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the first step in tackling our social issues is by tearing academic inquiry out of it's ivory tower and into the public's mind.

the first step in tackling our social issues is by tearing academic inquiry out of it's ivory tower and into the public's mind. Read More
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About this project

Join us in reinventing the magazine.  Over the next 30 days, accompany us on the journey of a lifetime.  We've gathered together a wonderful community of driven activists, artists and writers committed to bridging the gap between academic inquiry and public education.  As this Kickstarter project progresses, so will the first 20 pages of our magazine.  And we're going to share our progress with you along the way.  Stay tuned as we update you with our accomplishments and challenges moving forward to the completion of our first 20 pages.  Donate for your very own copy when the full first issue is done.

                                                                        -the medes crew.

Together, with your help, we are going to make:


These will look great on your laptop, on your water bottle, on your hat or with your cat. If you want more than one, just bid in $1 increments above the minimum reward amount and let us know you'd like extra stickers. We'll throw an extra sticker in your package for every extra buck.


Our network of artists and writers contributing to the medes believes in the promotion of social justice.  We want to pursue this while we experiment with print media and break traditional print barriers while providing fearless, academic based reporting on the issues society faces today. Before we print our first full issue, we are going to complete an initial 20-page prototype. This will allow us to assess various design styles and make improvements for the first issue. Because so few of these prototypes will be made and because they are so expensive, only the most generous backers will have an opportunity to secure one.

An initial print run of our full 64-page, full color, ad free magazine experience. The medes compiles graphic illustrations, photography, and well-researched articles that brings social issues and solutions out of the ivory tower of academia and into the hands of the public. Knowledge is power. Mainstream media seems to have lost that.

We've given our artists an opportunity to design and layout Kickstarter exclusive prints and posters of the medes artwork. Our network will use these to promote the medes and to find more volunteers.  But there is a limited supply.  We are only going to make enough of these prints and posters and to fulfill backer rewards. Each poster will be hand numbered and shipped to our Kickstater backers, so donate now to secure your copy.

Print 1:

Welcome to Budapest. Tanner, one of our most dedicated photographers, is helping to make the medes project a reality everyday. This is one of his favorite prints. We're going to professionally print a select number of copies for our donors in a hand numbered 8x10 photo size. The clarity, quality, and attention to composition is lost in .jpg format but the print will look great on your wall. Get your copy for just a $25 donation.

Print 2:

Staying true to the medes goal of dissolving barriers, Luke's photography exemplifies this quest. This print is part of a major project he has worked on. It will be the first time this image is reproduced from the original plates. Each 8 x 10 print will be hand numbered and inspected by the artist before it is shipped. As rare as this print will be, you can get your copy for just a $50 donation.

Poster 1:

Out of the archives and into your home. The medes know how important history can be in showing us how to solve the problems we face today. This is a great image we've dug out of the National Archives. We've cleaned it up and added a little medes flare. This poster is sized for our magazine's centerfold and will make a bold statement wherever you choose to display it. Donate $100 or more and this poster will be included in your reward package.

Poster 4:

Josh has been an incredible resource in providing original illustrations and artwork for the medes. We've already gotten a most generous pledge of support and the reward for this donor is the original artwork from this poster. So we've decided to put Josh to work on a new poster project. And here it is! Josh's second poster!

the medes perspective:

For too long the mainstream media has been fretting over labels of Democrat and Republican, caught up in the popularity contest of politics. Hour upon hour is spent debating the meaning of a politician’s sound bites while neglecting their verifiable actions. Millions of dollars are brought in to the media by companies in ad revenue and, in turn, have their unethical practices go unreported. They have forgotten their society. They have forgotten that the people want verifiable information. They have forgotten that they are entrusted with duty to inform us, the voting masses.

We are not Democrats. We are not Republicans. We are neither Evangelicals nor atheists. We are a collective working to bring to light the social injustices of society -whether it is by the hand of a politician, a corporation, a motivated group or even a motivated individual.

