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Space economic strategy and colonial exploitation. Playable Windows and Mac downloads are available on the kickstarter page.

Space economic strategy and colonial exploitation. Playable Windows and Mac downloads are available on the kickstarter page. Read More
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This project's funding goal was not reached on August 21, 2012.

About this project

This game takes place in the Irataton Expanse.   This is a region of the galaxy that is only reachable by a wormhole which is only open during the month of January every year.    Recently, the Galactic Federation has announced that the Irataton Expanse is open for business.    You are the representative of a corporation and with your seed money and command ship you are rushing into the Expanse to colonize and exploit the area for the benefit of your corporation.   The Galactic Federation has stated that ideally you will help stabilize the region and establish a thriving interplanetary community.   *Mad laughter!* - You might even accomplish this if you are not busy trying to sabotage the actions of the other corporations.

  • Inspired by the game M.U.L.E. (see video for Planet M.U.L.E.)
  • Inspired by a board game prototype called Starways by Deva Winblood which has no similarity to M.U.L.E.
  • Is a Real Time Economics game set in space where you explore and establish colonies, fight off pirates, handle alien infestations, all in pursuit of corporate power.
  • Features a space scene where most of the events occur.
  • Features an economics scene inspired by M.U.L.E. where goods are traded.
  • Has an easy AI and is currently single player.

Starways Boardgame Prototype 2
Starways Boardgame Prototype 2

Planet M.U.L.E. - A M.U.L.E. remake - used with permission
Planet M.U.L.E. - A M.U.L.E. remake - used with permission

You do not have to pledge anything or wait to try this out.  You can download a single player early alpha build which supports 1 - 8 players.   The other 7 players would of course be the Easy AI.

We have a set list of goals we need the funding to complete.   We also have some stretch goals.   The minimum funding are the features we think need to be completed to make this project even worth pursuing.   These features are:

  • Single Player and Scenarios - We want to make a strong and entertaining single player experience.   We plan to make mission based scenarios that will also act as a play as you learn tutorial.  This was not our initial plan but, after talking with backers this makes more sense then going for multiplayer first. (See stretch goals)
  • Art Improvement - We have access to artists that can help us improve the look of the game ,but they cannot work for free.
  • Better AI - Deva made the Easy AI just to demo the game ,but he knows how to make much better AIs,
  • Events - additional game events added
  • Where did we come from before colonizing the planet? 
  • What is the bigger picture? 
  • Where did the pirates come from?
  • Support for 1 player and up to 7 additional Easy AIs with 5 distinct randomly chosen AI personalities
  • Language support - You'll have to forgive any translation errors we used Google Translate to localize this game.  If you pledge to be Alpha or Beta tester level and want to help us correct any translation errors it would be more than welcome.   Current languages: English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, and Russian
  • Sector Types: Nebula, Empty, Barren, Habitable, Hostile, and Asteroids level 1 - 3
  • Pirates
  • Alien Scouts
  • Alien Warships
  • Alien Infestations and Outbreaks
  • 6 resource types
  • Other means of acquiring wealth: Gambling, Science, Courier, Bounty, Rent, and Toll
  • Real Time - there are no turns in this game.
  • Old music written on a Commodore Amiga in the 90s that we were going to replace ,but someone told us we should keep it in.
  • Male and Female characters
  • Player constructed spaceports
  • Freighters
  • Transports
  • Patrol Craft (Police)

There are a lot of other neat ideas we would like to implement ,but they do not fall into the MUST HAVE category.   Each stretch goal will be indicated at what level of funding we will pursue that and how much time we expect that to add to the development time.    If you are an Alpha level backer this will not matter as much because, you'll have the game as we add these things.

STRETCH GOAL #1: Corporations ($21,000 unlocks + 14 days):

This stretch goal if met we will introduce the ability for players to choose from a list of corporations at the beginning of the game.   Each corporation will have a special ability, and possibly some disadvantages.   An example of this might be "The Darkwell Conglomerate" being a corporation sponsored by pirates.   This player can increase the pirate activity in the Expanse and can receive a portion of any "loot" that pirates manage to collect.

STRETCH GOAL #2: Hireable Crew ($27,000 unlocks + 28 days):

This stretch goal if met will introduce hireable crew.   You will be able to hire one crew member for your ship.   They will randomly appear at the main Starbase at the Wormhole or possibly at player constructed Spaceports.   Each crew member will offer their own changes to the game.

STRETCH GOAL #3: Mystery Sectors ($33,000 unlocks + 42 days):

This stretch goal will introduce mystery sectors that will be unknown until someone visits them with their command ship.   These mystery sectors will potentially alter the course of the game.   They may be good, and they may be bad.   This would add to the existing sector types and add more variance to the game.

STRETCH GOAL #4: Scenario Editor ($39,000 unlocks + 56 days):

This stretch goal will introduce a scenario editor. This will enable the creation of predesigned scenarios that can be played in single player.   We will have a basic tool of a scenario editor with the basic funding of this project but, it will not be ready for you to make your own scenarios.  So, this stretch goal indicates we will clean it up so, you can make your own scenarios.

