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End of the Innocents - Narrative Short's video poster

A short film about a distraught father searching for his missing 11 year-old son. Read more

Los Angeles, CA Shorts
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This project was successfully funded on June 19, 2011.

A short film about a distraught father searching for his missing 11 year-old son.

Los Angeles, CA Shorts
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Thanks to the pledges and the talented cast and crew that have come on board, we are going to make a short film that looks and sounds like a studio feature.  We are also pulling out all the stops on our behind-the-scenes video that will only be found on the DVD that goes out to our $25+ backers.  The DVD will not be sold later as this is a non-commercial project.  So, for those of you not in the film industry, the only way you'll see it is at a film festival or on the DVD offered here.

Check out the new cast members we have just confirmed today plus an amazing sound mixer with a long feature film resume and please consider pledging for your last chance at the incredible DVD reward we're offering.  We don't want anyone to miss out!

***UPDATE: Yes, Joe Lando is signing the signed DVD reward.***

***Become a backer to view the "Backers Only" updates."***

End of the Innocents is a story about a family torn apart by the disappearance of 11 year-old Luke Ryan.  When the film starts Luke has been missing for eleven days.  His mother, Sophie, spends most of her time at church praying with Father Aiden Neal, who is also a longtime family friend.  Luke’s 14 year-old sister, Becca, is angry that all the attention is focused on Luke.  His father, Joe, continues his own search but the emotional strain is taking it's toll. 

At 7:30 am on day 12, a visit by an LAPD detective asking to see Luke’s room sets into motion a series of events that will change the Ryan family forever.

Watch this list grow:

Joe Lando (Actor playing Congressman Theo Pearce) You know him from his long running role as the very sexy (can I say that here?) Byron Sully on Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman.  Well, Joe is all that and so much more.  I am privileged to work with him.

Eve Mauro (Actor playing Detective Grace Quinn)  In the script, Detective Quinn is described as 'G.I. Joe in a centerfold body' and after meeting Eve, I can't imagine anyone else in this role.  I'm looking forward to being wowed by her performance.

Art LaFleur (Actor playing Detective Frank Michaels) You may not know his name but you know his face and his body of work as a character actor.  Art is famous for his iconic portrayal of Babe Ruth in The Sandlot.  His other credits include Speed Racer and Field of Dreams.  I'm very excited to have him onboard.

Ryan Caldwell (Actor playing Joe Ryan) Ryan came in to read for Father Neal but I knew moment I saw him and heard him that he was my leading man.  All the big stars I had been thinking of disappeared from my mind.  Ryan is going to blow your mind in End of the Innocents.

Billy Snow (Actor playing Father Aiden Neal) Father Neal's character description in the script is "If he hadn’t been drawn to the collar he might have been a kindergarten teacher...or maybe a rock star."  Billy is all that and more.  I can't wait.

John Charles Meyer (Actor playing Detective Turner) John read for three different parts.  I wanted him for all three.  He's that good.  Check him out.

Danika Quinn (Actor playing Melanie Albright) I've known Danika for over a year and have had the privilege to work with her in a TV directing class.  She fits the part of Melanie to a tee.  I made her audition and told her it was her part to lose.  She won it.

Hana Lani Hayes (Actor playing Becca Quinn) Hana is the new kid on the block and I guarantee you are going to hear a lot about her as her career takes off. She is a star.

Stay tuned for more confirmed actors.  And check under the "Updates" tab for photos.


Deborah Chesher (Writer/Director/Producer) I am touched by the caliber of actors and crew that are being drawn to the project and can't wait to begin filming.  I am also grateful to the Kickstarter staff and community, and everyone who makes a pledge and/or shares this link to get the word out.  THANK YOU!!

Peter Paul Basler (Producer) Peter has managed to infiltrate Hollywood in record speed.  Best man to have on any set.

Ricardo Jacques Galé (Cinematographer) We are thrilled to have Ricardo onboard.  Click on his name to see his past work and you'll see what I mean.  Thanks to Ricardo talent with light and camera, I know End of the Innocents is going to look amazing!

Carson Turell (First Assistant Director) More blessings on this project with Carson in the 1st AD chair.  Oh wait, ADs don't get to sit down.  This is one tough job and I couldn't be happier to have Carson staying on top of the details.

Ted Phillips (Sound Mixer) Ted has been working non-stop on features for the past 12 years.  We are very lucky to have snagged him.  Our movie is going to sound amazing!

Ciaran Hope (Composer) I met Ciaran a couple of years ago at an industry panel event.  I clicked with him immediately.  I couldn't be happier to have him create the all-important music on End of the Innocents.

Video Credits:

Music by Tophe & the Pussycats
Robert Mitchum painting by George Frayne aka Commander Cody

Thanks to Peter, Carson, Tyler and Earl for your help.


Please share this with everyone you know.  Check back for updates.  We are adding something new almost every day.  And if you make a pledge you will be notified automatically about the updates, including the not-to-be-missed private "Backers Only' postings.


  • Rest assured that every penny spent will be up on the screen.

    All the people working on the film, from our fantastic actors to our dedicated crew, are donating their time.

    The money we receive will be spent on rentals (locations, equipment, wardrobe), expendables (make-up, gels, gaffers tape, etc.), permits, insurance, gas and food for the actors and crew, and post production expenses.

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  • Of course, you can pledge from anywhere in the world. All transactions are made online so all you need is an internet connection, a credit card and an email address.

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  • No. Besides you, we are the only ones who know your pledge. And please know that we are eternally grateful for every pledge made, no matter how small or large.

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  • No problem. Just let us know and name will not be published.

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  • There's an option you can click when you make your pledge to decline the rewards.

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  • YES! And we hope we do. The money goal is the minimum amount we need to make this movie. So, the more we raise over the goal will help up make an even better movie.

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  • If our goal is not met by the deadline, your credit card is not charged. No money changes hands. And our movie (sorry, I can't write what will happen...I shudder at the thought). Let's focus on getting this movie made.

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  • Please feel free to message me with any questions you may have and I will get back to you ASAP. Click the 'send message' link next to my picture under the rewards column.

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