And yet, more troubling is that the information is out there. The work of academia has been on this mission for many years, but has kept itself locked away in campuses and in comfortable social circles. The impressive amount of work done in almost every field is so far removed from the society they study that no change can be affected. Our goal is to bring the academic to the people it left so long ago. To bring the writings and research of academia to the masses - to where it belongs.

the medes is a new magazine experience.
By combining compelling artwork with academics, we will provide you with stimulating factual and artistic accounts of social, political, and environmental issues we face today. We have assembled a great group of passionate writers, poets, artists and photographers to help bring this project out of our imaginations and into your homes.

the medes is zero percent advertisements.
Our collective is focused on spreading social justice and not filling our pockets. Advertisements detract from that mission and can influence that content of our publication. Therefore they cannot be in our magazine.

the medes existence relies on crowd funding.

This project is a grassroots project. We are looking to succeed through hard work, dedication, and the kind support of individual donors like you. 

A note on funding Kickstarter projects:

If you're new to Kickstarter, we appreciate you checking us out. The way kickstarter works is through an all or nothing funding system. If the full $5000 isn't donated we don't get any funding. So if our project isn't successfully funded your credit card will not be charged. Also, if the project is funded but due to some unforeseen reason our group cannot fulfill our backers rewards, all money will be refunded by Amazon Payments. Backers enjoy a risk free win-win situation. 

More about the creators:

AJ Oscarson - editor in chief

I work with the medes collective as a creative outlet for compelling artwork and academic pursuits. Increasingly the mainstream media has been implying that the people want quick and shallow information. But it's not true. We are just not offered anything else. It seems, then, that there is no choice but to create this collective to bring the work of academics, whose articles are run through the peer-review process, to the masses. So far this project has been a lot of work but the response has been phenomenal. Artists and writers are coming from everywhere wanting to pitch in - so it's all worth it.

I have degrees in journalism, political science, anthropology and am approaching the halfway point of a masters in anthropology.

Tamara Arredondo - associate editor
I try to live with a focus on service. I believe all humans should care for each other, but that most people lead their lives unaware of the social injustices happening in their local, national and global communities. I see the medes as a necessary attempt to open eyes to the need for social change.
I currently work in nonprofit volunteer management with a degree in business administration.

Kristen Francis - copy editor
I have been dedicated to social justice for going on seven years.  I believe the first step in creating positive change is spreading awareness. I work with the medes collective because it provides me an opportunity to share national and global injustices that are not mentioned by main stream media.
I have a degree in social work and I am currently a student in the Graduate School of Social Work program at the University of Denver.

Ken Kass - creative director
I joined the medes because I believe it is a worthwhile opportunity to break academic inquiry out of its box. Away from the traditional confines university halls and the mainstream media institution. Too often important information is cast aside by traditional channels because it either doesn't neatly fit into their idea of the news or because it threatens the system they are trying to maintain. Knowledge is a refined product of information. The medes is a refined product of knowledge.
Previously I co-founded the print newspaper Occupy The Press, which educates occupiers and activists with sourced journalism and provides groups with a crowd funding tool on the street. My formal education is in political and environmental science with graduation and student loan bills pending.

Michelle Otanez is a graphic designer with a background in fine art, video editing and global travel.  She sees her work with the medes magazine as a way to increase public awareness of environmental justice and human rights. Michelle has worked as a designer on Sidewalk Radio and Fair Trade


Have a question? If the info above doesn't help, you can ask the project creator directly.

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    every backer will be thanked in our first issue. plus you'll have backer-exclusive access to the final prototype PDF and we'll send you a PDF of issue 1 when it's finished too.

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    you'll be the envy around town with your new "the medes." sticker and poster number one will really tie the room together. plus digital access to the PDFs.

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    all of the $25 rewards plus poster number two and a paper copy of our first issue.

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    we've got a special "thank you" section in the first issue for our superPAC level donors. you'll also enjoy all of the $50 rewards plus our first poster signed and numbered by the artist.

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    you get one of everything. the digital copies. the ultra-rare, super expensive prototype. the first issue mailed to your door. all four hand-signed and hand-numbered prints and posters. the sticker. the special thank you. and a really warm feeling inside.

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    the motherload. you get two of everything including the warm feeling. we'll also send you the original artwork from josh's poster.

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