WWW.MAELORUM.COM is now set up for book purchases, please send any requests or inquiries directly to me at Take care everyone!

    35. Missing avatar

      Aidan Degg on

      I'm made up this was successful! Looking forward to getting my hands on the book
      and wishing you all the best for getting this out there and future installments - well done mate!

    36. Haphazard Projects on

      Congrats! I'm glad to see this project come to life!

    37. gandalf.nho

      Regarding the app, I hope at least for a PC version, and if you decide to make a future KS for the second book, I guess many people here will return to back again

    38. wfincher 5-time creator on

      About the APP, a lot depends on if the developer can work with me with the resources I have. I have a lot to solidify in regards to building it, so I cannot answer anything definitely at the moment. Rest assured I intend for it to be multi platform if possible.

    39. Missing avatar

      Eyal Even-Chen on

      It's been a while since I had the chance to read/play through a good gamebook - looking forward for your book!

      one question about the App - will it have an Android version?

    40. ET3D on

      Congratulations! We get a book and you're starting to work on the app. Very cool.

    41. Kahuna Kevin on

      (I really need to proofread before posting)

    42. Kahuna Kevin on

      So, and word if you're starting on a second book? If so, down the line you can send out an email form here once book #2's project is up and you have have instant backing.

    43. wfincher 5-time creator on

      I'm sure you all got your emails by now, but you are an amazing group of people, and together we made this a HUGE success, considering 3 days ago I wasn't sure this was going to make it. THANK YOU!!!!!!

    44. Storm Blade on

      Maybe he fainted lol

      hope not....

    45. Kat on

      Congrats! Can't wait to see the book.

    46. Storm Blade on

      Glad it will be a reality now.

      Wish you all well and especially our Will


    47. Torgo, Innkeeper of the Obsidian Order on

      Congratulations! Thank you Will for this excellent project and thanks to all those who pledged for contributing to it.

    48. Storm Blade on

      $$$ well invested in 5.4,3,2,1

    49. wfincher 5-time creator on

      Also guys, just 25.00 more buys you a page of the original concept art I used to draft the book. If this kickstarter campaign is any indication of the future of Maelorum as a series, this is a fairly cheap investment!

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