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$8,216 pledged of $185,000 goal

Update #2 - Behind the Scenes: Meet The Plague Doctor

Hey Kickstarters, here’s your chance to get to know the Plague Doctor!

What’s a Plague Doctor? Back in the dark ages, these guys were supposedly medical doctors (as much as anyone could have been back then) that attended to victims of the plague. Their masks were made into the shape of a long beak, designed to protect them from the “putrid air”. Remember, this is way before science had identified germs, etc and we understood how disease is transmitted. 

So to keep safe from the plague, these doctors packed their masks with an assortment of fragrant items. Basically the concept was - if we can smell it, we can catch the plague, so we can protect ourselves by stuffing our masks with yummy stuff that makes pleasant aromas, like mint, cloves, myrrh, camphor, flowers, and straw. Needless to say, many plague doctors became victims themselves. Thankless job, right? Here’s more info if you want to dig deeper.

But our evil Plague Doctor is covering a much darker secret behind his mask... more on that later. For now, check out some artwork - from original drawing (dating back to 1656!), through 3D wireframe model, to final rendering and artistic overpainting. 

Coming Soon... 

We have more updates planned including behind the scenes of game environments, characters, and more. Stay tuned!


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    1. Missing avatar

      ddwlem on October 5, 2012

      Love the explanation of Plague Dr.

    2. Leonard Challis - OotG on October 5, 2012

      Very, very cool how this was taken from an old drawing - and fascinating story.

    3. Monty on October 5, 2012

      looks great !!