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$8,216 pledged of $185,000 goal
$8,216 pledged of $185,000 goal

Update #1 - Beware The Plague Doctor, plus Linux Support, OUYA and more

First off we want to thank everyone who is already backing Devil’s Cove! We really appreciate your support and well wishes.

Special treat
Get ready to meet the Plague Doctor, we’re working on some new renderings and will soon give you some tasty bits about his ghastly horrors. Here’s a shadow, just to tease you...

Linux Support

We understand that there is a sizable group of gamers running Linux and we definitely want to get the finished game into your hands. 

We are using Unity3D to develop Devil's Cove. There are many great reasons for why we are using Unity3D, but probably the most important is the ability to publish to so many platforms. Good news - the next release of Unity3D (version 4) promises to support Linux!

OUYA Support

We are very excited by OUYA - it has to the potential to be really huge, especially for indie developers like us! Since we are developing in Unity3D and will already be publishing to Android we feel confident that a OUYA version is a strong possibility!


We plan to release Devil’s Cove in English, German and French, and are looking into releasing other languages as well. We have also received some inquiries from backers about a community supported localization system, where backers would be able to contribute to localizing the game. Do you like this idea? If so, we’ll set it up to expand the number of languages included when Devil’s Cove launches - so let us know what you think! 

Thanks again you all of your support, and please help us spread the word! Here are some links you can use:

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