STRETCH GOAL #5: Campaign Editor ($45,000 unlocks + 70 days):

This stretch goal will introduce a campaign mode which will enable linking scenarios together as a larger campaign. We will also develop a campaign.  This will include a way for you to create campaigns as well.

STRETCH GOAL #6: Multiplayer ($70,000 unlocks + 120 days):

This stretch goal if we reach it will unlock multiplayer.   This was going to be our initial goal but, there seemed to be stronger interest in making a playable and fun single player experience first.    Therefore, many things that were previously in the stretch goals are now in the basic funding and the multiplayer has been pushed out as a stretch goal.

If by some miracle you pledge more than all of the stretch goals we will view this as your interest in the game and we will commit to adding more features.    For every $6000 beyond that stretch goal we will commit an additional week to adding more features.  These goals will not delay the game.  This is a time commitment to add more features after we release the game.

Under each reward to the right we have a month listed.   This is a tentative date of when we expect to make that available.  You will note that the beta and alpha level access levels show earlier months.   This is not when the final product will ship but, when we expect you would have access to the alpha or beta if you pledged at that level.

All of these dates will be shifted a little further out if stretch goals are met.   This is due to us needing to make more things before we meet those qualifications.   The estimated length to add to the wait is listed as + and a number of days for each stretch goal.   If you have ALPHA LEVEL access pledged you will still have access to the alphas as soon as they become available.   You will also have a chance to give input into the game as it is being developed.

This is our first kickstarter project and we are very committed to its success.   Our aim is to make games that we like to play.   We also tend to prefer games that are not linear and have a lot of replay value.   If we develop linear games then we already know the outcome so, they end up not being very fun for us to play.   We will commit to making games we ourselves like to play.

With that said after we have delivered this game we have many other games waiting for us to pursue.   We view Kickstarter as being similar to the Patron during the Renaissance.  This is better though.   We the people of the world now can back projects we like.   If you like our projects we will give you more in the future.

The Wyvern Crown of Cormyr

RTS - Harvest of Souls

- Tom's Hardware

- Titan

- Penny Arcade

"Did anybody else play the "Harvest of Souls" mod for the original Neverwinter Nights? The best fantasy RTS I ever played, and it was basically a one-man show writing it. Playing an aspiring God you competed with your rivals to harvest souls for victory. Team options were undead, spiders (plus drow natch), orcs/ogres/giants, and dwarves. All sorts of options for multiplayer, and a reasonable AI to compete/coop against. Just great fun."

- Interview on NWVault


- NWVault

- Interview (Ragnarok_Mr4 is on our team)


- Sorcerer' - quotes from Obsidian Entertainment's Charles Mead

"Scripted Waypoints Hey there Deva, glad to see you are still in the NWN Community! I still owe you one for the hotfix you made for me for NPC Activities 4.0 back in the day!"

We solemnly pledge 5% of the profits from the finished product back to the Kickstarter community to help fund other people's dreams.


  • The windows version has been setup as a self-extracting archive using 7-Zip. Most programs flag anything that you attempt to download that ends in .exe as potentially dangerous. If you would like a ZIPPED version that you yourself will need to extract please contact us and we will get you one.

    Last updated:
  • We will offer a Linux version of the game if the project is funded.

    Last updated:
  • Thank you for your interest and willingness to help out. You accurately described our situation. The best way you can help out would be to do what you can to get more people to look at our project during the funding drive. If they are at all interested then they can tell other people. If people can fund though that is the critical thing. We put our initial funding requests very low for what the actual time commitment will be. We very much need to hit that initial level. The stretch goals would be awesome but, we can make this a fun game without them. If we can get them it will just be that much better. So, to help out... spread the word however you can. Fund what you can. Ask questions. Make suggestions. Anything you can do to help this be successful is appreciated. Have ideas for rewards we should do? Let us know. Do you think we should do something a bit different than we currently are? Tell us about it. - Thanks for the question. It was a good and important one.

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  1. Select this reward

    Pledge $2 or more
    About $2.00 USD

    5 backers

    At this level of backing you are expressing your interest in seeing this project be completed ,but you have little funds to provide. Perhaps you are just saying thank you for the playable alpha we already provided. In any event, your name will appear in the credits for backers.

    Estimated delivery:
  2. Select this reward

    Pledge $10 or more
    About $10 USD

    32 backers

    Corporate Membership Reward: By pledging in this package you have announced your interest in the corporation and your reward will be a digital copy of the game for the PC/MAC platform when it is completed. The estimated delivery date is for the base goal and should be extended by a month for each stretch goal met. However, we might be just fast at this and it could be sooner. We'll get it to you as soon as it is ready. Considering we have something playable already odds are good you'll have something on time.

    Estimated delivery:
  3. Select this reward

    Pledge $25 or more
    About $25 USD

    13 backers

    Corporate Testing Reward: You will receive the free digital copy of the game upon completion as mentioned in the Corporate Membership Reward above but, in addition you will be given access to the CLOSED BETA.

    Estimated delivery:
  4. Select this reward

    Pledge $33 or more
    About $33 USD

    2 backers

    AN AI AFTER YOUR OWN HEART: If you pledge at this level you will receive the rewards listed for levels lower than this. You will also be given the opportunity to name an AI opponent and help define the personality of that AI opponent by picking traits from our modular AI system.

