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New Goal: $12,500. I have so many new songs and so many ideas. I can't wait to share them with you.

New Goal: $12,500   (Note: kickstarter and amazon fees add up to 10% of total funds raised.)

I am in Seattle recording the album now! Its so exciting. Its going to sound so good. I can't wait for you all to hear it. Upon investigating the costs of the album and consulting my funds I discovered that I really need to hit the new goal in order to do everything I want to do to make sure the music gets out there as much as possible. 

I also decided to put the album out on vinyl as well which isn't cheap but is so awesome. 

Watch the latest fundraiser video:

And this one too:

I will make very good use of every cent we are able to raise here. The more there is the more we will be able to accomplish. I'd love to surpass the new goal.


Still reeling from the epic adventure of making my first album almost two years ago, I am preparing yet another undertaking. I have been making my way around this vast continent to play my songs. Through my travels I have happened upon the most inspiring cast of characters that have left me with wild stories. These stories are skilled at thievery… pick pocketing. They will steal your breath and you’ll never suspect them of it. They took me for all I had and the only thing left to do was sing. Two years of collecting stories and spinning them into songs and now I can’t wait to share them with you, if you’ll have them.

I have many hopes and dreams for my new album. I want it to reach a bigger audience. Touring helps but I need to do more than that. With your help I can make it, make it awesome, and then make it heard.

My inspirations:

-       - you

-       - traveling the country

-       - playing New Folsom Prison and getting to know the inmates there

-       - changes

-       - adventures

-       - heart aches

My ideas:

-      -  beats

-       - more sparing production than Artichoke Perfume

-      -  a mix of electronic and old timey

-       - a cappella break downs

My plans:

-       - eco friendly packaging

-       - independent radio promotion

-       - music videos for every song on the album, released monthly until complete


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    Eternal gratitude. Digital download of the album before it is released.

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    Above plus a physical copy of the album in the mail.

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    Above plus a signed poster.

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    Above plus a thank you in the liner notes on the album.

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    Above plus a video from me to you.

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    Above plus a video of me singing a song of your choice. This can be any song in the world... but know I will do my own interpretation.

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    Above plus I will write a song just for you.

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    Above plus you can come hang out in the studio for a day and/or you can sing or play a part on the album!

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    Above plus executive producer credit on the album.

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    I will come hang out with you for a day and play a show for you and your friends. If you live within a few hours driving distance I can do this for no extra cost. If I fly to you we can discuss a plan that works. If you can think of something you'd prefer over this, just email me and let me know.

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    I'll marry you.

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