    Estimated delivery:
  5. Select this reward

    Pledge $50 or more
    About $50 USD

    4 backers

    Corporate Buddies Program: You will receive the rewards listed for earlier pledge amounts and you will also receive an additional digital copy of the game that you can give to a friend or family member.

    Estimated delivery:
  6. Select this reward

    Pledge $100 or more
    About $100 USD

    3 backers

    Corporate Researcher: You will receive the rewards listed for earlier pledge amounts ,but you will also be given the chance to be a constant tester of this project. We will give you alpha builds of this project as we work on it. You will be able to provide your feedback on the game and you will also get access to the alpha builds of the game within a week of the close of the kickstarter. If you are a member of a game news site you will have always current build information and progress towards completion. This ALPHA LEVEL ACCESS will give you access to alpha builds of multiplayer as we produce them. This is future alphas that are beyond the one we made available to try out for this kickstarter.

    Estimated delivery:
  7. Select this reward

    Pledge $150 or more
    About $150 USD

    0 backers

    Corporate Marketing Agent: You will receive the rewards from the earlier pledge levels, a third digital copy of the game, and a T-Shirt. We will have several T-Shirts available. If you are outside of the United States there will be an additional $18 shipping charge.

    Estimated delivery:
  8. Select this reward

    Pledge $200 or more
    About $200 USD

    0 backers

    The Alpha One: If you pledge this amount you will receive all of the previous rewards but, you will also be considered a lifetime Alpha Access backer for our projects. You will have to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement to get access to each Alpha for future projects but, as long as you sign the agreement and do not leak the builds you will always have access to any alpha products we release in digital form. If the kickstarter, and sales of our products can allow us to commit what we are hoping then we already have over a dozen game designs that are each very unique planned. We will always strive to meet any commitments before moving onto other projects but, when we do, you will have access to the alpha builds of the products as long as you sign an NDA for each one. This does not mean you will get all of our products for free when they are completed. Depending on how the relationship with you works out over the years that might be possible. We don't want to make such a guarantee though as we don't know if we can keep that promise. We do know we can give you alpha access though.

    Estimated delivery:
  9. Select this reward

    Pledge $250 or more
    About $250 USD

    0 backers Limited (5 left of 5)

    Corporate Linguist: You will receive the rewards listed above and if you have another language you would like the game translated to we will work with you to translate the text in the game to that language. It must be a language that can be represented in Arial Unicode format.

    Estimated delivery:
  10. Select this reward

    Pledge $350 or more
    About $350 USD

    0 backers Limited (6 left of 6)

    Corporate Planner: At this level you can have all of the previous pledge rewards including the linguist (if you like) and in addition, you will be given the chance to help design a unique good event, and a unique bad event that can occur in the game.

    INCLUDING THE GAMES ABOVE: You will get a total of 4 digital copies of the game.

    Estimated delivery:
  11. Select this reward

    Pledge $400 or more
    About $400 USD

    0 backers Limited (5 left of 5)

    Board Gamer at Heart: This will receive all of the rewards listed below this amount. It will also provide an extremely limited number of hand crafted versions of the 2nd prototype of the Starways Board Game. These will be made by hand and not some print service. If for some reason we should ever decide to pursue printing this game (definitely possible) then these would be collectors items. I personally own the original that I made. If these 5 and the above rewards were met then only 11 would exist. We will only make these to meet the reward requirements so, there will only be as many in existence as mine and the number of rewards given out that met the criteria. If you are interested in this but, want to know more about the board game feel free to contact me. NOTE: If you are outside of the United States there will be an additional $20 shipping fee. (If you also want the T-Shirt from the earlier reward the shipping is $38 outside of U.S.)

    Estimated delivery:
  12. Select this reward

    Pledge $500 or more
    About $500 USD

    0 backers Limited (4 left of 4)

    Corporate VP: At this level you can have all of the previous pledge rewards. In addition, you will be a VP that can visit the Irataton Expanse as an event in part of the game. You can help decide what will occur in the event of your visit and you'll have some input on what might trigger your visit. If the stretch goal of crew members is reached you will also be able to name and help design a crew member. INCLUDING THE GAMES ABOVE: You will get a total of 6 digital copies of the game.

    Estimated delivery:
  13. Select this reward

    Pledge $1,000 or more
    About $1,000 USD

    0 backers Limited (1 left of 1)

    Corporate CEO: In addition to receiving all the rewards of the previous pledge amounts, and our undying gratitude, you will be rewarded with a custom special sector that could appear in the game. You will have some input into this design. If the stretch goal for corporations is met you will be able to design your own corporation. If the stretch goal for crew members is met you will be able to name and help design a crew member. If you want this crew member to be your name that is fine but, the cream of the crop is that you will be the Governor of this sector. When the end game comes it is YOU who will meet the players at the end game screen and give them the verdict and outcome of the game. INCLUDING THE GAMES ABOVE: You will get a total of 8 digital copies of the game.

    Estimated delivery:

Funding period

- (30 days)